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Everything Is Awesome in Legoland Hotel Malaysia

A warning sign in the children bedroom in Legoland Hotel

Finally, one of the boy’s bucket list was checked! He really wanted to stay in one of the Legoland’s Hotel, and after we decided not to stay in Legoland Hotel on our trip to Windsor (and we were glad that we had made that decision), he aimed for Legoland Hotel Malaysia and he stated clearly that he wanted this for his birthday present. So here we were on one Friday morning trying to do an early check in but failed……………….hahaha…………….well, at least we had tickets to the theme park and could enter the park earlier before the crowd came rushing in (well, there was no crowd anyway on weekday morning). For the story of our Legoland Theme Park experience can be read here.

Parking was free for hotel guest, so please ask for free parking once you arrive and before you check out. We didn’t take many pictures outside and inside the hotel lobby area as we did there before, but the lobby area was just the same as I remembered it used to be (with lots of Legos to play with and Lego stores). It was a large playground with thousands of colorful Legos which came in many different sizes too, but don’t expect to find slides or swings inside the hotel………………oh, and no gym facilities either, so go ahead and have fun with your children building Legos all night long as it will be the only activities for parents outside the room. 

It was still the same lobby area as I remembered (even all the decorations were the same)………………it proved that I still had good memories……………


The lobby area was just as crowded as it used to be, even though it was weekday

I made the booking online through the hotel website. There were 2 room choices and with 3 different themes. Since we were only 4 people, I chose the Premiere room (Suite room could accommodate up to 8 people which clearly was too big for us), and the boy said he wanted to stay in the Kingdom Theme room. The other options were Pirate room and Adventure Room.

When I finally made my way to the hotel receptionist at 5 pm, the reception said the rooms were still full and so we were upgraded to the Suite Room…………….yippiee………………what a luck………….

We got the room in the 7th floor (the highest floor) and we had both Legoland Theme Park and Water Park as the view from our room. So nice! The Premiere rooms which located just opposite the Suite rooms faced the street (weren’t we so lucky to get upgraded to a Suite Room with direct view to the theme park?) And we were also stayed on the highest floor, so we could see almost the whole area of the park in a very good angle.

Going up with an elevator full of music and dancing lights. It was quite fun to guess what song would we be hearing once we stepped in into the elevator


A huge waiting area in front of the elevator in 7th floor, which I don’t think necessary because once we pushed the button, the elevator would come within seconds……………so there was no need to sit, right? Well, unless you want to just chill out and have a nice conversation with friends just like what we saw some of the guests did


Every floor had different pattern on the carpet based on the room theme and it was very interesting to see. Since we were staying in the Kingdom Theme Floor, the pattern on the carpet was all about kingdom, although I had no idea why there were brooms (kinda reminded me of Cinderella story, hahaha…………)


Finally, our room was at the end of the alley………….


A room with a view to the theme park, and we loved to see the park at night and in the morning when it was so quiet


The view to the water park made us wanted to jump right away into the water

We were wowed when we finally entered the room. It was huge as it had the capacity of 8 people with 1 master bedroom and 2 bunk beds plus 1 extra mattress which we later found inside the cupboard. So actually, 9 people could sleep there. There were 2 bathrooms (while the standard room only had 1 bathroom), and there was even a bathtub inside the children’s bathroom. Oh, and the master bathroom (which was not inside the master bedroom) was also so big……………….

So now, let me take you around the room

Big corridor, extra pillows, baby cot, extra mattress, slippers (and the hotel even gave 3 pairs of small slippers for young children which were oh so cute), safe deposit box, and…………..2 big boxes of Legos to play with (just remember not to bring the boxes home…………..). On the left side of the door was the kids bathroom with a bathtub

Bathroom for children with lower sink and mirror and full amenities. Ouch, there was a spider on the wall………….


Dining room with free fruits


The kids bedroom with 3 storeys bunk bed. Adults were not supposed to be here, hahaha…………there was even a TV for the kids so they didn’t disturb the parents who watched their own TV show


He marked where he wanted to sleep. These bunk beds were also served as playground for the children (because jumping up and down was so fun for the kids, yet I had to figure out for few minutes of how to get down safely from above)


Living room with big TV and huge windows overlooking the theme park


Huge master bathroom and I super loved the colorful cups. The Legoland puzzles on the bottom right picture were actually consisted of soap, comb, toothbrush, etc


The bedroom for king and the queen……………….don’t you just love the decoration and the color?


It’s a treasure chest……………..solve the mystery, open the lock, and bring home the prize


Working together to answer questions to open the combination of the lock

Let’s play with these Legos


Let’s build a super tall tower

By the way, we really liked that the hotel brought the kingdom theme to life in the room. I mean, look at all the details and decorations around the room:

A knight was hiding behind the fruits


A princess stood behind the coffee table. By the way, we got all these things in the minibar for free (the food and beverages, but not the mugs and the coffee machine…………..). The hazelnut cookies were so yummy, and was tempted to bring the mugs and the spoons home……………


Far far away kingdom from hundreds of years ago


The master bedroom’s decoration

This has nothing to do with the decoration, but I just wanted to show you that this was the first time I saw the hotel gave these kinds of fruit tea (from mango, coconut, strawberry, to pineapple).

They look good, don’t they?

Since it was a child friendly hotel, basically the children could play all day and all night long with thousand of Legos in the first floor. So, this was what we did (along with other children who stayed up late) at night time.

Well, first, let’s took picture in front of the restaurant since it was going to be crowded in the morning. So this was the best time to take pictures with almost no one around


This looked big at night, but not in the morning where hundreds of people stormed out to have breakfast at the same time


Ice cream man


The waiting room before our room number was called for breakfast in the morning, and it would be so full the next morning


Let’s build a fortress at night

The next morning before breakfast, we already planned to check the pool in the third floor. We already saw the pictures of the pool from the website, so we didn’t expect much. It wasn’t crowded either since most of the guests preferred to spend their time in the water park instead (that was my guess………………..)


Different carpet pattern on the way to the swimming pool


Deep pool (1.2 M) for adults, but as you can see, there were no adults here because they chose to spend time here:


In the kids pool while building Legos………………This was out of expectation since we were not aware of this pool from the pictures in the website, but this was so much fun for the parents and the children


Working together to build a raft


This pool was suitable for all ages

For the breakfast, like I said before, it was very crowded although we went down after at almost 9.30 am. We had to give our room number to the staff and then she would call us when the seats were ready. Although it was very crowded, but the staff kept replenishing the food so we didn’t see any empty trays during our breakfast time. Unfortunately, the ice cream factory for kids was no longer available during breakfast.

We loved the hashbrowns as they were so crispy and not oily

Besides the hashbrowns, fried chicken, and fresh fruits choices, we didn’t find other kinds of food were good enough. The salad was not so fresh, I didn’t like the salad dressing, we tried the bread, cakes, mantou, and pao but we agreed that none of them tasted good. Even the vegetarian yong tau foo didn’t taste good.

The boy filled his plate with potatoes and fried chicken only, then had orange juice and milk

Good thing was, there were 4 kinds of milk including chocolate milk (and Milo near the juice bar), so this must had been heaven for the kids. There were so many choices of food but I didn’t think most of them tasted good.

Nasi lemak and its condiments, salad bar, milk, and egg tart


The not so crowded restaurant after 10 am when most of the people already went to the theme park


After breakfast activity: building gate

Aside from the breakfast quality, we had such a wonderful time at Legoland Hotel where everything was so awesome especially for the children.

It was a hard time to ask him to go home…………………because he still wanted to play and enjoy the hotel


This huge painting was actually made of Legos………………..

Goodbye Legoland Hotel, hopefully we will came back again one day.


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Back To Legoland Malaysia

I actually didn’t expect to be back again to Legoland this soon (especially after our Legoland Windsor trip), but for his birthday this year, my not so little boy asked to stay in Legoland Hotel and visit Legoland Theme Park as his present. Well, since staying in Legoland Hotel was not cheap at all, it took time for us to finally said yes to his proposal……………..so we would be staying for one night in Legoland Hotel and playing in the theme park on the first day of our visit. Since he knew that Legoland Hotel was very expensive, the boy offered to pay for the Theme Park tickets for the four of us (including my mother) from his angpow (money he received on Chinese New Year), hahaha…………and asked me to go to the bank to withdraw his money to pay for the tickets. I said yes, but actually I didn’t do it. Well, he’s going to be a teenager soon, and I don’t think he’ll be enjoying Legoland as much as he did before, so I think all the money that we’ve spent for this trip it was worth the investment (memories, happiness, smiles, laughter, togetherness).

I chose to visit the theme park on weekdays on the last day of Singapore school holiday although I heard lots of protests from him of why couldn’t we go earlier, hahaha………..but it was a very good choice since there was almost no queue anywhere except for the newest Ninjago ride in the afternoon. Based on what I know, Malaysia school holiday hadn’t started yet so I predicted the queue would be manageable. I’ve blogged about Legoland before, so for a complete review and tips on what to bring to Legoland and how to beat the queue, you can read it in my post here.

We went to Johor, Malaysia early in the morning and was so happy to see almost no queue at both Singapore Tuas and Malaysia immigration clearance. Singapore cars now have to pay RM 20 at the immigration counter using Tap and Go card before entering Malaysia (one time only and no need to pay when leaving Malaysia).

We parked at the hotel parking area (free parking for hotel guests), and although we couldn’t do an early check in, but we were able to store our luggage in the concierge, got the free WiFi password, and were allowed to enter the theme park 30 minutes earlier before opening time as hotel guests (double happiness…………….)

We were rushed to the theme park and didn’t even remember to take pictures in front of Legoland Theme Park or even in front of the hotel………………..we completely forgot……………..but never mind, we did it before so it wasn’t a big deal anyway.

Only very few rides were already opened at that early time. There were some dancing and singing from the staff who asked the children to join too, but the boy wasn’t showing any interest at all (big boy didn’t do singing and dancing with little children, hahaha…………..)

No queue at the boating school ride

That early morning, only boating school, driving school, Lego City Airport, and Legoland Express at the Lego City were opened. We only rode Boating School attraction and Legoland Express as the others didn’t seem to interest the boy at all.

One of the ride with longest queue in the park once it was opened could be seen here. Luckily, we were here first

Since there was no other option and we didn’t know what else to do, we decided to board the train to see Miniland from far far away……………..

All Aboard……………..


A glimpse of Miniland from the train

And nope, we didn’t come back to see Miniland in the afternoon as no one even remembered that this place even existed…………..besides, we were too exhausted and all wet because of the rain and to be honest, a bit boring too for us……….

The park was not crowded at all and some of the rides were not even opened yet even after 1 hour after the park’s opening time. For the whole day, the only ride that we needed to queue was only Ninjago (the newest and favorite ride in Legoland). Since the boy loved it, he rode this twice and he had to queue twice (but this one was not my kinda thing to do, I was so sleepy in the middle of the ride………………hey, I needed some adrenaline rush………………so yeah, bring me that roller coaster rides…………….)

I loved this ride because it had air con (it was very hot outside………………). We were not allowed to take pictures inside


There are the reason why my pictures were almost everywhere in almost every ride. It was because daddy decided that he would not try any rides which was going to take him higher than his height……………….so yeah, mommy was on duty again……………..


Hey, this wasn’t even scary at all………………

We then saw the Ninjago Ride and was so excited to try this new ride, but then were very disappointed when we saw “Under Maintenance” sign at the door. The ride was not going to open until few hours later. Well, we thought that the reason the staff put the words under maintenance was because we were the only ones there, so it would be a great loss for them if we were the only ones playing because that meant that they had to run the whole rides. It would be a waste of electricity, so yeah……….we got it……………..

Matching costumes with the background


Ice and water Ninjago Lego ( or so I thought……………I don’t even know any of the characters from Ninjago)


This one definitely was Fire…………….


On the way to the Land of Imagination


It was so hot……………

The first ride that we saw was this Observation Tower. Well, we saw Lego Studio but the movie was not about to start until 30 minutes later, so we decided to ride this first. The moment we walked to the entrance gate, the staff immediately put Under Maintenance sign when he saw us……………..hahahaha…………………ok, we got it………..we were the only four people who were going to ride this huge tube, so he decided that it was not worth to operate it just for us, but it was opened 30 minutes later and again, no queue because there were very few people showed up at that time.

Relaxing ride……………….daddy was brave enough to ride this because this big thing moved so slow that we didn’t feel the movements at all

So, while waiting for the ride to open and the movie to start, the best way to do was to go inside this Build and Test Building and had a nice seat in a super cold environment (I love air con because once again, it was so hot outside).

Building Legos


They had fun trying to build cars

After we were done with the movie and saw the whole Legoland from the Tower, the boy and I head straight to the Kids Power Tower which I really wanted to try to prove that I was strong enough to bring us to the very top………………

Let’s begin………………


Yes, we were strong enough to go the the top several time…………………and dropping down was the best part of it all………………


This Merlin’s Challenge ride in Lego Kingdom was not as fun as the one in Windsor. I got dizzy after riding this ride in Windsor because it moved so fast, but not in here……………..


Next stop, was one of our favorite ride, and it was The Dragon Roller Coaster. Seriously, I really thought that my bravery level had gone up to at least 5 steps above since I could ride The Dragon without closing my eyes, ride Project X more than once, and was happily asked my son so ride Dino Island for the second time and would have absolutely gone up for the third time if we were not too wet and too cold and just wanted to go to to our hotel room in the afternoon.

With very short queue, we managed to ride The Dragon 3 times before lunch time…………..wow…………..what a record……………


Our favorite roller coaster: The Dragon. I love this picture because I looked slimmer in this photo, hahaha…………..but pictures can be deceiving………………..

Even the family who queued in front of us said that last time when they went to Legoland, they had to queue for 1.5 hours, so they were happy to see no crowd in their favorite ride.

Lunch time……………we were back to PizzaMania just like last time. By the way, since it was weekday, not all restaurants were open, so there were not many choices either


Nom Nom Nom…………..2 pizzas, spaghetti, chicken wings, and salad…………….and not to forget: cold drinks…………

After our tummies were so full, we needed some time to digest the food before going to another roller coaster ride. So let’s head to the Star Wars Miniland (daddy’s favorite).

On the way to Star Wars Miniland, which luckily was indoor with air con………….yippie………………


The display inside was actually very good, but since I knew nothing about Star Wars, it was boring for me


If you like Star Wars, then you would like this a lot because the details were amazing

By the way, my grown up boy didn’t want to play in the playground which were many inside the theme park. Well, in a good side, it saved time too…………..hahaha……………

He rode this 5 times…………………..which would not have happened when if we went on weekends




It was fun…………….


The only picture with Legoland Hotel in the background since we completely forgot to take picture in front of the hotel


Are you ready for Project X? It was amazing to see little kids showed no scary faces when riding this (compared to me who had to scream so loud every time we slide down)


3 times in Project X…………………absolutely broke my record since I promised to myself not to ride this more than one


Why did this Technic Twister move so slowly…………..? I expected to feel a bit dizzy but not at all

The last ride for us was Dino Island……………yes, we saved the best for last……………….and we loved it since we got all wet and we also rode it under the rain (it was drizzling so it was safe enough to open the ride).

Going once………….


Going twice…………..

The boy and daddy still went for another performance of Ninjago while my mom and I went straight to the hotel to get the room key. Overall, it was a very enjoyable day at Legoland and we hope there will be more thrilling rides when we come again……………..


Angry Bird Activity Park Johor Bahru

As one of his birthday present, we promised to take him to one of the theme park in Singapore or Malaysia. His first thought was Legoland, but since we’ve already been there before, I suggested this place. Angry Bird Activity Park is located strategically in Komtar, Johor Bahru City Center, and the place is quite new and our GPS didn’t recognize the place, so I entered the address 8000 Johor Bahru into the GPS and thankfully the GPS knew this place very well.

JBCC is located next to JBCS (Johor Bahru City Square) and there is a link bridge connecting these two malls. If you are going here by bus to Johor Bahru, JBSC is actually located just opposite JB Central or Johor Bahru Checkpoint. We could see Sultan Iskandar Immigration Building from JBSC. So you just need to cross the bridge from the JB Checkpoint to JBSC, but if you drive, you will need another 15 to 20 minutes to get to the mall.

The boy was in high spirit that day and he woke up the earliest that morning and tried to wake us up. We still continued to sleep until half an hour later and thus make the start of the journey delayed for 30 minutes too, and as you can guess, there was a massive traffic jam around Mandai, Woodlands Checkpoint, and finally JB Checkpoint. The original plan to arrive in JBCC before 10 am was failed.

Snacking in the car

Snacking in the car. The queue in the checkpoint must had made him feel very hungry, although he already had biscuit in the morning and rice for breakfast in the car. By the way, we are so in love with this popcorn chips (salted popcorn shaped like chips) because it is free from msg and preservatives

We made the wrong turn to JBCS car park and didn’t realize it until we were inside, but we were very lucky that we got lost. There was a Malaysia Tourism Exhibition inside the mall and we found one booth that sold theme park tickets. And guess what……………..the booth sold discount tickets on that day and we only needed to pay RM46 per person instead of RM75. We already checked when we finally arrived in the park, and the entrance fee was RM75 if we bought directly inside the park. So it was very fortunate that we got lost…………….


Red angry bird that matches his T-shirt in front of the booth that sold theme park tickets


Another red angry bird in another booth

Don’t worry that you might get lost to the Angry Bird Park inside JBCC, just follow this cute sign on the floor:


These birds will help you find the way…………..

We arrived at the park at around 11 am. Ticket validity is as follow:

Valid for full day play from 10am to 10pm during weekdays (Monday – Thursday)
Valid for 1 session play on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday & School Holiday
Session 1 : 10am – 1pm
Session 2 : 2pm – 5pm
Session 3 : 6pm – 10pm
I thought, during weekends we could only choose which session that we want to join and can not join in other sessions. Thankfully, daddy asked the staff and the ticket is valid for all day play, but the park will be closed for one hour in between each session. Phew……so relieve that we asked…………………

In front of the entrance gate

Only me and the boy went inside while daddy and my mom wandered around the 2 malls, which happened to be a good decision because the inside of the park was actually quite small (seriously………..not as big as I thought). Even smaller than the Kidstop and probably just the size of Explorer Kid Downtown East.

Study the map carefully before starting the exploration

Study the map carefully before starting the exploration

Yap, ready to go.......!

Yap, ready to start…….!

Before going here, I also thought that most of the play area here would only be suitable for smaller kids, and I was wrong……………..now in my opinion………….older kids will enjoy this park more than smaller ones because most of the fun play areas are more suitable for bigger kids.


RED BIRD SONA. Press the play button at the side, listen and follow the instruction on which number egg you should step on. The instructions were given based on addition and subtractions between 1 to 10, and the longer you play, the faster the instructions will be given. So this is only suitable for kids who already can do addition and subtraction very well and fast. I believed most of the kids who played here didn’t like mathematics, as we always found this spot to be empty all the time…..hahaha……..

We left our footwear aside as shoes are not allowed. If you have heavy bags and do not wish to carry them around with you, lockers are available which is charged at hourly rate. Food and drinks (even water bottle) were also not allowed inside.


Take more picture with 2 angry birds near the front door. Look also at the birds above his head. So cute…….

Then we headed to Angry Birds GO! Kart Track, one of his favorite play. There were 2 sizes of go-kart, the bigger ones were for adults and the smaller ones were for kids. Some little kids had difficulty maneuvering the kart, so the parents had to help them or pushed them from behind…………….extra exercise for parents………….

The bigger one was also not that easy for some adults, including me at the first try. The wheel was so heavy and after so many rounds I gave up and ended with that my thighs and feet felt strained until the next day, but not for the little one………….he was still having fun all by himself even after I got tired and decided to park my kart.


During the morning session which was not so crowded and no queue on the track

Right above the GO! Kart Track is the Bird Nest Climbing Track, which consists of bridges, tunnels (vertically and horizontally), slide, and a small pool of foam boxes. This is very suitable for younger kids, although adults must squeeze themselves to accompany them to go through the tunnels and slide, hahaha…………I tried the vertical tunnels with stairs and almost got stuck inside, but the slide was fun for both of us. The boy ended up exploring this playground mostly all by himself.


We found giant eggs inside the birds’ nest

Transparent tunnel and slide

Transparent tunnel and slide


I love this slide, slippery and easy to slide down unlike other slides


Next, he was ready to be catapult into:

Space Drop Airbag, also one of his favorite.

Space Drop Airbag, also one of his favorite

In this Space Drop Airbag, we must stand at the edge of the cage on the 2nd level and drop ourselves to the giant pillow below. Although it seemed not too scary from below and also not too high………..but believe me………….it was super scare once I was standing at the edge and looking down. It took few minutes before I finally jumped, and I almost didn’t jump but was too embarrassed in front of other kids if I turned back…………… I was still a bit scare at the second jump and ended positioning my body wrongly when I dropped and it made my arms and back hurt a bit. The lady on top of him finally didn’t jump after trying for so many times……..hahaha…………kids are definitely braver than most adults.

Spacemine area was also near the cage but I didn’t take any photos because I had to concentrate on my jump……………

Next, the boy put on his helmet and chose his favorite scooter and was ready for the next adventure in Lazer Bird Scoot. 


The grounds are not even and it was challenging for him to maneuver his way up and down the slope. There was a kid who was scooting with him could do this very well and I was so impressed!


Finally, I told him to just drag the scooter up to the other side of the hill which had flat surface, but even after his hard working dragging the scooter up to the hill, he was still afraid to scoot down the hill. It’s ok. Let’s try again another time

He said he didn’t really like the scooter and would still prefer his own scooter at home. Different material and different price of course………….


Don’t worry, you won’t get lost, just follow this signs…………oh well, it was just a small park anyway…………..


Piggy Shooting Gallery, where you can  shoot the green piglets down. Just load your cannons with bombs and aim to hit them down……………which of course is not easy at all…………

The best park and our favorite of this park was of course Utopia Zero Gravity Zone. This zone has some play areas for smaller and bigger kids and is the largest zone in this park. This also seemed to be most kids’ favorite place since it was always very crowded in here comparing to other zones. And now let’s see what are inside this zone……..


Spinning Time Machine, make yourself feel dizzy by spinning inside here. It is better if someone else helps with the spinning…..


Air Parkour Track. There was actually a rope hanging so we could swing from block to block, but the boy gave it a miss because he found something else that brought more of his interest


Like this one: The Bird Wire Slack Line…………as you can guess, we were failed to cross smoothly after so many attempts


Anti Gravity Trampoline is divided into three sections based on age. Look at the father next to him………..looks like he was having fun too, hahaha……


Giant Leap Foam Pit, where he swung himself like Tarzan and had so much fun…………


falling down into the pool full of foam boxes………..only for the brave heart and strong muscles…………….

After we were done and tired in this zone, we moved to the nearest zone and we found this:


Lazer Maze Spaceship. The boy was afraid at first because he thought the green laser was real, but after he learnt that it was just harmless green light, he had fun trying all the different challenge with other kids inside

It wasn’t an easy job to move swiftly without touching the lasers, but most kids they didn’t care and just walked though the the lights, hahaha…….There were 3 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) to choose and more lasers beamed at higher levels. Try to crawl and squeeze your body for maximum fun.

The area just opposite the go kart track is suitable for smaller kids, especially this Captain Black Bird’s Ship.


Playground for little ones with mini slide outside the pirate ship


Mini ball pool


Not his favorite place………….too small of course


Balance Bike Lagoon for 5 years and below. He tried to this but was so hard because it was already too small for him……


Now let’s move this red bird…………..

Last but not least before the morning session was over, we found this comfortable hiding place


Cinemine, a place with TNT soft cushions where you can watch short movies of Angry Bird while seated comfortably and peacefully…………..

The first session was over, and we were all starving. The boy said he wanted to go inside again on the second session. Actually, since this place is not too big, you can finish all the activities within 2 hours, but I’m sure 2 hours will not be enough for the children.

We just went to the nearest food court (on the same level with the park, but needed to turn right and cross the indoor parking lot), and saw that there weren’t many choices of food. This was a new opened mall so the choice of food was not much and more than half of the food court was still empty.

Chicken rice (RM 6 and RM 8, based on the choice of the chicken). The chicken rice tasted different than what we usually have in Singapore, but it was still good...........since we were so hungry

Chicken rice (RM 6 and RM 8, based on the choice of the chicken). The chicken rice tasted different than what we usually have in Singapore, but it was still good………..since we were so hungry I guess

Yummy ice cendol for RM 3.40 each

Yummy ice cendol for RM 3.40 each

Nyam....Nyam......he finished the whole plate.....

Nyam….Nyam……he finished the whole plate…..and asked for ice cream……..

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream for RM3

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream for RM3…………..whooaaa……………so cheap, so I decided to order another portion

Chocolate and strawberry ice cream..............the ice was soft and delicious and of course.....cheap

Chocolate and strawberry ice cream…………..the ice was soft and delicious and of course…..cheap

I couldn’t help converting all the expenses in RM that day to SGD, and kept saying to my husband how cheap everything was, hahaha………………….

After our tummies were full, we went back to the park to play in the afternoon session.


He was all sweaty after the play, so I changed his clothes and he was ready to go in again…….this picture was taken in front of the park


We went to toilet first before going in as there was no toilet inside, but temporary exit was allowed during the play time

Comfortable waiting lounge for parents outside the park

Comfortable waiting lounge for parents outside the park

The second session was definitely more crowded than the first session, we even had to queue for the go kart. The trampoline play area was full with kids and adults. and even the seating inside the mini cinema was full almost the whole time. I didn’t take to many photos as I had already taken many pictures on the first session, but here are some pictures from the second  3 hours session:

Staff dance performance in the trampoline zone

Staff dance performance in the trampoline zone

Mental mentul membal membal kayak bola bekel, 100% re-charge energy......

Mental mentul membal membal kayak bola bekel, 100% of his energy had been recharged with chicken rice and ice cream

Roll roll roll.............

Roll roll roll………….

His favorite Tarzan swing, which I finally dare to try, and it was fun although the drop was scary for the higher rope. It turned out that using my upper body strength too much had made my arms hurts the day after, hahaha.......

His favorite Tarzan swing, which I finally dare to try, and it was fun although the drop was scary for the higher rope. It turned out that using my upper body strength too much had made my arms hurts the day after, hahaha…….

And swing again.........

And swing again………

This swing was addictive, I could have done it many times again........

This swing was addictive, I could have done it many times again……..

The best part was to fall down............me and other adults found it was very difficult to get out from the foam pool especially with the socks on my feet, but amazingly the kids could easily move inside the pool...........

The best part was to fall down…………me and other adults found it was very difficult to get out from the foam pool especially with the socks on my feet, but amazingly the kids could easily move inside the pool………..

The drop was so much fun for little kids.......

The drop was so much fun for little kids…….

Mini rock climbing inside the  Bird Nest

Mini rock climbing inside the Bird Nest

Crossing the bridge inside the bird nest

Crossing the bridge inside the bird nest

Angry Bird Game

Angry Bird Game

Very safe foam blocks to play with

Very safe foam blocks to play with

Inside the Lazer Maze

Inside the Lazer Maze

Space Soccer Cage

Space Soccer Cage

Giant Cactus

Giant Cactus

The boy was quite tired at the last 30 minutes before the session ended, so he chose to sit and relax inside the Cinemine, but when we got out from the park, he asked to play again in the third session which we refused because of the long journey home and we were all very tired. For more information about this park, you can visit http://angrybirdsactivitypark.my/

We visited Popular Book Store in JBCS to check the price of the books, and I found out that some books are way cheaper than in Popular Singapore, so I let him bought this:

The new series of Geronimo Stilton book, cheaper by $7........should have bought more books..........

The new series of Geronimo Stilton book, cheaper by $7……..should have bought more books……….

We had dinner at the sixth floor in Causeway Bay Hongkong Restaurant in JBCS. We were so hungry and ordered so many things because based on our experiences, the food portion in a Chinese / HK Restaurant was usually very small. To our surprise, the portion was very big than even the portion of the rice was doubled of what we usually got in restaurants. The food was very good and we gave two thumbs up for everything. I didn’t really like Sio Mak vegetables in tausi (black bean) sauce because I never really like tausi, but daddy said he liked it.

After some calculation and conversion (I couldn’t part with my calculator in my phone, hahaha……..), I told daddy that the total amount of our dinner was SGD 33 (RM 86.5). Surprise…………….surprise……………so cheap…….with so many food and we even had some leftovers to take home. This place even had 2 kinds of chili sauce which tasted good too.

Udon with pork in black pepper sauce

Udon with pork in black pepper sauce

Yang chow fried rice

Yang chow fried rice

Wanton soup, prawn dumpling, and ramen with pork in Portuguese sauce which surprisingly good

Wanton soup, prawn dumpling, and ramen with pork in Portuguese sauce which surprisingly good. The boy loved the wanton soup, the dumpling, and the fried rice too

Pok choi and rice

Pok choi and rice

Stir fry sio mak

Stir fry sio mak

Our journey home was shorter than in the morning, and the queue in both checkpoints were still tolerable. The boy fell asleep as soon as he got into the car, only woke up when we arrived home, walked to the bedroom, and continued to sleep until 7 o’clock in the morning. He slept for 12 hours……….totally KO and exhausted, but totally had so much fun the whole day.


Legoland Hotel Sneak Peak

Legoland Hotel

The colorful Legoland Hotel

After reading good reviews about Legoland Hotel, we finally spared some time to see what was inside this hotel right after our adventure in Legoland Water Park. Nope, we didn’t stay in this hotel. We were just curious of whether this hotel is as good as everybody says (especially for daddy, after I told him how much we should pay if we want to stay in this hotel and he didn’t believe me so he wanted to check to the customer service himself, so that was our number one reason to take a look at this hotel). If you want to know how much it will cost you to stay in this hotel, please visit the website for an updated price. Daddy was surprised when he knew that the price was higher than staying in a five-star hotel in Jakarta, hahaha…………………

Since we were only visiting the lobby area, so I could only take photos at the lobby hotel. We do not plan to stay  there as it is quite expensive, but our boy says he really really really wants to stay in the hotel. He said that the next time he comes back, we must stay in this hotel, and if we find the room is too expensive for us to pay, he will LOAN SGD 400 to us (which will be taken from his bank account). Yes, he said LOAN THE MONEY TO US………………….he’s a real businessman, isn’t he?

Picture was taken in 2013 before the hotel was opened and still under construction

Picture was taken in 2013 before the hotel was opened and still under construction. This is the back side of the hotel.

The back side of the hotel is located just steps away from Legoland Theme Park and Water Theme Park, and we accessed the hotel from the basement using an elevator to the lobby area.

Legoland Hotel

Nicely decorated elevator, all the four sides are fully decorated with Lego pictures

And this was what we saw when we arrived at the first floor:


A kid’s paradise, full with Legos everywhere

And that wasn’t the lobby area yet. We’ve read many people said that the lobby area itself is a big playground for the kids with castle, pirate ship, toys, and spacious area for children to just running around here and there. And yes, we loved it! It wasn’t too crowded and there were many good spots to take pictures in this lobby……………….even some adults were busy playing with Legos and taking pictures everywhere.


First stop: the castle……………..complete with dragons, a bridge, a prison inside, a giant, and big balloons


Kids loved to play inside the castle

This castle even has a prison complete with the guard

This castle even has a prison complete with the guard

A small pond surrounding the castle, but this time the pond is not full of water, but Legos..............

A small pond surrounding the castle, but this time the pond is not full of water, but Legos…………..


This can really keep a child busy for hours

Here is another interesting thing to do for kids and adults:

Legoland Hotel

Complete this structure by putting small Legos one by one. Maybe when we come back, we will see the walls already full with Legos

How many years will these walls be finally complete with Legos?

How many years will these walls be finally complete with Legos?


Walk a little farther, and you’ll find this:

Pirate Ship

Big pirate ship! It looks like real, isn’t it?

Ready to sail?

Ready to sail?

And another Lego pool

And another Lego pool

Want more Legos? Go to the reception counters and see this:

Legoland Hotel

A post box Lego, a child Lego on the bicycle which can move slowly from one side to another, and………do you see the glowing pieces on the wall? They are actually small Legos and there must be thousands of them

Complete this structure by putting small Legos one by one. Maybe when we come back, we will see the walls already full with Legos

My favorite: bananas from Legos. Look at the details……………….

Oh, I think it's heavy...........

Let me try to carry this……….


Oh, I think it’s heavy………..




And even sofa that resembles Lego pieces………………….awesome………..

Well, like the song in The Lego Movie which was sung at the beginning of the movie: “Everything is Awesome……” and yes, everything is awesome in Legoland. Legoland is really a kid’s paradise!


Even the toilet is full with Lego pictures……………

I will post more about this hotel someday……….if we really willing to spend that much money for a one night stay at the hotel.

Any sponsors for us? Anyone??? Pretty please…………….



Legoland Water Park Malaysia


Finally, we made it to the other side of Legoland Theme Park, which is Legoland Water Park in Nusa Dua, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. After we failed to visit Adventure Cove Water Park because of the bad weather, it was an amazing surprise to finally be able to play the whole day in Legoland Water Park. I decided not to buy online tickets (which is 20% cheaper) because the weather forecast said it was going to rain that day. I rather not save 20% than loosing the whole money because of the bad weather. You see, once you but the tickets online, the date is fixed and there will be no compensation for bad weather.

Adult ticket is RM 105 and child & senior citizen  ticket is RM 85. It was not cheap at all, and so to maximize our visit, we decided to come early before the gate was even opened and finished right after the lifeguards blew the whistle as a sign that the park was about to close!

Since the park could be very crowded with long lines in favorite attractions, our strategies to cover all the attractions for more than once in the park were:

  1. Came early, changed our clothes into swim suit in the toilet outside the water park and applied sun block before we finally came in
  2. Queue in front of the gate before it was opened
  3. Find a sheltered place to put our things (there were some sheltered places for free near Joaker Soaker and Wave Pool). Otherwise, you can rent a a cabana for more privacy
  4. Went straight to the slides, and if possible, ride the slide more than once when there weren’t long lines
  5. After we finished with the slides, then we went for other attractions which needed no queue such as the wave pool, lazy river, child’s pool, etc
  6. Came back in the afternoon for more slides!
  7. Finished just after the lifeguards “chased us away” from the pool

It was a gloomy day when we came and looked like the rain was going to pour out from the sky, but finally we decided to buy the tickets and hoped the rain would come in the evening when we were already finished playing in the park.

Lucky for us, the sign of the bad weather could be the reason why there was almost no crowd at all in the morning. It was like having the whole slides for ourselves! There were very few people and no queue at all in each slide. As a result, we tried each slide at least twice or thrice before we finally headed to the wave pool.

The rain finally came when we were snacking in our benches for about an hour. Since there was no lightning and the rain wasn’t heavy , as far as I could see, all the attractions were still opened during the rain. After the rain stopped, the sun finally came and it was hot for the rest of the day.

The crowd started to appear after we had our lunch, and we had to queue for 2 most favorite rides, which were Splash & Swirl and Brick Blaster. For the other rides, the queue was still manageable and tolerable.

Legoland Waterpark

In the front gate of Legoland Water Park. The entrance gate is located near Legoland Hotel

The boy was so cooperative when I wanted to take his pictures before we tried the slides

The boy was so cooperative when I wanted to take his pictures before we tried the slides. These are the stairs to wave pool and all the big slides

In front of the wave pool

In front of the wave pool

The facilities that you can expect to see are cabanas for rent (please check in the Legoland website for an updated price), chairs (sheltered and not sheltered), life jacket for free, floats for free, and shoe rack near the slides (there are more than one shoe rack). You can put your glasses, slippers, etc in the shoe rack before you go up to the slides.


The facilities in Legoland Water Park. All are free except for the cabanas

My two thumbs up for all the staff and lifeguards who were polite, friendly and very helpful. I actually did not expect to see quite a high standard of service from a water theme park. The staff and lifeguards were not just guarding the attractions like statues, but they were also made contacts and socialize with the visitors.

The staff waved and said hi to us when we were in the wave pool, many of them offered their help to take our pictures together with my camera (even before we slid down together……..), opened conversation with my son before he slid down, and even played with the children in the child’s pool (Joaker Soaker), and one of them helped me carry the big and heavy float (although not from the beginning, but I really appreciated what she did).  So the staff added the fun factor in our experience that day.

And so now, it is my review for the attractions:


First, we went to the right side which consists of 2 big slides and 2 smaller slides. The yellow and red one is Brick Blaster and the orange and yellow one is Splash & Swirl


The blue float (for 2 persons) and the yellow float (for single rider) are for Splash and Swirl. The green float (up to 3 persons) is for Brick Blaster

Basically, my son could ride all the slides with his height now, and so yeah…..he tried all of them more than once. To us, all of the slides were just moderate, nothing was too scary or extreme for us. But not for daddy who is absolutely not a thrill seeker. He found some of the rides were too extreme for him and was very reluctant to accompany us again, hahaha……..

If I compare to our adventure in Kampung Gajah Wonderland, the only two rides in Kampung Gajah were absolutely more extreme and scarier than in Legoland. Even some adults that we met in Kampung Gajah refused to ride the slides again for the second time…………..

But hey, once again, I’ve trained with Project X and The Dragon and Dino Island in Legoland Theme Park and also Slide Up in Wild Wild Wet and all the slides in Kampung Gajah…………….and my boy, he had survived The Mummy Roller Coaster in Universal Studios……………….so for us, we didn’t get the adrenaline rush when riding the slides in Legoland.

But then again, it was super fun for us and we didn’t mind with all the attractions that are not too extreme for us, because it’s a family theme park so it must be suitable for families with young children. We also understand that not all children are like mine who is crazy for extreme rides and who finds Disneyland is only for smaller children even when he was six. It was good for daddy too, because if the rides were too extreme, he wouldn’t even want to try them. So overall, we enjoyed our one day holiday there and my boy was even going to cry when it was time to go home.

Splash & Swirl

Splash and Swirl was absolutely my boy’s favorite ride of the day. He tried this 5 times, and one time as a single rider. He was going for the sixth times but the guards said that the ride was finally closed because it was already 6 pm! He almost broke down into tears……………..We slid down in total darkness before the slide plunged us into a huge dish, going in circle twice, the float then go close to the center, and we were in the dark slide again, before finally splash into the pool below to see the daylight again. We certainly loved this so much!

Brick Blaster

Brick Blaster, which daddy said was too scary for him. What was our reaction when he said that…………………..the boy and I laughed together, hahaha…………..we teased him by saying that this was not even half of the giant vuvuzela in Kampung Gajah Wonderland. The green raft would take us ups and downs in two big water barrels before splashing down in the small pool below

Carrying the heavy raft

Carrying the heavy raft

The boys were racing in tidal tube (green) and wave rider (blue) slides

The boys were racing in tidal tube (green) and wave rider (blue) slides

Sliding down in Wave Rider Slide for.............I don't even know how many times!

Sliding down in Wave Rider Slide for many times

Next, we went to the top of the hill to try Lego Slide Racers, where we were going to slide down with a mat, but this time………….our head went down first in full speed.


Lego Slides Racers

My favorite ride…………but we want higher and steeper slides please, hahaha……………..Daddy decided to try once and gave up! He said there was no way he was going to ride those slides again. Basically, if you are heavier, you will slide down faster and end up farther than your travelling buddy


Now, let’s go to the other side the slides area, where we see Red Rush, Twin Chasers, and Splash Out

Twin Chasers

Have fun racing with your teammate in Twin Chasers slides, and find out who is faster and finally win the race

Splash Out

Splash out here for total fun………….

Red Rush

Red Rush was absolutely one of my favorite too…………shorter lines and sometimes no queue at all unlike Brick Blaster and Splash & Swirl, and the best thing was……………no need to carry the heavy float upstairs! The big raft went up by a small elevator

Red Rush

Look whose happy and not. My boy said that I must put these pictures in my blog, hahaha…… I was so glad when the staff allowed me to bring my camera while sliding down. The boy was so happy and laughed all the time, and daddy was so scared and kept screaming to me to hold on tight to the raft. But I said it was oke, I didn’t need to hold on to something while using my camera. Then daddy said: “Ini mama sama anak sama aja sih, gak ada takut-takutnya, hahaha……” The boy and I tried different positions and had so much fun sliding down together

Next stop was the wave pool which was super fun!!! The best part was: the non stop wave!

Lego Wave Pool

Unlike other water park where the waves only come once every 30 minutes or so, this pool has non stop waves. The pool is not too deep so is very suitable for young children and parents who are not good swimmers like us (maximum depths is only 1.40 M). Besides, the water current is not too strong and the waves are milder which is very suitable for lazying around. This is one of our favorite spot to enjoy the day and relaxing our muscles after a hard time carrying the float to the slides or climbing all those stairs which lead us to the high slides

Lego Wave Pool

Look, who was having an incredibly good time at the wave pool………………..



And now, it’s time to have some fun in the lazy river which was full of legos along the way. The children could collect, built, or just bring the legos all around while floating around the lazy river. So far, this was the best lazy river ever for us. The current was also strong enough to move us faster than the usual lazy river.

Build A Raft

Welcome to Build A Raft River, also one of our favorite spot. My boy spent hours here and at the end I was kind of dizzy after circling around the river almost 10 times. Even at home, I felt like I was still on the ship which was carried away by the waves………

Build A Raft River

We love the beautiful Lego decorations around the pool

Building Blocks

The boy is busy building “whatever it is…….”


A laser gun………….

Take a closer look.............one of our favorite picture

Take a closer look………….one of our favorite picture


Under the water fountain


Constructing the Legos without collapsing them when he floats


My job was to bring all his Legos and following him all around the pool

With Project X on the background. Collecting Legos and shipping them with the float was his favorite thing to do

With Project X on the background. Collecting Legos and shipping them with the float was his favorite thing to do

For younger children, Joaker Soaker is the best way to have fun. Not too deep pool, water splashes everywhere, and slides that are suitable for young adventurers.


Joaker Soaker, suitable for younger children and even their guardians. There are slides, water fountain, and the big water bucket ready to splash some fun for children and adults

Joker Soaker

Very cold water in Joaker Soaker

Don’t forget to visit Imagination Station in front of Duplo Splash Safari. This is the only attraction that is not located in the water.

Imagination Station

Imagination station 1, where kids can play and learn with Legos and water

Imagination Station

Imagination station 2, build duplo bricks and test them against the flow of water, or spray hard to make the Legos spin

Our last stop (before going back to the slides) was Duplo Splash Safari, which is suitable for toddlers because it has shallow pool and small slides. My boy said it wasn’t challenging enough for him, so he decided not to return to this place for the second time…………..

Small slides for smaller kids

Small slides for smaller kids

These animals could spray water..............

These animals could spray water…………..

And now, it was finally lunch time. There are 2 food courts, and this time we chose for a simple meal of nuggets/fish and chips

Each package (nuggets/fish with fries and Ribena drink) for RM 15. The price of the food was still quite reasonable

Each package (nuggets/fish with fries and Ribena drink) for RM 15. The price of the food was still quite reasonable

Lego Characters

Look who we found on the way back to our chairs: Wildstyle and Emmett…………………….

Lego Character

Super cute Lego………….

I finish this post about Legoland Water park in a short time because the boy said he couldn’t wait to read my post about Legoland Water Park, hahaha………………

Legoland Theme Park has been his favorite post in this blog, and he has read it many times, so this time he was really looking forward for my post. He even did some checking and corrections on the details before I finally published it. He laughed hard at some part of the stories and added some facts that I forgot to mention.

So we really hope you enjoy this long post with too many pictures inside……………………..

Next stop: Adventure Cove Water Park! The boy said he wants to make comparison: Legoland Water Park vs Adventure Cove Water Park………let’s see who will be the winner.

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Why We Stayed In Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour

The main reason is because it was free…….

Daddy sometimes stays in Shangrila Hotels on his business trips, and he already earned enough points to be A Golden Circle Member. So, we received a letter confirming his membership and also an offered of discounted room price and a free night stay using the existing points. The promotion was ended on 10th February 2014. Well, the free stay using the points can still be used even until the promotion is over, but the discounted price for the room would be expired on 10th February.

We received the offering letter since last year, but I didn’t read it carefully and just put it in my drawer. Then in the last week of January, while I was sorting all the papers in my drawers, I found the letter and read it once again before I decided to throw it away or not. Then, I realized what a good offer it was and checked the offer on the Shangrila website immediately.

Well, the points weren’t enough for us to stay in one of Shangrila Hotel in Singapore, but luckily it was good enough for a standard room in Traders Hotel, and the nearest Traders Hotel is in Nusajaya or near Legoland. Yayyy……it’s only 20-30 minutes from Tuas Checkpoint.

We tried to book the room on Chinese New Year just one week before CNY, and of course we failed. Lucky us we still got a room the next week after CNY. So we decided to take the offer and went there on Saturday and Sunday (8-9 Feb 2014). I booked the room only few days before the actual date that we should have gone, and by accident found out again that I actually could upgrade the room into Club Room because the points were still enough.

You see, there was quite a big discount for Golden Circle Member (25% for standard room and 30% or 40% for Club Room if I’m not mistaken) and we only needed to spend  1000 points for the Club Room. In the usual days, 1000 points is only enough for the Standard Room.

So there was the story of how we finally booked a room in Traders Hotel for our 2 days staycation. It was a good thing that we finally went there just a week after CNY, because we never ever found the immigration counters were so empty like those two days. We only needed to queue behind one car in the immigration clearance in Singapore or Johor Bahru.

And how was our stay? It was fantastic and we had a very very very good time. Traders Hotels are managed by Shangrila, and truth to be told…..the experience that we had was beyond our expectation. Clean room, nicely decorated hotel that just made us feel like home, good food, friendly staff, good service, small but wonderful swimming pool, and a top notch club lounge that really made us wanted to stay longer. We hope we can come back again someday……..

The boy……as usual, was very reluctant when we told him that it was time to go home. He had a great time and of course unlimited TV time in the bedroom which only happens when we’re staying at the hotel.

Welcome to Traders Hotel. We arrived in a super hot day

Welcome to Traders Hotel. We arrived in a super hot day

The facilities that we got because we booked a Club Room

The facilities that we got because we booked a Club Room. And we got free WiFi password that could be used anywhere on our 3 gadgets. We loved the internet connection in here because it was super fast……

Fast check-in process at the hotel lobby. We asked before to have an early check in at 11 am, and we got it! We also asked for late check out at 1 pm and yes, they gave us the late check out too....

Fast check-in process at the spacious hotel lobby in the first floor. We asked before to have an early check in at 11 am, and we got it! We also asked for late check out at 1 pm and yes, they gave us the late check out too….


Comfortable seating area at the ground floor. The boy and my mother waited here while daddy took out our luggage from the car

We found this on the way to our room

We found this on the way to our room. The boy loved to climb here and jumped from the wood bench to to the floor again and again

Crossing the bridge to our room. Taking picture with Little Big Club or Hello Kitty Town building in the background

Crossing the bridge to our room. Taking picture with Little Big Club or Hello Kitty Town building in the background

The bridge which connected one tower of the hotel to another tower

The bridge which connected one tower of the hotel to another tower

Finally, our room......big and comfortable bed and pillow. We had a good night sleep

Finally, our room……big and comfortable bed and pillows. We had a good night sleep and we really loved the bed

Sofa bed with extra pillow and blanket

Sofa bed with extra pillow and blanket

I like the very bright room

I liked the very bright room with the natural lighting from the sun. Everything is in the room, from the bathrobes, comfortable slippers, fridge, iron and ironing board, tea making facility with lost of different type of glasses to choose (choosing which glass to use is the boy’s favorite thing to do)

Either Disney Channel all the time or playing Ipad with biscuits in his mouth. He spent most of the time watching TV  in the room, a privilege that he will almost never gets at home......

Either Disney Channel all the time or playing Ipad with biscuits in his mouth. He spent most of the time watching TV in the room, a privilege that he will almost never gets at home, so he used this opportunity well, ahahahhaha…….

The rain shower is the boy's favorite in the bathroom. Expect for a very long waiting time when he's in the bathroom and under the rain shower.

The rain shower is the boy’s favorite in the bathroom. Expect for a very long waiting time when he’s in the bathroom and under the rain shower. I love the rain shower too, and it always feels so good to bathe under the rain shower for a very long time without worrying the water bill at the end of the month……

Hair dryer, digital scales, small clock, and standard bathroom amenities are in the bathroom. They even already provided 3 towels when we arrived. Changing towels and bathmat were very easy at all times.

Hair dryer, digital scales, small clock, mirror, and standard bathroom amenities are in the bathroom. They even already provided 3 towels when we arrived. Changing towels and bathmat were very easy at all times.

After lunch, we decided to take a look and visited the free club lounge (free if you book a Club Room)  which located in the fourth floor. It was very easy to be accessed from our room because we could use either elevator or stairs. The boy always chose to use stairs then the elevator. The club room lounge was big and bright with comfortable sofas and beautiful decoration.

Soda, pineapple juice, apple juice, ginger ale, coffee, tea, milk, and other choices of drink. It also provided light snacks which tasted very good

Soda, cola, sprite, pineapple juice, apple juice, ginger ale, coffee, tea, milk, and other choices of drink. It also provided light snacks which tasted very good

Help yourself with milk and biscuits

Help yourself with milk and biscuits

Club Lounge

Enjoy the day…….

What to do next after our stomachs were full? Well, let’s exercise and visit the health club to burn all the calories from all the food that we already ate……


We found a nice spot to take pictures. On the way from the club lounge to the health club, we saw an open area facing directly to the harbor. We could see many ships at the harbor from the fourth floor. Actually, this is also the view that we saw from the club lounge

The view

The view from the other side of the open area is another open space in the ground floor and the little kids’ favorite playground: “Little Big Club/Hello Kitty Town”

Welcome to the health club (the building on the right)

Welcome to the health club (the building on the right)

It was a very heavy ball in the gym....

It was a very heavy ball in the gym….mineral water and clean towels are provided free here

Cross another bridge and climb up the stairs to go to the swimming pool and skybar

Cross another bridge and climb up the stairs to go to the swimming pool and skybar


Yay……we’re in the pool now. The boy in front of the kids pool. He finds it humiliating whenever I asked him if he wants to go to the kids pool, hahaha……


The Jacuzzi, where we spent most of our time


Another spot to wait the children finish their swimming time


In the Jacuzzi with daddy

Jump Style

Jump and jump in the infinity pool. The depth of the infinity pool is at least 1.3 M

Swimming Pool

Swimming while looking at the ships in the harbor. The view was breathtaking……

We felt hungry after swimming, and so after a long time in the bathroom and under the rain shower, we went to the club lounge for free afternoon snack from 5pm to 7 pm. We loved the spread of food……my mom and I skipped dinner after that because we were so full.

Entree food, salad,

In clockwise direction: Entree food (prawn cocktail, chicken terrine, egg mayo), salad and chips, main course (sausage in bbq sauce, fried wonton, pandan chicken, and spicy tortilla with ham, minced meat, and tomato)


Fresh fruits (we loved the oranges and red watermelon the most), sweet cakes, dried fruit, and choose of cocktails. We loved all the sweet cakes (except the boy who never likes sweet cakes). I tried all the cakes and my favorite were mango, strawberry, and chocolate cakes that I came back again to fill my plates with those three cakes for the second time

What did the boy do while eating or wait for us to finish eating? Well, not just the boy, but my mom and I were also occupied with this:

Mac Desktop Computer

Mac Desktop Computer…..with wide screen, clear sound, and fast internet connection. The boy couldn’t move himself from here. He had two glasses of milk and one plate full of sausages and fried wonton while playing here

It was still 7.30 pm, so we still had times before going to bed, and we ended up in:

AEON Bukit Indah

AEON Bukit Indah

The boy was so lucky

The boy was so lucky since he was the one who got home with a Geronimo Stilton book and a Paul Frank Watch for his upcoming birthday present

Daddy and I decided to go go for night snack while the boy stayed in the room (watching TV again...).

Daddy and I decided to go go for night snack while the boy stayed in the room (watching TV again…). Kita gak mo rugi banget deh memang bolak balik ke lounge…….

At 11 pm, we took a walk outside to see what’s outside the hotel. This hotel has two towers that connected by a bridge in the third floor. Under the bridge is a long street full with shops and restaurants. We wanted to see all these but had no time at all the whole day, so we decided to go at night. Almost everything was closed at 11 pm except Starbucks.

Go to the ground floor, exit this door, and you'll be in another world.......

Go to the ground floor, exit this door, and you’ll be in another world…….

A quiet street at night

A quiet street at night

Twinkling pink trees and dancing water fountain

Twinkling pink trees and dancing water fountain which could change color into pink, yellow, red, blue, green, and purple

But not every place was quiet, the cafes near the harbors were still full with people, especially young people

But not every place was quiet, the cafes near the harbors were still full with people, especially young people

We decided to go back to our room because we were very tired, and found out that the boy who woke up very early in the morning and missed his afternoon nap, was still awake and fresh in front of the TV and said: “I’m hungry……again.” What I love from vacation is the big appetite of the boy, he always feels hungry……

We had a good night sleep and woke up at 8 am and headed to the restaurant for breakfast. The food was surprisingly tasted good. The service was also very good, friendly staff and chefs, and good ambiance for eating too. The restaurant even served fresh juice of vegetables and fruits. The boy said he had one of the best hash brown (served hot and crispy).

Choice of porridge, eggs, sausages, hash brown, fried rice, fried kway teow, and other food

Choice of porridge, eggs, sausages, hash brown, fried rice, fried kway teow, and other food

Bread, dimsum, and I especially loved the waffles with maple syrup and strawberry sauce

Bread, dimsum, and I especially loved the crispy waffles with maple syrup and strawberry sauce

I'm still hungry.......get me more food......

I’m still hungry…….get me more food……


All you can eat……

After breakfast, the boy went for another round of swimming, went back to the room to watch TV again before preparing to go back home. While daddy was doing the check out process, we waited (again) in the club lounge for the last time.

Swimming Pool Moments

Best times at the pool

His fourth glass of milk from the club lounge

His fourth glass of milk from the club lounge

Playing computer the last time before going home. I really loved this Mac PC.........

Playing computer the last time before going home. I really loved this Mac PC………

When we reached the ground floor, the boy asked to take pictures in front of Sushi King Restaurant

Sushi King


The boy slept in the car all the way until we got home. He was very tired and again…..ate more than usual at home. I really hope we can get free holiday more often, hahaha…….


Legoland Malaysia


Even though Legoland is actually very near to Singapore and it’s already opened for months (a year, maybe?), but last Saturday was the first time that we finally visited this very famous theme park in Malaysia.

After reading so many reviews, I was actually afraid of the heat, the sudden rain, the crowd, and the long queue. So that what was hinder us from visiting this theme park. Well, after so many considerations, I finally booked 3 tickets for us to Legoland. Lil boy was very happy and said that everybody in his class had visited Legoland except him, and I said “Hmmmm………….really???”. Then he said “Well, almost everybody…………………”. Anyway, he was very happy and to maximize the visit, we read some bloggers recommendations and tips of visiting the park before the d-day. And yes, we planned our visit to make sure that we could cover all the excitement and attractions in one day.

We bought the tickets via the Legoland website, and got 20% discount for 7 days advance booking. Besides the discount, the good thing about buying the ticket online is that we don’t have to queue in the ticketing counter. We just needed to walk straight to the turnstiles, scanned the barcode, and voila…………..we were inside the park. The staff would come to us to do some verification before we enter, but it only took less than 1 minute.

For us who only rely to GPS because we are not familiar with Johor Area, we chose to enter via Tuas Second Link. The queue in the immigration clearance in both countries was absolutely not as bad as Woodlands Checkpoint. It is also the easiest and nearest route to Legoland. From Tuas Check Point, just follow the direction (the signage are very clear) and exit at 312 (do not exit at 312D). From there, just follow the sign board to Legoland. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to Legoland. For easier access (and cheaper), we park in Zone 2. Parking fee in Zone 2 is RM7 per entry, and can be paid with Touch n Go Card when exiting the park. If you don’t have this card, just pay in the parking kiosk before leaving the car park. From Zone 2, we walked for about 5 minutes under a shelter area to Legoland Theme Park.

Although it was very hot, but we found the heat was still manageable, simply because we were all too exiting to worry about the hot sun. Lil boy had a very strong determination to cover all the attractions in one day, so the heat was no big deal for him. He even refused to wear his hat and sunglasses and insisted that it wasn’t that hot! I guess he was in another different dimension at that time………………Although there are no big trees to shelter us from the sun, but most of the queuing are done under the shelter, some rides are indoor and even with air con. ………and even though some rides are outdoor (like roller coaster or something related to water that can make us wet), I think we won’t feel the heat at all since it’s gonna be windy high above the ground or the water will cool the heat (or maybe I was too scared on the sky that I didn’t feel the hot sun at all………………….). I even wished the sun would shine as hot as it can be since my clothes were all wet after playing “Dino Island”.

When we arrived at 9.15, there was already many people there, and there were some groups visit too. It was intimidating for us since we were afraid that the queue would be very long inside. So we lined up at the first place in front of the turnstiles and lil boy decided to run to the first place that he already planned before.

Surprisingly, the queue and the crowd weren’t so bad inside. I think it was still ok for me (not for the kiddo and he kept complaining about the queue…….). I think because it was Saturday, but the school holiday wasn’t started yet for Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. I chose to go just one week before Singapore school holiday started (assuming that the crowd wouldn’t be that terrible). It was a good decision after all. Or maybe, it was because we already prepared our own strategy to explore the whole park in a day.

We decided to explore the park in anticlockwise direction, started from Lego City. We went to the Driving School first as advised by previous visitors since the queue will get worse by noon. We were number two to arrive, and yes it was a good advice since we saw a very long queue at about 4 to 5 pm.

It looked like other people were turning left to go for the extreme rides first (such as roller coaster or Dino Island), so the queue in the Lego City, Land of Adventure, and Imagination (on the right from entrance door) was not so bad. It was a good strategy for us.

The rain did finally come at about 3 pm, and the outdoor rides were closed for about an hour or more. It was very disappointing for us. The best thing we could do was to sit down and relax, eat, recharge the energy, or play in the indoor area. Thankfully the rides were all opened again at about 4 or 4.30 pm…………………..and here was the surprise…………………….where was everybody???? Seriously, the queue was like gone and even if we did queuing, there were only few people in front of us. This allowed us to ride some rides again and again. Even the staff offered the children to go for one more round it there was no queue at all. So, my suggestions is to spare the extreme rides until after lunch or after 4 pm (or even after the rain)………………when the queue is usually decreasing by that time.

We decided to save Miniland for the last time, since it could be done even under the rain or before we got home. It is said that all the attractions will be closed one hour before closing hour (but all the attractions were still opened when we finally got home at 7 pm), so yes it is better to explore Miniland at the very last time.

In my opinion, Legoland Theme Park is not sooo……big, but just fit for us especially with young children. It was easy to jump from one land to another and we were not too tired after walking and playing the whole day……………which means no cranky child, happy parents, happy family. The distance within each attraction is also very close so we didn’t need to walk very far.

There are restaurants in each land, so food is actually very easy to get. The food is varied from pizza, burger, nasi lemak, and so on. The staff are friendly and helpful, so it was a plus point for us. Another plus point is the clean toilets and they even have family toilet in each land.

What to wear? Use comfortable wardrobe and footwear in the park. Don’t forget to bring flip flop for your children if he’s going to play in the wet area like Dino Island or Wet Racer or Water Splash. Bring extra clothes, socks, towel, umbrella, poncho,hat, and sunglasses. Pack lots of water and some snacks too. I chose not to bring and eat fried food and chips since they would make us very thirsty. I brought hotdogs and bread which were easy to eat while queuing or walking to save time.

Also to save time, one us us (parents) would usually run to the nearest attraction to queue (if there was long queue) even before the kiddo finished his previous ride.

And yes, that was how we conquered the park in one day. Well, actually if we didn’t finish the park in a day, my kiddo will be asking again and again and again and begging and begging to come again…………….(imagine the cost for the three of us……so I insisted that he played as long as he wants so he won’t ask for another visit to the park. I mean, with the same amount of money, we better go to another new places).


It was 9.15, and the crowd was already like that. On the left is Legoland Hotel which was about to open

The gate will be opened at 10 am sharp, but before that the kids can shake hands and taking pictures with these lego guys (I don't know their names, so let's just call them lego guys..........)

The gate will be opened at 10 am sharp, but before that the kids can shake hands and taking pictures with these lego guys (I don’t know their names, so let’s just call them lego guys……….)


Lego City Map

This is the map of Lego City

Driving School

From the entrance, turn left to the Nissan Driving School. We were number two at the queue. The children came ten by ten to the class. The left picture (Nissan Driving  School) is for children age 6-12 years, and the right picture (Car Wash Junior Driving School) is for children age 3-5 years.

Driving School

After finishing the class (which was quite a long time), the children can drive the red or blue car for just one round……….really??? Only one round?


After that, get your driving license for RM35……………expensive?? Yes, but it’s probably once in a lifetime (we don’t know when we will ever come back here), so we made him this license.

Boating School

From the Driving School, we went to the Boating School. One boat can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. The queue was long here, but daddy managed to queue first before kiddo got his license.


On the boat that looks exactly like a lego boat

Lego City

Nice view from the boat, the decoration of the small pool was really nice and eye catching

The Shipyard Playground

A very quiet playground called “The Shipyard”

Lego City

It was hot, but this kiddo played happily . It was almost empty………so it was like playing in our own playground


We met this Lego Character in Lego City. The staff will help taking family pictures


Another lego creation……….it’s a signage actually

From the Shipyard Playground, lil boy insisted that he wanted to visit Land Of Adventure because he wants to play in Dino Island (yeah, like he knows what is Dino Island…………….). So we skipped the other rides and came back again in the evening.

Legoland Express

In the evening, we came back to ride Legoland Express. It was an enjoyable journey after spending the whole day at the park. Just sit and relax and enjoy the view. We covered the Miniland mostly from this train. Kiddo asked “What…..the miniland is just like this???” I guess he didn’t feel the adrenaline rush in Miniland so he said “Let’s just skip the Miniland” hahaha………

Lego Rescue Academy

Then we went to Lego Rescue Academy. It must be played by at least two adults, and children can be clappers and cheerleaders, hahaha………or maybe they can give a little help.

Lego Rescue Academy

Board on the Police or Fire Engine Car, pump the pedal to move the car to the designated area, pump the water to extinguish the fire, go back to the car, pump the pedal again to move the car to the first position. Daddy said it was a hard work, so he decided to join with another group, hahaha…….The children can just sit, enjoy the ride, and help “maneuvering” the hose to the right direction(hey, it’s not an easy job)

Lego City

Then for the final ride on Lego City, here is “Lego City Airport”

Airport City

Nice journey on the plane. We were number two at the queue. Lil boy said he wanted to ride on the green plane. But then I heard the lil boy (about 3 years old) in front of us said he wanted to ride on the green plane too. So I said to my boy (whispering) to choose another plane. He just kept quiet. Then when the line was open, he just run and run until he reached the green plane first! That was the story how we finally got the green plane

Lego City

Left picture: Restaurant in Lego City. Right picture: remote control boat. Not fun, so we skipped this.


Then we went ahead to Land of Adventure…………..

Land Of Adventure


The map of Land of Adventure


Our first stop was Pharaoh Revenge. It ‘s a playground actually.

Land Of Adventure

It’s a playground full of balls, yes………..this is balls shooting arena


I took picture with this cute donkey while waiting outside the playground

Land Of Adventure

Next, let’s cool down in Lost Kingdom Adventure……….with air con inside!

Lost Kingdom

lost kingdom adventure was a LASER fun shooting game. This was written by lil boy who insisted he wanted to write on my post too. It was fun that he played again here in the evening before going home.

Land Of Adventure

ARE YOU AFRAID? Nah! Another caption by lil boy. Do you see daddy’s expression??? This beetle bounce is not scary at all actually, well wait until you see this…….


camel made out of lego. One snap before the next ride. I offered him to write captions on every picture, but he said no, hahaha…….All the blue words are my lil boy’s contribution………

Dino Island


After he saw this, he “screamed”………”I wanna ride this………….I wanna ride this………….” OMG! Daddy raised his hands and gave up. So I had to volunteer myself to accompany him sliding down in this scary vertical slope and get wet at the end.


Going up……………..going up was quite scary for me……….later on kiddo admitted that going up was scary for him too………….hahaha………….


But going down was absolutely scarier!!! Do you see my frighten face??? I couldn’t believe all the children in front of us had taken this ride for “I don’t know how many times”, they were all wet when we got there and they run to queue again after we finished the ride…………

Dino Island

What a relieve………….I could give a big smile after that, or NOT!


RM10 body dryer

Even before our clothes got completely dry in the body dryer, lil boy “scream again”………….”Again, Again…….I want to ride again”. Oh gosh……………not again!

Dino Island

We were laughing very hard when we saw this “before and after” pictures. Do see the expressions of everyone in the boat? Funny, right? Yeah, I could laugh hard at home, but not when we did the “almost vertical free fall”……….The second time, I was ready with my poncho, which actually didn’t help at all since I still got all wet…..

Well, actually lil boy said “Again, but this time I want to sit at the front”.

And my reaction was: “What, are you kidding me??? No way!”

So yeah, I “dragged” him to the nearest toilet before he changed his mind and insisted on doing another free fall…….


We love this family toilet………..big enough for three of us, especially since we have all our belongings in one bag, it’s easier to change clothes in here. It has a nice table to put our bags.

By the way, there are photo booths in every extreme ride and photo can be purchased at RM50 each. Too expensive for us!


Jungle Cafe……….we didn’t eat here cos it only serves burgers, hotdogs, nuggets, and fries. We just didn’t really want that kind of food that day. Lil boy chose Pizza instead, so we went to Pizza Mania in Imagination Land




Imagination Land Map, I love it! Daddy loves it! Kiddo? Well, he has different opinion which I will share later


Musical Fountain


The land of giraffes and…

Legoland Imagination

Dinosaurs! It is a peaceful land………….no extreme rides…….everything was super enjoyable………I am still amazed at how they made everything from Lego in here…………….and in super big size too………

Pizza Mania

Run to Pizza Mania………..we were super hungry!


Our lunch, all for RM75

Duplo Playtown

Duplo Playtown, the most crowded playground in Legoland. Maybe because this is the most suitable playground for little children.


Playing in Duplo Playtown while waiting for the 4D movie in Duplo Studio

Duplo Express

Duplo Express inside Duplo Playtown. He was having bad mood because he actually sat at the front of the train, while suddenly a small kid cried loud because he also wanted to sit at the front. Lil boy gave up his seat , but lost his good mood after that. I told him it was a good deed and he was such a gentleman of doing such thing.

Lego Studio

Lego Studio 4D movies! Love this so much!!! Lil boy was still in bad mood before the movie started. Once it started, he laughed from beginning to end. We watched Clutch Power, and it was so funny and interactive. There was water splash and snow drops during the show, which made us all wet again.This is absolutely one of the best 15 minutes of our time in the park.There are different movies at different time.

Observation Tower

The queue to the Observation Tower was long, but since many people could come inside in one go, we only had to wait for about 15 minutes. It was a nice journey, and we could see almost the whole Legoland from here. The tower would spin during the journey so we could see all sides of the park


This is what we saw from the tower, and one of them is the new and about to open Legoland Hotel and Resort

Kids Power Tower

Kids Power Tower, go up by pulling the rope and let the rope go once you’re up. The chairs will drop down instantly (it was fun actually)

Build and test

Built and Test, daddy said he liked here the best. We can build our own car and test it in the race track, or……


Vehicles Or Towers?(VOTS).…………..or build a tower and press the shake button. If the building is firm enough, it will stand firm. If not, it will ruin………Well, at least we can sit and enjoy the cool air con here


Lego Kingom

King's Market and King's Feast (taken from observation tower)

King’s Market and King’s Feast (taken from observation tower)

The Forestmen's Hideout

The Forestmen’s Hideout, the very quiet playground after the rain had stopped. This play area was closed during the rain.

Royal Joust

Royal Joust, this is suitable for younger children. The staff offered the children to have another go, and most of them were gladly taken the opportunity, but this kiddo thought it wasn’t challenging enough for him………..

Merlin's Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge. Since it was raining, this is one of the rides that was still opened

Dragon's Apprentice

Dragon’s Apprentice, it’s a roller coaster. It’s a small one and not too scary, especially after we tackled Project X Roller Coaster………………so this one just “meh…..” to us, hahaha……………….

Lego Kingdom

Can you spot us? I was waving happily because this was fun……………I was so…..happy that it was a lot more easier and not “heart threatening” as Project X…….

My happiness didn’t stay for too long…….because kiddo decided to run to the next ride, and that was……….

The Dragon


Lego Kingdom

We came into a beautiful castle with lost of beautiful ornaments. We were seated on a dragon boat, and the boat would enter a cave with beautiful lego characters (it was good for sightseeing), and then we were brought into a complete darkness and we slid down in the dark!!! Thankfully it wasn’t too long and we were back to the track under the bright sky again…..

Lego Kingdom

WILD RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Says the scaredy cat. Kiddo called me scaredy cat because I was too afraid of riding anything that involving height! Ok, so what would he call his father who is afraid of doing any of these extreme rides??? I closed my eyes during the ride. Lil boy asked why I closed my eyes all the time, if you scare just look down……………….”easier to say than done”. I saw little children and group of teenagers just kept coming again and again to ride this. “What are their hearts made from?” 

Lil boy rode this rides three times! He said: “I like the adventure…………………” After the third times I decided that we had to stop because I was so dizzy and I had a bad headache…………(it must be something to do with old age). I told daddy later that I was so brave in riding roller coaster when I was in college, but it’s now completely different.


Lego Technic

The map of LegoTechnic

Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy

Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy. It’s a place to build your own lego. You can even sign up for a 45 minutes lego lesson

Technic Twister

Technic Twister. It was raining, and this was one of the ride that opened during the rain. Lil boy said it’s a teacup ride….basically they will twist you around until you got dizzy, hahaha…….

Octopus Water Splash

Octopus Water Splash

Wave Racers

Wave Racers will get you all wet. Kiddo played here twice. Luckily I brought 2 sets of dry clothes for him.

Actually, after the rain stopped, kiddo run to this attraction first before going to wave racers:

Project X

Project X

Phew………he insisted that he wanted to try! Daddy said there was no way that he would ride that. I said I wouldn’t either, and kiddo looked very disappointed. So it melt my heart (wrong decision!) and I said I would go with him. I planned to seat at the backseat, but we accidentally ended up at the front seat (which made kiddo happy, but not me…..). I screamed so loud that the father and little son who sat behind us got extra entertainment from me, hahaha………..Daddy said he could hear me clearly from the street below……

Lil boy said later (at home) that he just rolled his eyes up and down when I screamed and said I was kind of silly screaming like that! Seriously??? After what I’ve done up there??? My body was shaking when we finally finished the ride.

Project X

I was so amazed with those brave little children………they didn’t scream and showed no fear at all……


Kiddo insisted that we skipped this. What??? No way……so we made a quick stop in Miniland, took some photos, but we were not able to find out what those places are one by one. So here are the lists and the photos…………..









Lil boy wanted to skip this because he couldn’t wait to go to the Lost Kingdom again and ride The Dragon roller coaster again!!!

It was so strange that he was actually afraid of height and always refused to ride on the roller coaster (even the small one) when he was smaller, but now he’s a roller coaster mania…………….


Last picture before going home

We were having a great time in Legoland and we still talk about it even until now. My boy can tell a story of what he did during the day from beginning to end in chronological order………..I guess Legoland has really impressed him a lot.

The best ride for kiddo (in order): The Dragon, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Driving School, Dino Island, Project X, Wave Racers. Wow……………we certainly are having big generation gap in da house!

I guess I should check before taking him to another park whether they have extreme rides or not. If yes, we should skip that since I don’t want to volunteer myself again, hahaha………….