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Everything Is Awesome in Legoland Hotel Malaysia


A warning sign in the children bedroom in Legoland Hotel

Finally, one of the boy’s bucket list was checked! He really wanted to stay in one of the Legoland’s Hotel, and after we decided not to stay in Legoland Hotel on our trip to Windsor (and we were glad that we had made that decision), he aimed for Legoland Hotel Malaysia and he stated clearly that he wanted this for his birthday present. So here we were on one Friday morning trying to do an early check in but failed……………….hahaha…………….well, at least we had tickets to the theme park and could enter the park earlier before the crowd came rushing in (well, there was no crowd anyway on weekday morning). For the story of our Legoland Theme Park experience can be read here.

Parking was free for hotel guest, so please ask for free parking once you arrive and before you check out. We didn’t take many pictures outside and inside the hotel lobby area as we did there before, but the lobby area was just the same as I remembered it used to be (with lots of Legos to play with and Lego stores). It was a large playground with thousands of colorful Legos which came in many different sizes too, but don’t expect to find slides or swings inside the hotel………………oh, and no gym facilities either, so go ahead and have fun with your children building Legos all night long as it will be the only activities for parents outside the room. 

It was still the same lobby area as I remembered (even all the decorations were the same)………………it proved that I still had good memories……………


The lobby area was just as crowded as it used to be, even though it was weekday

I made the booking online through the hotel website. There were 2 room choices and with 3 different themes. Since we were only 4 people, I chose the Premiere room (Suite room could accommodate up to 8 people which clearly was too big for us), and the boy said he wanted to stay in the Kingdom Theme room. The other options were Pirate room and Adventure Room.

When I finally made my way to the hotel receptionist at 5 pm, the reception said the rooms were still full and so we were upgraded to the Suite Room…………….yippiee………………what a luck………….

We got the room in the 7th floor (the highest floor) and we had both Legoland Theme Park and Water Park as the view from our room. So nice! The Premiere rooms which located just opposite the Suite rooms faced the street (weren’t we so lucky to get upgraded to a Suite Room with direct view to the theme park?) And we were also stayed on the highest floor, so we could see almost the whole area of the park in a very good angle.

Going up with an elevator full of music and dancing lights. It was quite fun to guess what song would we be hearing once we stepped in into the elevator


A huge waiting area in front of the elevator in 7th floor, which I don’t think necessary because once we pushed the button, the elevator would come within seconds……………so there was no need to sit, right? Well, unless you want to just chill out and have a nice conversation with friends just like what we saw some of the guests did


Every floor had different pattern on the carpet based on the room theme and it was very interesting to see. Since we were staying in the Kingdom Theme Floor, the pattern on the carpet was all about kingdom, although I had no idea why there were brooms (kinda reminded me of Cinderella story, hahaha…………)


Finally, our room was at the end of the alley………….


A room with a view to the theme park, and we loved to see the park at night and in the morning when it was so quiet


The view to the water park made us wanted to jump right away into the water

We were wowed when we finally entered the room. It was huge as it had the capacity of 8 people with 1 master bedroom and 2 bunk beds plus 1 extra mattress which we later found inside the cupboard. So actually, 9 people could sleep there. There were 2 bathrooms (while the standard room only had 1 bathroom), and there was even a bathtub inside the children’s bathroom. Oh, and the master bathroom (which was not inside the master bedroom) was also so big……………….

So now, let me take you around the room

Big corridor, extra pillows, baby cot, extra mattress, slippers (and the hotel even gave 3 pairs of small slippers for young children which were oh so cute), safe deposit box, and…………..2 big boxes of Legos to play with (just remember not to bring the boxes home…………..). On the left side of the door was the kids bathroom with a bathtub

Bathroom for children with lower sink and mirror and full amenities. Ouch, there was a spider on the wall………….


Dining room with free fruits


The kids bedroom with 3 storeys bunk bed. Adults were not supposed to be here, hahaha…………there was even a TV for the kids so they didn’t disturb the parents who watched their own TV show


He marked where he wanted to sleep. These bunk beds were also served as playground for the children (because jumping up and down was so fun for the kids, yet I had to figure out for few minutes of how to get down safely from above)


Living room with big TV and huge windows overlooking the theme park


Huge master bathroom and I super loved the colorful cups. The Legoland puzzles on the bottom right picture were actually consisted of soap, comb, toothbrush, etc


The bedroom for king and the queen……………….don’t you just love the decoration and the color?


It’s a treasure chest……………..solve the mystery, open the lock, and bring home the prize


Working together to answer questions to open the combination of the lock

Let’s play with these Legos


Let’s build a super tall tower

By the way, we really liked that the hotel brought the kingdom theme to life in the room. I mean, look at all the details and decorations around the room:

A knight was hiding behind the fruits


A princess stood behind the coffee table. By the way, we got all these things in the minibar for free (the food and beverages, but not the mugs and the coffee machine…………..). The hazelnut cookies were so yummy, and was tempted to bring the mugs and the spoons home……………


Far far away kingdom from hundreds of years ago


The master bedroom’s decoration

This has nothing to do with the decoration, but I just wanted to show you that this was the first time I saw the hotel gave these kinds of fruit tea (from mango, coconut, strawberry, to pineapple).

They look good, don’t they?

Since it was a child friendly hotel, basically the children could play all day and all night long with thousand of Legos in the first floor. So, this was what we did (along with other children who stayed up late) at night time.

Well, first, let’s took picture in front of the restaurant since it was going to be crowded in the morning. So this was the best time to take pictures with almost no one around


This looked big at night, but not in the morning where hundreds of people stormed out to have breakfast at the same time


Ice cream man


The waiting room before our room number was called for breakfast in the morning, and it would be so full the next morning


Let’s build a fortress at night

The next morning before breakfast, we already planned to check the pool in the third floor. We already saw the pictures of the pool from the website, so we didn’t expect much. It wasn’t crowded either since most of the guests preferred to spend their time in the water park instead (that was my guess………………..)


Different carpet pattern on the way to the swimming pool


Deep pool (1.2 M) for adults, but as you can see, there were no adults here because they chose to spend time here:


In the kids pool while building Legos………………This was out of expectation since we were not aware of this pool from the pictures in the website, but this was so much fun for the parents and the children


Working together to build a raft


This pool was suitable for all ages

For the breakfast, like I said before, it was very crowded although we went down after at almost 9.30 am. We had to give our room number to the staff and then she would call us when the seats were ready. Although it was very crowded, but the staff kept replenishing the food so we didn’t see any empty trays during our breakfast time. Unfortunately, the ice cream factory for kids was no longer available during breakfast.

We loved the hashbrowns as they were so crispy and not oily

Besides the hashbrowns, fried chicken, and fresh fruits choices, we didn’t find other kinds of food were good enough. The salad was not so fresh, I didn’t like the salad dressing, we tried the bread, cakes, mantou, and pao but we agreed that none of them tasted good. Even the vegetarian yong tau foo didn’t taste good.

The boy filled his plate with potatoes and fried chicken only, then had orange juice and milk

Good thing was, there were 4 kinds of milk including chocolate milk (and Milo near the juice bar), so this must had been heaven for the kids. There were so many choices of food but I didn’t think most of them tasted good.

Nasi lemak and its condiments, salad bar, milk, and egg tart


The not so crowded restaurant after 10 am when most of the people already went to the theme park


After breakfast activity: building gate

Aside from the breakfast quality, we had such a wonderful time at Legoland Hotel where everything was so awesome especially for the children.

It was a hard time to ask him to go home…………………because he still wanted to play and enjoy the hotel


This huge painting was actually made of Legos………………..

Goodbye Legoland Hotel, hopefully we will came back again one day.


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  1. iya legoland hotel emang asik banget! 🙂

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