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Chelsea Football Stadium Tour

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If the boy’s wishes was to visit Legoland and Harry Potter Studio in London, and while my wish was to see the beautiful castles in any parts of the UK, then daddy’s wish was to visit one of the football stadium in UK since he is a big fan of football. He finally chose Chelsea Football Stadium simply because it was the closest to our hotel.

His first choice was to visit MU base camp, until this happened:

Daddy: What is the easiest and shortest way to go to Manchester United Football Stadium?

The boy: (searching in his tab for a few minutes, then answer calmly) It will take one hour and ten minutes from London……………………………………….by British Airways………………….

Daddy: What…………..????!!!????? Ok, just cancel it then. We’ll just go to the nearest one from where we will stay………

And that was it.


Stamford Bridge in the morning, where Chelsea Stadium was located. We would love to explore the area if only we had more time

His options were Arsenal or Chelsea being the two nearest from our hotel. I preferred Arsenal just because I loved red color better than blue (red for Arsenal and blue for Chelsea), although I knew nothing about both teams. For practical reason, we finally decided to visit Chelsea Stadium because it was so close to our hotel. Besides, daddy said that Chelsea was a better team than Arsenal (I don’t if that is true or not, since, once again, I knew nothing about both teams and didn’t bother to find out either…………..).


A short walk from tube station to Chelsea Football Stadium

Apparently, being the closest one from the hotel was also the reason for other participants who joined the tour. Well, I assumed actually because when the tour guide asked who was each tour participant’s favorite football team, no one answered Chelsea. When he asked who was their favorite football player, none of the answers were one of the Chelsea’s team member, hahaha………………oh that poor man, he looked a bit discouraged…………..but the show must go on……………..


Yes…………Chelsea Football Club


It was like a dream come true for this man

For information about tickets and tour time, you can open this website: http://www.chelseafc.com/the-club/stadium-tours-and-museum.html

We bought the ticket online one day before the tour because it was cheaper by 10%. We just had to show our e-tickets to the staff and we didn’t have to print them.


Our future football player


Chelsea FC players with daddy

All of the pictures above were taken outside the stadium. Before we could enter the stadium, there were security guards who checked our bags, but they didn’t ask why we wanted to go inside. Here are some pictures outside the stadium and in the souvenir stores: (although the sun was shining brightly, but it was very cold…………..)


The front side of the stadium. There were two souvenir stores, the big one was in the left side of this building, and the other one was at the very back of this stadium (in different building)


Outside the souvenir store

Since we came too early, we spent our time wandering around in the big souvenir store, and we felt that we wanted to buy everything if we could. I especially loved the all blue Christmas decorations because they were so classic and would look beautiful in our “future” Christmas tree………….since we didn’t have a Christmas tree yet


Stamford Bridge in the old time

The nearest tube station from Chelsea Football Stadium was Fulham Broadway, and there were clear signs of where to go from the tube station (it was the shortest walk ever to our destination from the tube station).


We Are Chelsea


This way please………………..


Chelsea Football Stadium which was very quiet that day since there was no game


Blue color dominated the area


We still had time before tour started at 10 am (which was the earliest tour time that day), so we looked around the souvenir shop


So cute…………..I just loved these blue Christmas decorations

Tour started from the smaller souvenir store and inside the museum building. We showed our e-tickets to the staff, then she gave us each a neck lanyard custom printed with the name “Chelsea Football Club” which we had to use as our ID during the tour. Later on, we could bring home all the lanyards.


We were so excited to start the tour

The tour started on time with one tour guide for every tour session, and lasted for about 1 hour. The tour guide took us outside the museum building and entered the stadium through one of the stadium door.


Chelsea fans also bring their little ones to the game, the stadium has special area for family with little children

Our tour guide started the tour by asking us to introduce ourselves and where we came from, and well…………….all of us were tourists since none of us came from UK, but to our surprise, there was one family who also came from Singapore. Oh what a small world, hahaha……………..I mean, that family also chose the same date and time with us for their stadium tour was quite amazing to me.


A happy face…………………to finally be able to stand inside a football stadium in London was like a dream come true……………….


Anyway, he was kind of hoping to see Eden Hazard that day…………….hahaha………..which he knew was impossible of course………………


Special seats with heater (seriously…………….), but only for VVIP

By the way, the field is also heated during winter time, so the players can still play during winter time.



My favorite picture of the day…………


He especially wore Chelsea shirt that day

The tour guide then brought us to the press room which could accommodate hundreds of journalists from all around the world. The press room facilities were included free internet and hot and cold food and beverages for the journalists. The team manager, coach, and one of the football player will answer questions after the games end. Sometimes, new players also sign their contracts here in front of the press


Acting as football coach…………..

Next stop was the players room, complete with a kitchen, shower room, lockers, and massage facility. Although the tour was short, but we still had plenty of times taking pictures (and sometimes the last ones in the group because mamarazzi was busy taking photos here and there, hahaha……………). By the way, do you know that players have to take ice cold bath to ease their muscles after the games?


What a life for the football players………………….but after a 90 minutes game, who doesn’t need a massage?


Can you spot Hazard’s shirt?


John Terry’s locker


Some of the players that used to play against Chelsea


Even the boy enjoyed the tour


The long sleeve shirt belonged to Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic


Picture taken while the tour guide was busy explaining about the room and the players………


What’s inside the locker?


Another picture inside the player’s room

After one hour, the tour ended in the souvenir store……………hahaha, so smart of the tour organizer to bring us to the souvenir store at the end……………where we could purchase our pictures (which we didn’t do) and buy some souvenirs to take home.

After some shopping, we headed back to the museum because we hadn’t seen what was inside the museum. It was not big, but there were many interesting things to see. Oh, and we could choose and watch some of the games that the teams had played for years in the big screen.


When we were at the museums, the boy busied himself by taking pictures of almost all things that he saw.

There was also a small room which allowed us to play football (but all the pictures were blur, so I don’t attach any of them in this post)


The sponsors of the club



You will need at least 1 hour in the museum and 1 hour in the souvenir shop, so prepare at least 3 hours to tour around this stadium.

That was the end of our memorable tour in one of the Football Stadium in London.


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