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London At Night


When I was looking at almost 5000 pictures and videos that we took from our London Trip 2016, I realized that 1/3 of them were taken at night time. So I decided to put some of them in this post as a contrast to my previous post which showed us in our day time walking tour.

London at night time was also beautiful and to our surprise, even though it was very cold, it was also very crowded. These pictures were all taken with our phone camera, Samsung S7 Edge.  Although they were not as sharp as if we had taken them with a DSLR camera, but I think they were still okay and presentable in this post, hahaha………….

Once again, prepare to overuse your feet when you explore this city since it’s going to be a long walk from the tube station, and then to the next destination, and back again to the tube station. Sometime I even envied the children who sat down comfortably in the stroller while their parents pushed them, hahaha…………………………the worst part was the first day when we arrived, but after that our feet adapted well to the long walk and it didn’t feel so painful again at the end of the day.

First stop, let’s see Big Ben and London streets at night, then we walk along Thames River, and then we’ll continue walking to see London Eye at night time which of course is very different and colorful than at daytime.


Big Ben at night. It was freezing cold…………



The iconic red double decker London buses and Big Ben



The statue of Winston Churchill

From here, we crossed the street to get a closer look of Big Ben, the we crossed the street again and walked along Thames River.


Big and bright Big Ben in front of busy streets



Thames River at night



The view from Thames River



London Eye in red color. The buildings in front of it was in blue color. The color of the buildings would change every few minutes



A closer look of London Eye in red color



The building in front of London Eye had turned color into blue. Since it was already dinner time and we couldn’t find any restaurants nearby, we finally ate in McDonald’s in the blue building (the only eating place nearby that we could find and it was full with long queue)



London Eye and Thames River in the background



In front of McDonald’s where we could see Big Ben stood still far far away (and still, we had to go back there to go back to the tube station)



Walking home……………and that ended our Do It Ourselves Walking Tour that night

One thing that you can’t miss when visiting London in winter time is Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Located in the one of the most famous parks in London, which is Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland is a festive events where the park is transformed into a magical wonderland of winter festivities. The entrance is free but you will have to pay to enjoy the activities.

The nearest tube station would be Knightsbridge or Green Park or Hyde Park Corner


Walking from Green Park to Hyde Park



Red telephone box, and of course we had to stop to take photos……..



First things first, bag check by the security guard before we could enter. It was weekday night, but still, very crowded inside

They were an open air ice rink, Magical Ice Kingdom, circus show, ice dancing, Giant Observation Wheel, rides and attractions, Christmas markets, and food and drink to enjoy. For some attractions, you have to buy the tickets online. For more information you can open the website: http://hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/


Mostly in red color souvenirs



Angels Christmas Market. We just loved to see but didn’t buy anything



On the background: the very scary ride that could turn into a 360 -degree angle.



Marshmallow toasting…………..you don’t have marshmallows? Don’t worry, you can just warm up in here. So romantic…………



Rides and markets



Churros food stall…………….yummy…………..



Spanish churros coated with sugar or chocolate……………



The boy’s first chocolate coated churros, and he loved it!



Blizzard ride, anyone dare to try…….?



Wondering around in Winter wonderland



Blink blink Roller coaster



Chips and Dips



In the background was not a Carousel, but a rotating bar



Where should we go now?



Popcorn stall with big giraffe on the roof



Colorful rides

There were still many things to see, but we were too tired too continue (plus it was very cold), so we went back to the hotel although we still loved to see other things around the park.

We also especially went out at night time to see Tower Bridge. Why did we go to see the Tower Bridge at night? Because the boy really wanted to see the bridge being lifted up. During our trip, Bridge Lift Times was only scheduled on the first day that we arrived, so even though we were super tired, we dragged ourselves down from the bed and changed clothes and had a quick dinner at the nearest KFC, and almost ran to the tube station. The nearest station was Tower Hill, and from Tower Hill, it was still a long walk (again) to Tower Bridge.



Tower Hill Pier. I’m not so sure if you can enter the pier at daytime and get very close to the bridge, but at night time, we just walked through to the edge of the pier



Tower Bridge in purple color

To learn more about Tower Bridge lifting times, you can check in this website: http://www.towerbridge.org.uk/lift-times/



Tower Bridge at night. A perfect spot to watch the bridge being lifted




Yes, it’s happening. The bridge was lifted before a big boat came



The boy was confused of why we kept taking pictures instead of watching the attraction, hahaha………..



Closing time



Beautiful view of Tower Bridge at night

It was almost midnight time and finally, it was time to go back to the hotel……………img_6651 Tower Hill Station, time to go back……….



K.O………………the train stopped several times because of technical problem, and he was just asleep during the ride



Back in Hammersmith where our hotel was located: Chirstmas Tree in Lyric Square in Hammersmith



London bus in Hammersmith



Still hungry? Let’s buy some cakes in Patisserie Valerie in Hammersmith

And that was all that I have . Mostly, we choose to stay at the hotel at night time because we were very tired. The boy loved to watch the British Channel on TV (no other options, only local channels that were provided by the hotels), and he even downloaded the app to see the movies and shows online. Sadly, the app couldn’t be opened outside UK, so he can’t watch his favorite shows and channels in Singapore.


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2 thoughts on “London At Night

  1. christmas market nya seru ya…
    itu yang foto perapian, ada cowok yang lagi ngeliatin lu lagi motret tuh… kayaknya GR dia kirain lu motret dia. hahaha

    • Masih gede banget sebetulnya areanya, cuma udah gak kuat dingin banget sampe nusuk tulang kalo malem itu, padahal udah pake baju sampe 4 lapis, ya maklum biasa tinggal di negara tropis, hehehe…….
      Memang sejauh mata memandang cuma gua doang yang sibuk poto poto malem itu, jadi udah pada ngeh kalo gua fotoin mereka, malah sampe ada yang niat photobomb segala, hahaha……

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