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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

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Yes, finally, it was the D-day! The day when we visited Harry Potter Studio on our third day in London. As a big fan of Harry Potter, the boy was soooo………..excited that day. We woke him up early in the morning so we won’t be late because it would a long journey from where we stayed.

The nearest train station from the studio is Watford Junction. From Hammersmith station (this was the nearest tube station from our hotel), we took the District Line train to Earl’s Court (2 stops), then change trains and go to West Brompton (1 stop only), and then change train again to Willesden Junction and finally took the train to Watford Junction……..phew………. After that, we had to walk to a bus stop and ride the Harry Potter tour bus.

Another option is to take fast train directly from Euston to Watford Junction, but since we were staying quite far from Euston, we chose to take train to Willesden Junction and then to Watford Junction which had many stops. It cost us GBP 4.9 per person one way (which I think was also way cheaper than taking the fast train from Euston).

From Watford Junction, we went out to the bus station which located just outside the train station, and look for bus stop 4 (it can change, so please check again to find out where to wait for the bus) and wait for Harry Potter Studio Tour shuttle bus that would take us to the studio.

We had to pay GBP 2.5 per person to board the bus and we must also show our entrance ticket to the bus driver before we could purchase the bus tickets. Don’t loose the tickets as you will have to show them again to the bus driver on your way home. The tickets were for 2 ways journey by the way.

When waiting in the bus stop, daddy asked what was the bus number how would we know if the right bus was coming? And our answer: “Oh don’t worry, you will know, you can’t miss it……………” with big grins on our faces………… 

And of course we wouldn’t miss it, we could see it even from far away, because the bus looked like this:


Harry Potter Studio Tour Shuttle Bus

The shuttle buses were all double deckers, and of course we chose to sat on the top. The first bus of the day that we took was full of happy and excited people. Of course we were………….we were going to a very exciting place, were we not?. I am not a big fan of Harry Potter actually, but I also felt very excited that day. So, what was waiting for us there?


Finally, arrive at the Warner Bros Studio

For your information, the entrance ticket to Harry Potter Studio Tour must be bought online through the website: www.wbstudiotour.co.uk. You can also check the shuttle bus schedule in this website.

We chose the earliest tour of the day, which was at 10 am (the best choice is to take the earliest time as possible in my opinion). Although there were many people visited the studio that day, we didn’t feel that it was overcrowded. Probably because it wasn’t holiday season yet, and we figured out that it could be very crowded when holiday started (thankfully, Singapore school holiday was ahead than most other countries, so we could start the holiday before everyone else did).

After we arrived, we still had to exchange our e-tickets in the ticketing machine before we could proceed to the entrance door for security checking. Although there was bag check, but we were allowed to bring food and drink (but only allowed to eat in the Backlot Cafe and not inside the studio).


Once we were inside the studio, we saw this big Christmas tree and the pictures of the characters from Harry Potter movies on the walls


White Christmas

White Christmas (tree) with Mad Eye Moody and Professor Mc Gonagall

We had to queue again before we could finally enter the studio. Look what we found when we were queuing:


Harry’s Bedroom under the stairs in Privet Drive (when he lived with his uncle, aunt, and cousin in the Dursley House)

We had to enter the studio in batches, and we were in the second batch. It was good though, because with so many people being in the first 3 rooms together will reduce the dramatic effect that we felt when we first saw The Great Hall. First, we entered the room with full of posters from Harry Potter movies from all around the world (in many languages). A very funny emcee did the greetings and asked us where we came from, and  there were people from around the world such as Costa Rica, Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, USA, and even Singapore, and other countries too……………all the Harry Potter fans were in the same place, hahaha………Then he explained about the posters and did some introduction about making of Harry Potter Movies.

Then we entered another room (this time cameras were not allowed) when another funny staff greeted us. We saw some scenes from all Harry Potter movies and then, we finally could entered the first room that played a very important part in all the movies: (we stood in the front side, so we were among the first ones who entered the room)



The staff only gave us limited time and asked us to continue to another room before the next batch came, but we had enough time looking around and taking pictures actually. There were not many people in one batch, so we could still enjoy walking around and taking pictures in this huge hall.


Slytherin Table and House Points Counters



Hufflepuff Table and Ghost Costume

Can you see that the hall looked empty? We could take pictures without worrying that other people might come into the scene. So its best to book the tour as early as possible so you don’t have to queue for a long time to enter the studio.


The Professors Table (there were Professor Mc Gonagall, Dumbledore, Snape, and Hagrid)

Aren’t you always salivating and feel hungry too when you read in the books all the food that was being served in the Great Hall? Pumpkin juice, fries, fruits, sandwiches, sausages, butter chicken, chicken drumstick, roast beef, roast mutton, etc………So, here’s an up close and personal look on some of the food on the dining tables that makes you want to be a Hogwart student just so you can join the feast:


Food in Hogwarts: tart, fruits, chicken, and peas. Look at the cups and plates, so cute………

PS: To be honest, I don’t know all the details about Harry Potter books or movies, so all the details here are provided by the boy who seems to remember every single detail and differences from the books and movies……………


Gryffindor Points Counter, and after this we would enter another room in the studio

When we entered the next room, we were greeted with this:


Ice Sculpture from the Yule ball (from the fourth movie: The Goblet of Fire)



Dining table from the Yule ball and costumes from the Yule ball: , Hermione, Viktor Krum, Harry, and Ron (bottom right).

I remember the scene of when Ron was trying his suits for the Yule ball that his mother gave him and it was so funny. He said he looked like his aunt Tessie and smell like his aunt Tessie and to be honest: the suits was a big no no for him, hahaha…………

Floating candles on The Great Hall

Floating candles on The Great Hall

Next stop, we skipped everything else first and went straight to the photo booth (the queue would get longer, so went here first). We bought 2 printed pictures (the first one was the first photo on this post / the family picture), and the second one was this:


Ravenclaw School Robes and Broomstick (the boy wants to be in the Ravenclaw house, so he always identifies himself as a Ravenclaw student…………..)

We bought the GBP 40 photo package which includes 2 printed pictures with soft copies (to be download at home), and a Harry Potter USB that shows the boy flying up high in the sky with a broomstick (the special effect was very good and the video taking process was very fun).

Flying scene (print screen from the video)

Flying scene (print screen from the video)

Once that was done, it was time to explore the rest of the room:


Moving Staircases and a real size Hagrid  (below the staircases) compared to human (me). He was so big…………..

For children, don’t forget to ask a passport from the staff and then you can go snitch hunting, answer the questions (quiz) about Harry Potter, and even obtain stamps of all the 4 houses.


Harry Potter Passport

We then just took our time to explore the area full with costumes, broomsticks from time to time, accessories used by the casts, trophies, Goblet of Fire, the Philosopher Stone, Azkaban Prison number, and basically all things related to Harry Potter movies. This certainly will satisfy all the Harry Potter fans.


Gryffindor boys’ dormitory. Hogwarts dormitories made me wanted to enter a boarding school (like this one of course)



OWL exams timer (I wouldn’t be able to concentrate when doing the exams if the timer was like this)



Griffin Staircase (the entrance to Dumbledore office) with password that constantly changed (but always related to sweets such as lemon sherbet, ice mice, chocolate frogs, fizzing whizzbees, and a bunch of other stuff……..I wrote exactly what the boy dictated to me, hahaha………I’m so hopeless about this)



Gryffindor Tower (top left), Headmaster’s Office (top right), Hagrid’s Hut (bottom left), and Potions Dungeon (bottom right)

The boy also tried to do some magic stuff, like making the broomstick going up by itself (like in the fist movie when the first grade students learnt how to use broomstick for the first time with Madame Hooch). They had to say up and the broomstick would go up into their hands.


“Up…………..” and the staff would press the button so the broomstick would go up, hahaha………looks like real though. 

Don’t forget to try this too:


Wand choreography, learning how to use wand with 3 kind of spells

Next, we continued to the other side of the room:


The Burrow (The Weasleys house where house cleaning, clothes knitting, and cooking could be done with magic……………OMG, I would love to master those spells, it there were any…………..)



The knife could work by itself and the cooking equipment could wash itself............what a life.........

The knife could work by itself and the cooking equipment could wash itself…………oh what a life………


Malfoy Manor (the home of Draco Malfoy and his parents) where Lord Voldemort and his allies killed the Muggle Study Professor, Charity Barbage (you can see her hanging on the roof)

Malfoy Manor (the home of Draco Malfoy and his parents) where Lord Voldemort and his allies killed the Muggle Study Professor, Charity Burbage(you can see her hanging just below the lamp)


One of my favorite room : Dolores Umbridge room with pink color everywhere

One of my favorite rooms : Dolores Umbridge room, clothes, and shoes all in pink color



Ministry of Magic Atrium



The Ministry of Magic Fireplaces



Apparition Hole (to enter The Ministry of Magic)



Chamber of Secrets from the second movie: “The Chamber of Secrets”

After this, daddy asked if we were done and that was the end of the tour. And I said I don’t think so, there should be more. And yes, we were so not done yet. There were still lots of things to explore.


Yes, finally…………..Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Express departed from Kings Cross Station to Hogwarts in Scotland during the series.It took approximately 13 hours from one place to the other. Each compartment could fit about six people and six animals (my boy wrote these details as I never knew myself, hahaha…..).


We were wowed by Hogwarts Express. We were really curious of what was inside the train. The boy kept saying that he wanted to be in the real Hogwarts Express



Whose trunk was it? If you answer Ginny Weasley, then you got it wrong. It belongs to George Weasley.



Waiting for someone special in Platform 9 3/4



And this was my someone special, hahaha……….



Don’t forget your trunk and push the trolley through the wall



Let’s go…………..we don’t wanna be late……………..(Interior of the train). Bottom right: Train from the movie “The Philosopher’s Stone”. Top right: Train from the movie “Goblet of Fire”.

We also tried the movie shoot and it was fun (we could buy the pictures after that but we didn’t as I took some photos with my iphone……….pssstttt, secretly of course)


Movie Shoot………..outside was the flying car belonged to the Weasley Family

According to the boy, the parents (me and his dad) were terrible actors during the movie shoot. We were supposed to be wizards but we took out muggle phone, we laughed and cheered during Dementor attack, and we didn’t speak English although we were supposed to be British Wizards. Wow, so many sins during the movie shoot, hahaha……….

Next, we arrived in Backlot Cafe to have our lunch. Of course we had to try the Butterbeer, the very famous drink from Harry Potter books and movies. It took some times to convince daddy that it wasn’t an alcoholic drink. Don’t worry, it is a non alcoholic drink, it is only rootbeer (mint coke) topped with vanilla ice cream (or maybe just cream).


All ready for his first butterbeer



For GBP 6.95, we could also bring home the butterbeer glass. There was also a cheaper option if you choose to drink in the plastic cup instead of glass. We didn’t try butterbeer ice cream, and now I feel like we should have tried it while we were there………..



Butterbeer, did not taste good…………hahaha………..the boy didn’t like it…………



When I asked: “So, how was it?” His answered was: “Poisonous” huahahahaha…………….that was how he described that he didn’t like it but then said that he would like to try pumpkin juice too……….



Expensive but not so good lunch in Backlot Cafe. There were very few options for lunch and mostly, we didn’t like them, so daddy and I only ate the bread that we bought in the supermarket the night before.

From the Backlot Cafe, we could see the outside and couldn’t wait to explore all the excitements that awaited us. From our seats, we could see this very famous and big and tall bus that was known as the Knight Bus:


Knight Bus, in Prisoner of Azkaban, Ernie Prang drove the bus and Harry was squashed multiple times during the ride.



Knight Bus Interior………..Oh, I would love to try being in the Knight Bus and travel from one place to another just like Harry Potter



Privet Drive, the home to the super horrible Dursley family, and the place where Harry spent his childhood.



Dursley House, Number Four Privet Drive. Knock knock…………”Hello, is anyone inside?”



We tried to knock on the window too, but no one answered………….



Ford Anglia, the flying car in the Whomping Willow Scene from the movie “Chamber of Secrets”



Hagrid’s Motorcycle from the movie “Deathly Hallows” (but this motorbike actually belonged to Sirius Black)



Hogwarts Bridge, from the movie: “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban” to make Harry and Hermione’s journey with the Time Turner more physical and exciting



Ready to go back to the past with the Time Turner………….


The Chess Pieces from the first movie: "The Philosopher Stone"

The Chess Pieces from the first movie: “The Philosopher Stone”. “They were standing on a huge chessboard, behind the black chessmen, which were all taller than they were and carved from what looked like black stone” – JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone-

We though it was the end of the tour, but it wasn’t, and once again, there were still lots of things to see (this time would be an indoor tour).


From the make up room: Buckbeak from the movie: “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban”

And finally…………..DIAGON ALLEY…………to my surprise, it wasn’t as narrow or crowded as I imagined it would be. The road was quite wide and there were not so many people inside.


Diagon Alley

Harry Potter bought books from Flourish and Blotts, Hedwig from Eyelops Owl Emporium, quills from Scribbulus, school robes from Madam Malkin, a wand from Ollivander and potion ingredients from the Apothecary. So, here are the stores:


Diagon Alley, ready to shop……….









Mullpeppers Apothecary



Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment



Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, where Fred and George Weasley sold Pygmy Puffs and clothes that could repel spells



Fred and George Weasley sold stuff useful for getting out of classes and for getting rid of Umbridge such as Puking Pastilles and Fever Fudge

While we were there, we met primary school students and kindergarten students with their teachers. They were on  a field trip to Harry Potter Studio. So my boy said: “Whoa………..it’s so good when you go to school in London, you go to Harry Potter Studio for your field trip………………” Yes, so true indeed………….

Although we didn’t want the tour to end, but we knew that the journey finally came to an end when we saw: The

Wand Shop and The Souvenir Shop……………


Wand Shop, and among the wands were Daniel Radcliffe’s Wand, Rupert Grint’s Wand and Emma Watson’s wand. If you want to know which was Harry Potter or Ron or Hermione or anyone elses’ wands in the movies, just ask the staff who will tell you where exactly to find them (they seemed to know and remember everything………..)



Souvenir Shop, where we could find the newest books based on the movie: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and of course the boy had seen the movie



Nimbus 2000

The shop sold clothes, books, wands, sweets, mugs, cushions, brooms, toys and many more. We spent quite a long time looking at all the super cute souvenirs and felt like we wanted to bring home everything……….


I want the mugs from all 4 houses, the cushion, sweaters, candies, and all that I saw……….

We went back to the same bus stop and took the shuttle bus back to Watford Junction. We showed the tickets that we bought earlier to the bus driver and didn’t have to pay anymore.

Taking picture in front of the bus while waiting for other passangers

Taking picture in front of the bus while waiting for other passengers



On the Bus Home…………..a happy and satisfied visitor……….

You will need at least 3 to 4 hours to finish the tour. The staff told us that once, a person spent 13 hours inside the studio and that was the longest time record up to that day. Wowwww……………….


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