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The Boy’s Bucketlist: Legoland Windsor: Checked!

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One of the boy’s wish list was to visit every Legoland in the world……………..okay, that doesn’t sound impossible, but that is definitely will cost us a lot of money, hahaha………….

This year, we finally made his dream came true, and that was to visit Legoland Windsor. It took quite sometimes to persuade his dad to make London as our holiday destination this year (and so we could visit Legoland), but after calculated and tried to reduce the budget here and there, he finally agreed………….yeaaaayyyyy…………!

Legoland is located in Windsor and it is outside London, so we needed to go to Windsor area first by train or bus and after that we still had to take shuttle bus to Legoland. The shuttle bus is within walking distance from Windsor and Eton Riverside Train Station.

We took bus number 8 from Heathrow Terminal 5 and stopped opposite Windsor Paris Church (more about this in my post about Windsor). Then, we just had to cross the street and waited for Legoland shuttle bus right in front of Windsor Paris Church.

For Legoland shuttle bus timetable, you can check in this website: https://www.firstgroup.com/berkshire-thames-valley/plan-journey/timetables/?day=2&source_id=2&service=200&routeid=16827881&operator=1&source=sp

It took less then 15 minutes ride from Windsor to Legoland and we were happy to see that it was a double decker bus (we had no chance to ride one of the red double decker bus in London except for Harry Potter Studio Tour shuttle bus which was also a double decker), so we were very happy to finally able to ride another double decker bus.

Lockers were provided outside Legoland and it cost 1 poundsterling, so if you need lockers, please prepare at least one of these 1 pound coins. There were also toilets near the lockers before entrance door.

By the way, there was no bag check before entrance and we just had to show our e-ticket to the staff. Since we went there on winter, not all rides were open. In winter, we also had a chance to meet Father Christmas aka Santa Claus, and since this was the first real experience for the boy, he was quite exciting actually…………..and the parents were very excited too, hahaha………..

When I was finished inserting Legoland pictures and started to write, the boy asked if he could write some of the post and photo captions on his own……………and of course I said yes! He also asked to add some more pictures, and of course as a result,  this post will be full with Legoland pictures. So this post was a collaboration between me and the boy. So, enjoy the story and the pictures……………..

PS: the words in italics are my comments, hahaha…………..

The bus service to Legoland was called the Legoland Shuttle(obviously)/bus service 200.


Bus service 200

On the bus ride, there were several huge alphabetical letters along the road to Legoland Windsor from staff entrance, Legoland Hotel, and then finally to Legoland bus stop. It was quite fun to see. After the bus ride, my parents took about a million pictures and spent about an hour trying to fit the suitcases into the lockers(sounds impossible,doesn’t it? but my mom could finally manage to do it).Then, they took more pictures and forced me to go on the Bricksmas Express first (because it was the first thing we saw and the quickest way to take us to the rides, hahaha……….).


Leholand Windsor entrance


Before entering Legoland Windsor, all children received a Christmas Bricktacular passport. The passport included a christmas pudding hunt (my father asked me to hurry up and finish Miniland so I stopped to look for puddings (we had to catch the bus back to airport and came back to Singapore with the last flight, but so sad that we only had little time in Legoland), an elf hunt and a ticket to receive a gift from Santa.

Christmas Bricktacular Passport

Christmas Bricktacular Passport



Bricksmas Express


Colorful Bricksmas Express

The  Bricksmas Express is a train ride from The Beginning to Lego City. Along the ride, I found one of the lego elves.I was on the red compartment.


Balloon School


Finding our ways through the Map

The only ride open in Lego city was Balloon School. I skipped Aero Nomad and Dessert Chase.He was afraid of heights and didn’t want to be high up, but I ignored him and I pulled the balloon up to the full height.


View to the super mini Ferris Wheel



Have fun at the Balloon School

Dessert Chase

No data

Aero Nomad

No data


Spinning Spider

The only ride open in Land of the Vikings was Spinning Spider. This was after I skipped the two rides marked with ‘No Data’ above.The compartments spin very fast and this is not recommended for people who get dizzy easily (e.g. my father).


Spinning Spider (the spider reminds me of Aragorg from Harry Potter)



Spinning Spider



Laser Raiders

** No pictures are available. (probably because we were not allowed to take pictures during the rides or it was too dark inside, but as far as I remember, we were not allowed to take photos inside). 

In the morning

Taking pictures while queing

Laser raiders is a ride where you have to aim at targets at fire the laser guns. My father won with the highest score. Afterwards, this ride was closed for a while for maintenance. When we came back (twice), the queue was very long and didn’t move at all until we finally decided to skip the second and third ride to save time. But when we came in the morning, it was empty and no queue at all. 



Simple yet elegance Christmas tree in Kingdon of Pharaoh

Beetle Bounce

Beetle bounce

Beetle Bounce which was not too high actually and was fun

Beetle bounce is a ride where a row of seats go up and down (bouncing) and the entrance is the same as Laser Raiders.

Thunder Blazer


A ride for little children.This is a minor version of the flying swing. Only a true scaredy-cat would be scared.



Lego camel in front of the entrance door for Laser Raiders and Beetle Bounce



Jolly Rocker (it was a big ship that swung high up in the air)

Jolly Rocker is not for the faint hearted. According to adults, it’s veeeery scary. That’s why I strongly reccomend it for young children. Confused? Read on.


Only adults were screaming! Not surprising. When your mother says you must sleep alone although you don’t want to remind her that kids are actually braver at certain events than adults

. The ship swung back and forth until it was nearly upside down. People were shrieking.They say it’s super duper ultra mega veeeeery veeeery scary. That’s why I rode it twice. Adults behind me said that the children enjoy this more than us, hahaha……….


Jolly rocker. No photos in the air.

Christmas Kingdom

There were decorations and fake snow in this kingdom. There were elf workshops that connected one part of Legoland to another. There was a person dressed up as a lego Santa and an actual lego Santa.


Elf workshop in the background

There was a stack of ornaments.


Beautiful and colorful Christmas lights

After that, we went to see Santa.There was a long queue to meet him through a forest of trees and a castle drawbridge.


We found this spot for photo taking while queuing


The queue moved slowly, so we had no choice than taking pictures........

The queue moved slowly, so we had no choice than taking pictures……..



The castle in the background were actually the Dragon Ride that was closed that day



Tim and Truffles, Santa’s elves asked some questions whether I was a good boy during the year or not. And of course I said yes!


Each family got an Elf to assist them. This was our cute Elf

Tim and Truffles were among Santa’s elves.Truffles led me to Santa’s hut.The door opened and I saw Santa sitting on a chair in the house. He thought I was 21 but I was way younger. After a long talk, he gave me a leather bag as a present. Inside was a Lego set.


The elf helped us taking family picture in front of Santa’s hut



Finally, I met Father Christmas and he said that he’d been to Singapore too…….



Yeay………..I finally got a present………


Family photo with Father Christmas

Family photo with Father Christmas



On the way back from Santa’s hut



Just in time………we saw Lego Santa was on duty

As part of the ticket package for adult, we got 2 cookies and 2 hot chocolate drink for free. We spotted 2 places to redeem the vouchers, near Knight Quest Ride or Laser Raiders.


After the  Santa visit,we redeemed our free cookies and hot chocolate.



Gingerbread cookie……..very hard to chew…………


Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a very cold day

Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a very cold day

Dragon’s Apprentice

No pictures, the ride was too fast.  This is a roller coaster in the shape of a dragon. It moves along the twisting track very quickly and goes around twice.

Knights Quest


Knights Quest

Knights Quest, a super fast train rides with the shortest queue besides Jolly Rocker. My mom felt dizzy after 3 times riding it


Christmas decoration outside Knight Quest

Christmas decoration outside Knight Quest

Pirates’ Burger Kitchen

There were only 2 restaurants opened that day, and both were very full. The one near the Dragon Ride needed a reservation first and we still had to wait for 2 hours, so we went to Burger Kitchen instead. The queue was super long inside Burger Kitchen.


Happy Pirates in the background



In Pirate Shores



More photos with the snow



Cold but not windy

I ordered a kids meal, which included french fries, a burger, apple slices and a fruit drink.


Kids meal


Only the lego models of England and Scotland were open that day, while others were closed during Winter.


The boy in Miniland


Castle in England


Another castle

Another castle



Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and London Eye


London Eye and Big Ben

Mini size London Eye and Big Ben



It’s England, so of course it should have a football match, hahaha…………



Stonehenge, we didn’t had time to visit this place, so at the moment, this should be enough……….

Tips before visiting Legoland Windsor:

  1. Legoland Windsor does not open everyday, especially on winter. So please check its opening times through its website at www.legoland.co.uk before your visit or even before you book your flight.
  2. Not all rides will be open during winter time, so to avoid disappointment, check again through its website and re-consider whether you still want to visit or not.
  3. If you decide to visit during winter time, pre-book your entry ticket and also what time your children want to meet with Father Christmas. Book your time to see Father Christmas as early as possible, and my suggestion is not later than 12 pm. After that, the queue would be longer and longer. We were shocked to see the queue got longer every time we passed by that area. Thankfully, we were done meeting with Father Christmas by that time.
  4. The elf would happily help to take your family picture with Father Christmas. And she did a wonderful job by taking several good pictures too. So, although we wanted to see and buy the official photo of our family with Father Christmas, we decided not to do so to save time, because even the queue to view our pictures was so long. So prepare your best camera and let the elf do the photo taking for you.
  5. Come as early as possible and try the popular rides first (such as Laser Raider or Dragon Apprentice). We only managed to ride some of the rides once in the morning. We didn’t have much time to wait for the queue to move forward so we just chose another rides with shorter queue such as Jolly Rocker or Knight Quest.
  6. You can bring your own food and drink. There was no bag check by the way………..
Bye bye Legoland Windsor

Bye bye Legoland Windsor………………the boy said he would love to go back on summer to enjoy more rides…………….

We took bus number 200 back to Windsor Area. We didn’t have to pay again since the tickets that we bought in the morning already consist 2 ways trip from Windsor to Legoland and back to Windsor again. It cost us GBP 11 for 2 adults and 1 child. Each journey was only 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the traffic).

The boy said that he loves the visit to Legoland the most during our London trip, so that is why it is my first post from my other soon to come posts about our London trip. Although there were not many rides opened during winter, but this is a chance to visit and see a different Legoland that we will not experience in Legoland Malaysia.




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