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Taman Kelinci / Rabbit Park and Saung Gawir Ciwidey

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This time, I will still blog about our holiday in Ciwidey. As I explained in my previous post before, my son and I had a wonderful 3 days and 2 nights getaway to Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia with my parents and sister.  It was 4 months ago actually, and how time flies…………..in less then a month, year end school holiday will start again for 1.5 months.

Although there were not many things to do or see specifically for kids, but one of the limited options was to see rabbits roaming free in Rabbit Park or Taman Kelinci Ciwidey. This place is located about 3 km before Ciwidey Valley Resort. If you come from Bandung, then this place is on the left side of the road. You can easily spot this place from the big signage just before the entrance gate.


Not to worry about finding a parking spot, since there was a big parking space available here. We had to pay Rp 25.000,- for my son and I could enter for free into the Rabbit Park. He got some carrots and could play inside for 30 minutes, but some said we were actually allowed to be there more than 30 minutes if there were not many people inside (the staff was nice by the way). That day, we were the only persons there, probably because it was so hot and it was still fasting month for the Moslems.

The rabbit park was actually quite big and there were many rabbits there. Some of them were hiding inside the rabbit holes, but they were voluntarily got out once they saw us with carrots in our hands. I had to literally hide the carrots in my bag so we could give them to other rabbits (the same rabbits kept chasing us to get the carrots).

The boy was trying to find the rabbits..............we were just got in and still very excited

The boy was trying to find the rabbits…………..we were just got in and still very excited


Yay........we spotted one white rabbit..............

Yay……..we spotted one white rabbit…………..and another one in grey color on his left side


Happily feeding the rabbit...............at first..............and then:

Happily feeding the rabbit……………at first…………..and then:

The rabbits became very aggressive and in certain point, they scared us, hahaha…………………they were chasing us and tried to snatch the carrots in our hands and even tried to take the carrots in my camera bag. That made us run away and just threw all the rest of the carrots……………

Feeling upset because of the "not well mannered" rabbits, hahaha........

Feeling upset because of the “not well mannered” rabbits, hahaha……..

Finally, even before 15 minutes, we decided to go out from the rabbit park since we had no more carrots and the very aggressive behavior of the rabbits was quite scary for us………….

The rabbit park was down below

The rabbit park was down below

Outside the rabbit park, while the boy was looking at the colorful big and small rabbits on the cages for sale, I had time to take a look around with my sister. This place was actually very pretty with colorful flowers, many types of plants, and even a mountain in the background.

The rabbit park with a mountain in the background (I don't know the name of the mountain...........)

The rabbit park with a mountain in the background (I don’t know the name of the mountain………..)


Big and green rabbit park

Big and green rabbit park

There was also a restaurant inside the area but there was no one eating there at the moment, but it was nicely decorated with flowers and gazebos and other Sundanese traditional decorations.

Pretty flowers

Pretty flowers


Gazebos in the restaurant

Gazebos in the restaurant

After that, we had lunch at Saung Gawir (I read good reviews about this place), and to our surprise………..it was almost full although the place was big (it was fasting month so we didn’t expect to see crowd in the restaurants). Luckily we still got seats right away. Parking could be a problem since there were not many parking spots. This place was clean (even the toilets were clean too). Good thing was, although it was crowded but after we ordered our food, it didn’t take long for them to prepare and serve it for us. There were many helpful and friendly staff in uniform who were willing to help us immediately whenever we needed something.

Small playground at the front side of the restaurant

Small playground at the front side of the restaurant

The food was delicious and not expensive. We loved the nasi liwet (Sundanese traditional rice cooked with herb and spices and topped with chili padi and fried anchovies) set package with grill chicken, ikan asin peda / salted and spicy fish (my favorite), lalapan / fresh vegetables, tahu goreng / fried white tofu, tempe goreng / fried tempeh, complete with Indonesia traditional sambal, keropok, and emping / melinjo crackers. We also ordered fried gurame with sambal kecap / cut chili pade in sweet soy sauce. We also tried otak-otak / Indonesian fishcake in banana leaves which was also so yummy. Overall, we loved the place as the food was good and not expensive.

Some of our order

Some of our order


We are so hungry.............so let's eat............

We are so hungry………….so let’s eat…………

After the trip, I discussed with my family about our impression of Ciwidey, and we had these conclusions: the people were mostly friendly and nice, tourist attractions and public toilets were surprisingly clean (even better than Bandung and Bogor), and it was better to go on weekdays or fasting month as it was not as crowded as weekends and public or school holiday.

We also found a place where we could buy oleh-oleh / souvenir and it was located just next to our hotel. There were many kinds of chips and other traditional food sold here. The famous pia / cake filled with mung bean or chocolate or cheese was their specialty. They made the cake in that place so if you come at around 12 o’clock in the afternoon, you can have hot cake fresh from the oven.

So many delicious things to choose...............

So many delicious things to choose……………

So while my sister and mother went shopping, the boy and I waited outside and took picture of the beautiful view outside the store.

Everywhere was green...........

Everywhere was green………..

So, that was the end of our trip to Ciwidey and I am glad that I finally could finish writing about this trip…………..


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