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Up Close and Personal With The Deer In Ranca Upas Ciwidey

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Olla! I can’t believe that the first school semester had finished and now we’re in term 3 already! This year certainly passes by so quickly. As usual, we came back to Jakarta during June school holiday and we spent a very refreshing month staying in my parents’ house (at least, I didn’t have to worry about house chores and what to cook for the whole month………….so yes, it was very relaxing and refreshing). Even my friends said I looked fresh and recharged after going back from Jakarta………….although I had a feeling it was also because I gained weight thanks for almost doing nothing but ate a lot of yummy food during the holiday………….

Anyway, the good thing about going back to Jakarta was that we were able to spend time with my family. We went for a 3 days and 2 nights holiday to the Southern Bandung in West Java. We went to Ciwidey which is known for its fresh air and hot spring resort. It was about 4 to 5 hours drive from Jakarta. Luckily, we went there during the fasting month (before Aidil Fitri Celebration for the Moslem) and we started the journey early in the morning, so there was almost no traffic jam and in 4 hours we already arrived in Ciwidey area.

We managed to get out of the house at 5 am sharp and my sister (thankfully) volunteered to drive all the way to Ciwidey with 2 stops for toilet break and to have a simple breakfast that we brought from home. The boy was obviously slept during the ride (after he had his breakfast in the car) and didn’t wake up until we woke him up when we arrive in Ranca Upas.

Ranca Upas Adventure Camp was our first visit in Ciwidey since it was too early to check in at the hotel. We went there fro one reason…………to see the deer since this place had been so famous as the home for the deer. There were hot spring resort, children playground, and camping area too, but we were just there for the dear deer.

Basically, we just followed the GPS all the way to Kawah Putih (which is also a famous tourist attraction in Ciwidey), and after Kawah Putih, we still went up for about another 15 minutes before we reached Ranca Upas. We had to pay for entry tickets (but it was very cheap, and the boy was still free of charge). After that, we had to drive for another 5 minutes before we could finally see the deer.


We could see the deer from a shelter made of bamboo

I guessed it was raining heavily the night before because the ground was so muddy and wet, so we could only see the deer from a small platform on the edge of the bamboo shelter.


Taking pictures with the deer as the background



Beautiful scenery on the background, and that is why I like mountain view better than beach view…………because the green color gives me a warm feeling inside



The boy and the grandfather. My dad is already 71 years old now, but he is still very good at driving, although we never let him drive in a long journey anymore nowadays

There was boots rental for us if we wanted to go down, but sadly there was no staff that we could find nearby around the place. We could also actually feed the deer by buying some carrots too, but again………..no selling of carrots that day even though it was on the weekend.


Since we couldn’t get down, we just took pictures from the higher platform


Luckily, we brought some carrots so the boy could feed the deer. It was a good idea to bring our own carrots, so the deer would want to come near us.


A very hungry deer



We basically just waved the carrots to the deer and it will come near to us to get the carrot



We got very close to the deer and the boy was even brave enough to pat its head

We saw some teenagers braved themselves to go down to the muddy area to get a closer look and better pictures with the deer, but the deer got quite scare when the noisy group came closer to them, so they started to run to the farthest area of the field.


Look at how muddy and wet the ground was………..and this was when the deer started to run away from the crowd

When he saw the group of teenagers went down to the ground, the boy said he also wanted to do so by jumping on the dry rocks to get a closer look to the deer and to feed them (since they were running away quite far from the platform). I refused at first and he was so persistent so I agreed but I told him to be careful……………and so here we were going down to the muddy and wet ground………………..and it was a bad idea………….


He finally got to be this close to the deer………..

but then the deer wanted more and more carrots and started to act very aggressive, and it even chased us to get more carrots………


The deer started to act aggressively to get the carrots

So finally, we were afraid that it might get us and we started to run to the platform………….and then that was when one of the boy’s shoe got stuck in the mud, and because he was afraid, he just left his shoe and run back to the platform……………….and guess what……………..mommy had to go down again to rescue the shoe which was already buried down in the mud. Under the watchful eye of the deer, I had to pull the shoe with a long wood while trying not to fall down to the mud, and it was soooo………..difficult, but it was a new shoe so I had to get it back.

And it wasn’t finished there, because after that I had to clean the muddy shoes (his shoes and my shoes) under a tap water nearby. Luckily, I could laugh after the incident and thought that it was actually very funny when the deer was chasing us and then the boy got his shoe stuck in the mud and I had to pull his shoe from the mud. Well, at least there was something funny to remember from our visit………………..

This place is a good alternative instead of Bandung City and Lembang Area to bring your kids a little bit closer to the nature…………….and it’s not expensive at all. If you come from Jakarta, it is better to start early in the morning you you won’t be caught in the traffic jam.


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