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Batu and Malang (East Java) Trip Day-5: Harris Hotel and Malang Airport

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One thing that we liked about visiting Malang and Batu was the free and strong signal of Wi Fi that we could easily get, like in all areas of the hotel, in most restaurants, and even in the small Malang Airport, we could easily access the free Wi Fi.

Every time we stopped by at a restaurant, this boy needed to ask the Wi Fi password to the staff

Every time we stopped by at a restaurant, this boy would immediately asked the WiFi password to the restaurant staff. At first he wanted me to ask the password, but I said he had to do it himself. This photo was taken in Kusuma Agrowisata.

We spent the last day of the trip at the hotel until our check out time and we left the hotel at around 12.30 pm. We rented the hotel shuttle to the airport which was an Ertiga for Rp 85.000,-. This was the cheapest option then rent a car from a car rental for another day.

Snacking before breakfast

Snacking before breakfast

The boy and my mom had breakfast at the hotel (free breakfast for children under 11 years old with every accompanying adult), then the boy went swimming in a super crowded swimming pool.

Let's go swimming..........(photo taken in front of our room)

Let’s go swimming……….(photo taken in front of our room)

I never liked swimming or doing water play in a crowd place, but the boy loved it when it was full with other children. So even though there was an incident (a boy pulled his legs and he got hurt a bit), but he still continued playing after that.

The pool was full with kids and also teenagers around 15 to 17 years old who also scrambled around the slide with young kids. Some of them pulled and pushed the young kids and one of it was the boy. If it was just between kids to kids, I usually would never interfere, but this one, it was between kids and a teenager who was at least 5 years older that most of the kids, so I was angry with him. He did said sorry eventually, and after what happened, all the teenagers were gone from the slide and moved to adults pool.

There was another incident at the slide, some boys tried to walk (and not slide down) on the slide, so one of the boy fell down and he was crying and lost one of his tooth as the result. This was quite dangerous, he was lucky he didn’t fall on his head. I think on weekends and public holiday, the hotel should have arranged for life guard on duty to prevent this incident. Some kids who played on the slides were even younger than 3 years old, so even though there were other older kids or teenagers who joined in the fun, they should have done it properly.

We were so not ready to go home.........we still wanted to stay.....

We were so not ready to go home………we still wanted to stay…..


Taking picture in front of the hotel.........

Taking picture in front of the hotel………


Last picture taken in front of the hotel lobby before we finally left........

Last picture taken in front of the hotel lobby before we finally left……..

Our car which was going to take us to the airport was ready on time and it took us less than 30 minutes to get into the airport. It was a small airport but clean and bright with good air con.

Comfortable waiting area aka. boarding room

Comfortable waiting area aka. boarding room

Our flight at 14.40 by Sriwijaya Air was on time………..but…………….it was raining heavily, so this was what happened on the way to the plane:

Blue umbrellas everywhere, hahaha............quite fun actually............

Blue umbrellas everywhere, hahaha…………quite fun actually…………

Whoaaa………..and that was the end of our wonderful family trip for 5 days in Malang and Batu.  This was the first time that we traveled together like this (three ladies and one boy). The boy loved the trip and he said he wanted to come back, but the others said we’d been here once, so it would be boring if we come back to the same place, we should find another place to visit. When my sisters shared about her trip and showed them the pictures, they also wanted to come here, but my advise would be…………….if possible, don’t do it during holiday season……………


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