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Little Day Out With Dad: Dreamworks Animation in Art Science Museum

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Me: Hey, do you still remember when we went to Disneyland Hongkong?

R: Mmmm………………no, I don’t

Me: Really, you don’t remember our Hongkong trip?

R: Not really………wait, I think I remember a little

Me: Well, luckily I wrote it in my blog, so you can read it again

R: Yeah, that is why we need to write, so we can read again if we forget………

So that really motivates me to keep on writing, first because he will treasure the moments of us together through my writing, and second I know that it also encourages him to write too.

Back to the story, the boy and daddy went on a day out together to see Dreamworks Animation Exhibition in Art Science Museum. It’s going to be a temporary exhibition, and if not mistaken it will end soon. I thought there would no use for the three of us to go together since I already accompanied him to see The Deep Exhibition (also in Art Science Museum, but more story about that later) a week before. I predicted it would be a small exhibition only and thus no need for the three of us to see it, so while the two of them seriously learning how to create an animation movie, I spent my time doing facial treatment inside Marina Bay Sands Mall. It had been years since my last facial, so it was great to finally be able to do a facial treatment again. It was so refreshing and plus………..it was free (I had purchased a skin care set previously which included a free facial treatment). So yes, it was an enjoyable time for me too.

The Penguins of Madagon ascar greeted him before he entered the exhibiti

The Penguins of Madagascar greeted him before he entered the exhibition hall

Since he was going to see the exhibition with daddy, let’s not expect for a complete story or hundreds of photographs, hahaha………..I really have lower expectation on these two things when the two of them go together. But basically, they finally knew how an animation movie was made, the steps, the difficulty, and they even learnt the simplest way of making an object on the paper move like in the animation movie. Not bad, huh???


Toothless and Melman were also in the front door rooftop

He was interested to visit the exhibition because he knew that he would learn of how his favorite movies were created, including his number one favorite: How to Train Your Dragon. Next on the list were Shrek, Kungfu Panda, Mr. Peabody and Sherman,and Madagascar which once were also his favorites. I encouraged him to go because it would be a good knowledge for him, and he since he likes to draw, who knows he might be interested to learn how to draw animation characters (and so far……..I can only hope……….).

The Drawing Room,

The Drawing Room, a place to develop story and character through 2D animation, and hopefully the boy wants to learn about this because he has talent in animation drawing (which sadly he doesn’t inherit from me or his father…………..but from my dad and sister)

Long story short, they learnt the journey from sketch to screen (as it was said in the brochure, hahaha………..), and so far, that was all that I knew since it was so difficult to ask them to explain everything to me from A to Z.

Dreamworks movie caharcters

Various Dreamworks movie characters

Beginning with a simple sketch on paper, then with the various technical and creative stages of building a world, ending with a fully computer generated environment, the end results would be like the films that we’ve seen all these years. And they even built real models before making them into real movies. Based on the results below, no wonder those artists are highly paid. Look at the details of each work, it must have taken a long time to finish each model and then make them into animation movies. Even the models look like real…………

Far Far Away (Shrek The Movie) Model

Far Far Away Castle (Shrek The Movie) Model

Shrek Swamp House Model

Shrek Swamp House Model

Far Far Away Model

Far Far Away Model

Shrek Character in 2D drawing

Shrek Character in 2D drawing

Then what about the TV series animation…………well, we have the super cute Wallace and Gromit here:

Gromit's green house

Gromit’s green house……………looks like a real garden

Although it was only a small exhibition, they both really enjoyed it, especially the boy because he learnt something new and got new knowledge. He also learnt some simple technique of how to make his own animation movie (but believe me, it was far from simple because he still needed to draw the movements of the character step by step and then joined all of them to make less then 3 seconds movie…………). Making an animation movie is not an easy thing to do even with the help of computers, so we should be thankful to those behind the movies who have worked so hard so that we can enjoy amazing entertainment.

Mr Peabody and Sherman

Mr Peabody and Sherman

And last but not least, I’ll present the boy’s favorite movie (Rider of The Berk) and his favorite character of all time:


The dragons of the Berk

The young Viking

The young Viking


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