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Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach was not in my list when we planned our Sydney trip, because it would be winter and I predicted that the beach would be quiet with no shops open and we couldn’t swim because of the cold water either. But then again, how would we visit Australia and not going to the beach? We loved the beaches in Australia with their clean sand, blue water, pretty sky, and of course they were free.

On the last day of our trip, we finally made a last minute plan to visit Bondi Beach. It was a very famous beach in Sydney and many people said there were much better beaches than Bondi, but the access to Bondi was very easy from our hotel and that was why we decided to visit this place.

We just needed to take bus or train (4 stations only) to Bondi Junction and continued with bus number 333 to Bondi Beach. It didn’t take a very long time to finally arrive in Bondi Beach.

For us, who doesn’t have a real beach (mostly man made) in the place where we live now and even in our hometown we must pay a lot of money to go into the not so clean beach, Bondi Beach was absolutely beyond our expectation……….well, including the cold weather because it was extremely cold with very strong wind that we didn’t get used to.


We just needed to cross this street from the bus stop to go to Bondi Beach

We were so happy when we saw the view. Even for daddy and I who were not big fans of the beach (hot and wet and hard to remove the sand from our body, clothes, and even toys), we were so excited to see the blue and green scenery in Bondi Beach for the first time. The lil one was always a beach lover, and he was also very happy when he arrived and didn’t refuse to take pictures for so many times and in different poses. So, it was time to take pictures……and lots of them…….since everyone was in good mood…………..and since we would never know of when we could come back here again (I think it should had been the main reason………).


Nope, we were not on the beach……….yet………we were still at “the front door” and were greeted by stunning view on the background


Jump happily……….


Another jump………..(kinda failed actually, hahaha……..but nonetheless but I love the spirit, the enthusiasm and the expression so much. It’s one of my favorite pic of the day

To my surprise, most of the restaurants were opened that day (and there were lots of choices), I said mostly because we didn’t go to the other side of the beach, so I didn’t know exactly if there were any restaurants or if they were opened or not that day, but all the restaurants near the visitor center were opened.


The first restaurant that we saw when we arrived

There were not so many people on the beach that day, so it was very quiet and we kinda had the place for ourselves because the next persons sat very far away from us, but in the afternoon there were more tourists came (still didn’t make this place feel crowded).


He grabbed the sand with his hands as soon as he sat on the beach, hahaha………..

We saw two surfers on the water that day and were wondering how they could did that in the cold weather like that. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the viewing point although we bet the view would be magnificent……….but it would be a very long walk and we were all too tired that day.

Bondi Beach Collage Photo JPEG

We had a blast of time on the beach


Lovely bonding time between daddy and the boy…………….with a seagull watching (me) took pictures, hahaha……….it is also one of my favorite picture of the day

There were so many seagulls on the beach and although I found them to be super cute………..apparently the boy didn’t think so and he was kind of afraid with them He said that could attack and hurt people, but don’t worry…………all the seagulls that we saw that day were very nice, especially when they wanted food. Oh yes, they were aware of food from long distance and don’t you dare to put the food on the paper bag and leave it unguarded, because the seagulls can smell food and know exactly how to open paper bags (it did happen to us in Gold Coast..and twice………).


Lost of seagulls everywhere


The seagull spotted a piece of chip and walk calmly towards the chip


It grabbed the chip quickly………


And walked away and pretended like nothing happened…………hahaha……….it was one lucky seagull, because this was what happened when all its friends came:


They said: “What………..you’re have have chips party without me……????”


I love this picture so much……….everything (except for the boy)……….was like hand painting…………but of course it was……………it was painted by God Himself


The seagull left one of his fur on the sand as a souvenir for us…………well, party was over and we didn’t want to share our chips anymore, hahaha………….

The boy finally braved himself and went closely to the water. He tried with the wet sand first and then walked closely to the water and finally dipped his feet in the water.


He played with wet sand


He waited for the strong waves to come………….


Finally……….the waves…………


The boy enjoyed the freezing cold water (for me…….)

Bondi Beach JPEG

How can we not love this beach? The backgrounds were like the ones on the postcards (in winter), but I don’t if it will be this beautiful on summer especially with lost of people who will crowd this place

Before we washed ourselves, we wanted to have another photo sessions………….with the seagulls, hahaha………..They were just too adorable even though they were quite annoying when they saw food. By the way, toilets and showers were available in the visitor center. There was also a shop selling clothes, jackets, and other things near the visitor center.


The seagulls came within seconds when they smelt food…………..


This one was very aggressive while the others were patiently waiting


More seagulls were coming…………


The lil one decided to join in the party


And me too…………. and from all the seagulls, the boy spotted one that was different than the others


This seagull only had one leg but could fly very fast

By the way, no hot water in the shower so be prepare to wash with cold water on winter.


After the playing session was over


He tried to spot a whale on the sea with his binoculars


It was getting darker……………..the sky started to change its color


Me and lil one……………….look at the houses far far away on the background, it must be nice to have the beach 365 days a year in front of our house


Super white cloud on super white sky…………….


Daddy took picture in front of the life guard station. We didn’t see any life guards around the beach that day


We spotted this graffiti on the way back to the bust stop


This graffiti was dedicated as a memory of the Bali bombing victim in 2002. I couldn’t believe it was 13 years ago.


The sky had finally changed its color…………..it got prettier, didn’t it?


Goodbye Bondi Beach…………..hopefully we can come back again………..in summer.


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Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

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  1. Pantesan pantai nya sepi banget ya… Soalnya lg dingin ya…

  2. suka fotonya yang kayak hand painting itu.. bagus 🙂

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