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Enjoying Darling Harbor and Vivid Sydney

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Me: I’ve done with the Taronga Zoo post. What’s next???

R: Darling Harbor

Me: Why?

R: Because I like Darling Harbor. I like the playground and especially the Vivid Sydney with laser show in Darling Harbor.

When we went to Sydney, it was time for Vivid Sydney Festival (an annual outdoor lighting festival with immersive light installations and projections). There was also firework show in Darling Harbor and we saw at least three times from our hotel room. Yes, our hotel was close to Darling Harbor and since I asked for high floor, we could see the fireworks from our room windows. So lucky that we didn’t have to go to Darling Harbor to enjoy the firework, just needed to see from the windows. The firework show lasted only few minutes (about 2 minutes if not mistaken) and it was unexpectedly (we didn’t know the schedule), so I didn’t have time to grab my camera to capture the moments.

The first one happened on Saturday night when everyone was sleeping because we were so tired after the night flight, and I suddenly woke up when I heard the sound of firework. I woke everyone else and they were up for about 10 seconds and back to sleep again, hahaha………….

Me (in the morning): There was firework last night and we could see from the bedroom window. I woke you up. Do you remember?

R: I thought it was only a dream………….so it was real???

Me: Of course it was real…………….

The second and the third one happened when we had dinner and also happened very quick, but at least we saw the fireworks.

Overall, we all loved Darling Harbor. It was pretty with clean water, blue sky, great view, and big and small ships almost everywhere. Plus, it was an open place and full of sunlight, and since we didn’t get used to cold weather, we loved to be under the morning sun which warmed us a bit.


Welcome to Darling Harbor


Where do you want to go?

We already visited this place at night, but we only ended up in the playground area and the laser show area. That was it. We didn’t know that this was a big place and still had many things to see. So we were glad when we went there again in the morning to explore this place, and this time we walked till the end of the harbor.

For our morning journey, we started from the middle of Darling Harbor. The playground was on the left side and we didn’t go through that area and went directly to the wharf. We would go with a whale watching tour that day, and since we arrived very early, we decided to walk along the harbor.


View from the bridge


Nice walk in the morning. It was cold and the boy asked to wear his gloves…………but the sun helped a lot………..I think that was the first time we really appreciated the hot sun, hahaha……….


The bridge was on our right side ……….in this picture we already went down from the bridge by stairs (elevator was also provided). On our left side was Captain Cook Cruise


We sat down to rest in front of Captain Cook Cruise while looking at the pictures we had taken that morning


Had a good time laughing at all the funny pose we captured…………


Behind daddy were 3 of Sydney’s tourist’s attractions: Sea Life Aquarium, Madame Tussaud, and Wildlife Sydney Zoo (an indoor zoo)


Clean morning air…………..it was really nice to walk in here. The lil one was afraid of the weather because he had sensitive nose and he usually caught cold (rainy nose especially in the morning and at night when the weather is colder), but thankfully he was okay during the trip even though the weather could be extremely cold for us who get so used of the sun for 365 days a year. Daddy and I agreed that even though it was cold, but the air was fresh with almost no pollution at all


Chasing those poor birds was one of his favorite things to do……….


Say hi to the seagulls


The entrance to the three attractions was the same, and that was thorough this door


Daddy was with Mark Webber in front of Madame Tussaud Museum


From the entrance to the Sydney Wild Life, etc……, we turned right to King Street Wharf, and it was going to be a long walk………….but we enjoyed it with the harbor view on the left side and restaurants and cafes on the right side. Toilets were easy to find, so no need to worry…………


Let’s walk this way……………


Sydney Maritime Museum was on the backrgound


We didn’t go inside the museum…………daddy was happy to just take picture on the back side, hahaha………..


Wharf 9 where we waited for our whale watching tour


Enjoying the sunlight………….


Do you see something???


The yellow one was the water taxi, but it was very expensive…………


We moved to the other side of the harbor, but we didn’t like it. The seats felt cold, hahaha………..so it was better to sit on top of the woods on the other side


Morning coffee……….coffee was expensive in Sydney. Since we still had many time before the cruise, we decided to explore the harbor till the very end


There were many restaurants in Darling Harbor, from Chinese Restaurant that served yum cha to Italian Restaurant that served pizza and pasta


Too bad it wasn’t Julius Caesar………..hahaha……..it was quite unique actually to see this Roman soldier in here……….


We arrived in Wharf 6


The boy jumped from Wharf 6


We continued the walk from the bottom deck of the wharf where we saw even bigger ships……


What were they talking about?


He saw something…………..


The Sydney Showboats………..cruise and dine and see the shows at night time with this big boat


The ship with transparent glass windows all over it


The biggest ship and also the most glamorous that we saw that day


The end of Darling Harbor, from this side we could take the ferry to Circular Quay, Watson Bay, etc……


Where do you want to go? Find out in the map


We went back to Wharf 9 and waited for our boat to arrive


Finally, the boat that would take us for the whale watching tour


We waited in line before boarding


We chose to sit at the lower deck near the toilet. If you have a tendency to have sea sickness during the ride, you better sit at the lower deck and at the back side


We had lunch at the boat


We tried to sit at the upper deck but it was too shaky. The waves were so strong that day and it was a very rough journey


The boy and the Sydney Opera House (picture was taken from the lower deck)

Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any whales that day, but we saw dolphins, albatross and giant sea turtles (no pictures since the boat was very shaky and daddy and almost half of the passengers experienced a very terrible sea sickness). The boy and I survived but the boy finally threw up one time, but he felt much better after that. My stomach also felt terrible and I felt dizzy but luckily I could hold on to the end. I knew that I couldn’t get sick because no one would take care of the lil one, so I really tried to hold on. Luckily I did and we all felt better once we arrived back at the harbor.


I managed to take some pictures of the view from the boat once I felt better

We were all relieved when we finally went back to the harbor and we didn’t want to end the day by going back to the hotel……….. we walked to the playground because the boy still wanted to play.


We stopped at this lovely fountain for photo sessions


I loved the color of the leaves behind me

Rope Climbing

Play time………….his favorite thing to do was always to conquer all the ropes climbing……….


Flying fox was a good addition at the park


“Push me higher……”


“Spinning around in the swing…..”


This wet play area would be nice in the summer


Nice and unique wet playground


The children could even learn from all these activities


Finally, time to go back………..


We went back through the bridge


The end of the bridge that would lead us to Darling Harbor. But we were hungry and we decided to buy something to eat first. We looked at the right side of the bridge, and saw that it was a place full of restaurants


Just go straight and it was already China Town


The street below was full of places to eat on both sides


“Hmm…..let’s see what we will eat today…………….”


Someone was already very hungry………….


Hongkong Cafe, Japanese Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, Noodle House, Steamboat, etc……..


We arrived in China Town


China Town at night


We decided to eat at the Dixon House Food Court at the left side

Dixon House

The dumplings and fried noodle were too oily and we didn’t like them. The rice with seafood and vegetables was quite good. The boy hadn’t eaten rice since he arrived, so he enjoyed this dish. There was a ramen stall which was quite famous in China Town in this food court


Daddy helped the boy with his gloves because it was so cold


Night walk in China Town


When saw the pictures, my mom asked why the boy’s hat always almost covering half of his eyes…………and I said it was because he felt very cold and sometimes he would pull the hat to cover his whole face


China Town was actually close to our hotel and we didn’t need a long time to walk back to our comfortable room


Daddy taught the boy how to warm the hands


Was the technique worked..??? Probably not, hahaha…………

And that was the end of our day in Darling Harbor and China Town. That was our second visit to Darling Harbor, and the first time was at night where the boy played in the playground in the dark (with lots of other children too……..so I thought there must be some sensation of playing in the dark playground) and we enjoyed the laser show (twice) in the Vivid Sydney Festival


Darling Harbor at night


Playing wit water in the dark


Slid down in the dark too……….he was sweating after all the play………


He was stuck in this high rope climbing structure, so I had to call who were queuing in Starbucks to buy coffee to save him…….


Welcome to Vivid Sydney………I took this picture earlier that day


Selfie at night


We waited for the laser show in this place


The view on the other side


The boy loved this laser show so much that he asked to watch twice on the same day


Pretty colors


We were seated at the front row so we could saw everything clearly

We also enjoyed Vivid Sydney from one other place, and that was Martin Place (train station: Martin Place). Why here? Because the boy wanted to try the drone that he already saw in pictures before we came to Sydney. It was quite famous and the queue was quite long.


Waiting to try the drone


The drone by Intel


He tried this 3 times


Yay………..finally………the green drone was flying


Another game by Intel


Light show on the background and food trucks on both sides


Very crowded place (and it was weekdays!)


One of the food truck


From all of the food choice, which on that the boy finally choose?


Ice Cream!!! The vanilla ice cream belonged to the lil one. This stall has the longest queue that night and it was so surprising considering it was a cold night


He finished the whole cup by himself

Martin Place was the last place that we visited before we went back to Singapore the next day. We planned to see the Opera House at night but were too tired and decided to end the day and started to pack………….


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