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Sydney Trip: The Bucket List, The Famous Grounds, and The Incinerator


One thing was in my bucket list before we visited Sydney, and that was to visit The Grounds of Alexandria. It’s one of the most happening place in Sydney and when I read of all the reviews and saw of how beautiful this place was in the pictures, I immediately put this place in our list to visit during our Sydney trip.

This restaurant is very famous these days and it was absolutely kids friendly. I didn’t expect that this place could be so pretty in reality, and it was like that every inch and every corner was designed beautifully for our photo background.

We visited this place on weekday morning (very recommended because I read that this place is always packed and full with people and the queue can be amazingly unbearable), and we had the luxury of enjoying this place with not so many people around.

If not mistaken, this place is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The nearest train station is Green Square and we still needed another 10 minutes of walking to reach this place, but we did really enjoyed the view along the road. From what I saw, the area surrounding where we walked was not housing estate and more of an industrial estate and it was very quiet and peaceful that morning. Although the sun was shining so bright, but we didn’t sweat at all…………..how lovely……………the sun helped us to feel a bit warm in that cold morning.


Morning walk from Green Square Station


We found an antique shop on one corner of the street. It was very quiet and we saw no one else walked on the road with us


Finally, Grounds of Alexandria was just across the road, and we would never expect to find this place in an industrial estate with offices and buildings like these


Yay……….we were finally in front of the famous Grounds

We already had breakfast at the hotel before we started the journey, so we decided to take a look inside before order anything from the cafe. As I wrote before, this place was extremely pretty and had many good spots to take pictures, plus it was weekday and not so crowded so we could snap many pictures inside without worrying that there could be strangers in the pictures.


An antique gate…………….felt like we were not in the middle of the city when we entered this place

One of the uniqueness of this place was the mini zoo that had the famous Kevin The Bacon (seriously, this bacon is sooo…..famous and had a house with its name crafted at the front). So no wonder the boy was so happy when he saw the animals and kept coming back to pat the animals.


We were greeted with beautiful morning sun and……………a horse!


“That’s Kevin…………!”


Okay, so this was the house……………but where was Kevin???


He was sleeping peacefully near the horse…………….


Try to pat the baby lamb…………


Nice and cute pony was the kids’ favorite


He came back for the lamb again, and this time with a big smile………..

Besides all the cute animals and food that we haven’t seen (yet), there was also a flower shop with fresh and colorful flowers that attracted our eyes immediately.


Start the fresh morning with fresh flowers


“Is this real???”


Touching real flowers……………fresh flowers always bring good mood, so that was ahy the boy was very cooperative when we asked him to pose


Cast iron bench…………….so old fashioned but lovely……………


Hanging gardens………………………..plants and flowers everywhere…………


Even the kids had their own Secret Garden


With toys and playing equipment inside………..

Daydreaming in front of the Secret Garden

Daydreaming in front of the Secret Garden


Where should we go next???


We decided to see the cafe and ordered some food. The cafe for breakfast was just behind me


Lemonade stand opposite the breakfast place


Hmmm………..let’s see what we should order………………

We had to queue to sit inside, so we decided to bring the food out and sat in the garden.


Thinking hard of what to order…………..


This was the menu……………..I loved the design of the book


Various bread for display


Queue again to order and to finally got what we ordered………and this was weekday……….

While daddy was waiting for the food, I had another photo session with the boy…………and of course he kept coming back to see the animals.


The boy in front of the farmer’s truck


The Potting Shed for lunch


Free drink………..


Pretty garden and made me want to have a house with a garden like this


We could even eat at the barrel as the table…………

For the price, we thought it was quite expensive………….but then again……….everything was expensive in Sydney, especially food, so we couldn’t really tell, but to have breakfast in such a beautiful place like this was worth the money.


We sat outside in the garden


Brekkie box for daddy and me (I loved the cherry tomatoes so much)


Ham and cheese toast for the boy. He said it was very yummy with crunchy bread and melted cheese inside


Yum yum…………….


We spotted this phone booth on the way home………


Walked back to Green Square Station

Another cafe that we visited for our second breakfast (first breakfast was at the hotel of course), was the Incinerator Cafe. This cafe had a very beautiful outside setting and marvelous view. This cafe situated right in the middle of housing estates (with big housed along the roads so if you want to see housing complex in Sydney and not just apartments in the city, this could be the place).

This cafe was also very close to Hallstorm Park Playground (just next to it actually), so the boy decided that he wanted to play first before his second breakfast). The park was very quiet that morning and we saw no one else, but we saw many kids were coming to play once we finished with our breakfast. It was just a small playground but to the boy………..a playground was still a playground and he would always have fun in it………….no matter how small it was, especially outdoor playground.


Quiet and peaceful morning at the park


He loved to climb


The swings were attached to woods???


Climb the stone steps to slide down in this small green slide


Another slide with woods and rocks


Green scenery made him hungry again…………


Elephant statue and (was is a person’s statue?) were nicely crafted in the park


Big grass field hidden in the park

After he was tired of playing, we decided to go to the Incinerator Cafe and had our breakfast. This cafe had a very unique design and was more of an art cafe. We even found an art gallery in the -2 floor. Yes, in this picture we were on the ground floor and the toilet was in the -1 floor and the art gallery was in the -2 floor. So the elevator took us down from the street.


The Incinerator Cafe if we looked from the sreet


The sign with the name of the cafe


Come this way for take away


Very unusual design for a cafe


Come this was to dine in


The outdoor setting was so pretty, it was like having picnic outside the house, but the boy decided he would like to sit inside which was warmer


Outdoor view


Hallstorm Park below the cafe


Okay, now let’s come inside


The breakfast menu………….I didn’t order anything because I am still (even now) cannot get used to this kind of food for breakfast. I am still craving for mie ayam, nasi uduk, bubur ayam, nasi goreng for my breakfast……………..


We could see the pantry if we sit inside


The other side of the pantry


Free water


Daddy said the coffee was not too good


The famous Tim Tam Milkshake (Vanilla Malt flavor)


Two small pancakes for $8 and the boy said he didn’t like it (and so did I), so daddy finished them all

We were surprised to see that this place had:


An elevator……………which could take us to the toilets or the art gallery


Visiting the art gallery


Did they really understand all the photos and paintings inside??? Even if the didn’t they acted like a pro, hahaha………


This was the cafe if we looked from Hallstorm Park

I took pictures of some of the big houses along the road:


Big roads and big houses


Another big house


A very steep road


Quiet street ………..


Waiting for the bus in the bus stop in the cold morning

Another place that we loved so much when we were having lunch was The Bucket List. Even though we only had fish and chips (it was good by the way, the fish was fresh, the fries were crunchy and not oily, and it even had chili), but we loved loved love the wonderful setting of this place and especially the view…………………….which was overlooking The Bondi Beach……………..this beach was awesome and the it was like looking to postcard pictures……….but more about that later.


In front of The Bucket List, the most colorful restaurant in Bondi Beach (as far as we could see)


It had kids menu, crayons and kids drawing activity, the main attractions why we finally landed in this place


Colorful and eye catching design


Outside sitting was nice with comfortable sofas and fresh sea air, but once again………we prefer to sit inside because it was warm inside


Colorful bar


The kitchen behind


Free water in colorful glasses


The boy near the drink bar


The spoons and forks were put in a bucket


Our $26 fish and chips in a big bucket (one portion for daddy and I)


I said I wanted to take the bucket home with me, but daddy said :”What for???”


The kids portion which he finished very fast. The Himalayan pink salt was very cute, hahaha…………..but it tasted just like ordinary salt actually




Beautiful view outside………………..

It was our best fish and chips in Sydney so far…………..and it tasted better because it served chili, hahaha…………how could I eat fish and chips without chili??? And the tartar sauce was also so yummy and I liked it (although I usually do not like tartar sauce).

So this is the first part of our Sydney trip and hopefully will be updating soon with another story from our trip.


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  1. wah lucu banget resto nya ya.. ada petting zoo nya segala. pasti anak2 pada suka 🙂

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