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Spaghetti In Cherry Tomato Sauce

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These days, I have this annoying habit of not be able to sleep until past midnight. I usually do some browsing in my phone, watch one or two movies and can finally fall asleep at around 1.30 or 2 am. Last night, I happened to watch some of Ellen Degeneres Show, and I stumbled upon a segment showing some celebrities cooking with Ellen. The one dish that really caught my attention was when Drew Barrymore cooked a super simple pasta (spaghetti) with tomato cherry. It was so simple that I thought the taste wouldn’t be that good. Plus, she cooked for Ellen who was a vegetarian, so no meat was added into the dish. Really, what is spaghetti sauce without meat inside? But then, when Ellen ate that spaghetti and gave a wow reaction that seemed sincere ( I have to admit that sometimes she didn’t seem that honest when giving a wow reactions towards some celebrity cooking dish, hahaha……..) and said immediately that she wanted to take the dish home for her dinner, I was suddenly craving for spaghetti with tomato sauce too (and it was 1.30 am!).

I happened to have bought one packet of tomato cherry and one box of spaghetti yesterday evening just before I watched the show, so I decided to give the recipe a try for my lunch. It was sooo simple and just like Drew, I didn’t add any meat inside (this was because I had no suitable meat in my freezer………..). Drew said she didn’t have the exact measurement for this recipe and she just put everything based on her instinct (I’ll give a toss on that as I really like this kind of recipe which doesn’t have exact measurement for every ingredient). I modified the recipe a little bit, but overall the main ingredients and cooking method were still the same.


  1. 1 portion of spaghetti, boil in hot water in a big non sticking pan. I like to add salt to the water so the spaghetti will absorb the salt at the end and will improve the taste of the spaghetti. Once the pasta is cooked, drain the pasta, reserve about 3 tbsp of pasta water
  2. 20 cherry tomato, cut 2. Cherry tomatoes are easier to mash and taste better than big tomatoes
  3. 5 cloves of garlic, mince
  4. 2 tbsp olive oil
  5. a handful of parsley or celery leaves (original recipe used basil leaves)
  6. Sugar and salt to taste
  7. 2 tsp Prego traditional sauce (optional as I only use this to strengthen the taste). If you opt not to use this, you can use more cherry tomatoes in the recipe
  8. chili paste (optional)
Simple ingredients to make simple dish

Simple ingredients to make simple dish


  1. Still using the same pan that I used to cook my spaghetti (less pan to wash), I add 2 tbsp of olive oil
  2. Add garlic and stir fry until a bit burn (the color almost turn to brown)
  3. Add cherry tomato, stir and mash
  4. After 2 minutes, add parsley or celery leaves
  5. Add Prego traditional sauce
  6. Continue stirring and mashing the tomatoes
  7. Add 1/2 tsp of sugar and salt to taste (don’t add salt too much if you already put salt in the boiling water)
  8. Add the spaghetti and 2 tbsp of pasta water, mix well
  9. Serve hot
After the tomatoes become like this (you can cook longer if you want), then it's time to add the spaghetti

After the tomatoes become like this (you can cook longer if you want), then it’s time to add the spaghetti

The taste was………………..Oh my…………….surprisingly very delicious……………….!!! This was definitely super easy and healthy (fresh ingredients, no meat, can go with some vegetables too. I usually like to add broccoli when cooking pasta, but this time I was so hungry that I popped all my steam broccoli into my mouth even before I started cooking my pasta, which made me had no broccoli left when I was done cooking).

Surprisingly delicious

Surprisingly delicious……….

For something that is so simple like this, I never thought the taste would be so yummy. This dish has a very light taste which is suitable for lunch or light dinner. I didn’t add chili sauce because I had sore throat and chili would just make it worse, but even I could finish one plate full of this dish without adding any chili (seriously, for someone who always eat spaghetti in tomato sauce with lots of chili, if I could skip this one without any chili in it, it means that this dish is really worth to try).

Add carrot or broccoli or peas

For healthier version of this dish, add some carrot or broccoli or peas or even mushrooms

So if you are bored with the original spaghetti in heavy tomato sauce with meatballs, try this light version of spaghetti with tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious and easy to make……………


Author: cruiseoflife

Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

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