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So Much For My Dream Holiday


Me: For our next holiday, let’s have a relaxed holiday, don’t have to wake up early in the morning, go to nice restaurants, enjoy the food………….the view……

The boy: but I like to travel, I want to wake up early in the morning and go to some places…………..

Me: Isn’t it nice if we don’t have to rush from one place to another and just enjoy the days? I searched on the internet and find out some good cafes with yummy food and nice view and even a good playground too for our next holiday. No need to rush and we can enjoy the day………..

The boy: Hmmm…………okay………..we can do that……………………………but only for one day, okay! Only for one day! The first day only! After that I want to go to here and there (he named the places that he wants to visit)

Me: Sigh………………..so much for my dream and so relaxed holiday……………..

Well, we can’t really talk about our upcoming holiday now (although we’ve planned it) because we’re still in the middle of EXAM. Two more days of exam and that’s it! All done and we just have to wait for the results to come out. Well, temporary of course because after the holiday we must start preparing for the the second semester and there goes all the cycles again (school, homework, after school activities,  exams……………). One of my friends whose daughter is in the same class as my son and still has a small boy, said this: “I can’t imagine how am I going to do this one more time with my son when he’s in primary school. It will go all over again and I have to start from the beginning again with him……………thinking of doing this all over again already make me stress…………” We just nodded in agreement with her.

We absolutely cannot wait for the holiday to come, but at the moment, let’s just enjoyed our previous outings as we can’t do any outings in the near time.

The good thing of living here is of course there are so many activities for free for kids. I’ve blogged most about them and apparently I still have some that I haven’t posted yet.

When you come to Singapore and you are tight on budget, there are many free activities to do especially if you are coming here with kids. From free wet and dry playground at the mall (IMM, Tampines, Kallang, Katong, Westgate, etc), free parks with huge playgrounds (Gardens By The Bay, West Coast, Pasir Ris, Bishan, Sembawang,etc), Science Center Garden, Istana Open House with huge grass field, libraries, free entry to the museums on their Open House Days, to the newly opened Singapore Sports Hub. For the record, we only visit the museum on their Open House, so we never need to pay………….

All the museums are children friendly with lost of free activities during Open House. The activities also contains lots of educational materials for the children. Museums can be very fun for children and for adults, you can take beautiful pictures with the background of old museum buildings or the wonderful river or grass field view or bridge near the museums.

Art Museum on National Day


Free activity in Art Museum


These were made by Primary School Children


This was why we came here…………….to see this sculpture made the children in lil boy’s Primary School

Children Session At Singapore National Museum

This was absolutely one of the best children exhibition in the museum. National Museum is sooooo big and it dedicated its huge halls for this exhibition and turned into a big children playground like you’ve never seen. Absolutely worth to visit………….but it’s over now so let’s hope it’s having another children session again this year.


The theme of the exhibition was Masak Masak (in English: cooking, although it didn’t consist things about cooking only)

Our first stop was the Science Exhibition in the main hall. Kids could lean and try various experiments about Science…….and not only kids, but parents also had loads of fun playing here………..


Read the instructions first before you try

Move the ball from one end of the wheel to the other

Move the ball from one end of the wheel to the other


Let’s try together……….


Have fun while trying to move the pendulum

Then we went upstairs to another hall where the real fun began……………..yes, the real masak masak (cooking) properties to play with were here and the children could play as long as they wanted.


Cut and stir fry the vegetables


Not just cooking equipment was provided, they could also watch educational movies in here


Bored with the movies………….go and try traditional costumes in another corner of the room


Children could also harvest some cardboard fruits and vegetables in the imaginary garden

Next to National Museum in Fort Canning Park with the old style building of For Canning Hotel. We actually went inside the hotel to look around and we loved what we saw inside the hotel.


Can’t believe it…………but we actually got lost in Fort Canning Park…………


Fort Canning Hotel

 Kinetic Garden Science Center

If you think that ticket price to Science Center is way to expensive (by the way, it has a promotion going on and the price is reduced a lot especially during weekdays), than why not just visit its big garden just next to Mc Donalds? It is also fun to play in the garden and children can still learn many things in here.


Daddy helped to spin


Lots of information is given around the garden. He was measuring his height with this activity


Walk Your Height (further information)


Daddy was on the other side and tried to hear lil boy’s voice


They were doing the Echo Tube Experiment

Singapore Sports Hub

And this is the new addition to the free fun places that we can visit in Singapore, we’d been here once before and we loved it so so much.

First of all, the super cool (and cold) Sports Hub Library which is more than just a library because where else can you have so much fun (not just reading books) inside the library?


This place (Sports Hub Library) was just opened when we visited last year


Giant Chess in the middle of the hall in first floor. Behind it is the free wii play games (you have to book first because so many people want to play this)

Other facilities include sitting room with sofas, free computers and internet, and books are in the second floor. Not to forget this one super fun activity (free but need to pree book at least 1 hour earlier on busy days).

Sabbuteo (Table Football)

Sabbuteo (Table Football). We had so much fun playing this game………And this is inside a library! How cool is that?

Next, we moved outside the library and went to the top floor where we found kids playground and gym facilities.


Let’s play and play even though it was already dark


The playground is quite big


We didn’t see many kids here……….this is a secluded place actually

You get hungry after exploring this place? Just go to the food court in Kallang Wave Mall which also has a small play area for children.


Let’s play football inside the food court


Child friendly food court


Chicken satay, grilled chicken and fish…….quite pricey and the taste was mediocre


We came on the opening night and brought home a red apple lunch box as a gift

There are still many other things that we didn’t have time to explore in Sports Hub, including the wet playground in Kallang Wave Mall that wasn’t opened yet when we came.

Bike Riding In The Park

In between the exams, the boy and I (daddy was at the bible study at church) managed to have a simple outing in Pasir Ris Park with my new bike. I bought this bike because the boy’s bike cannot fit into the car trunk so he cannot bring his bike to the park. Then I decided to buy a new bike for me and last week we finally headed out to the park and enjoyed our bike riding together,

My new blue bike

My new blue bike

We went bike riding for 3 hours (so exhausted after that) and we had so much fun.

That’s all for now and will update again if we find any interesting places (either free or not) in Singapore.


Author: cruiseoflife

Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

2 thoughts on “So Much For My Dream Holiday

  1. he…he… samaa…. liburan impian aku juga pengen gitu… relax, santai bangun siang, nyobain makan di cafe or resto baru . Tapi apa daya… kayaknya anak – anak gak suka liburan kayak gitu. Mereka lebih suka jalan – jalan , traveling he..he.he…^_^
    Di Singapore emang lebih lengkap yaa fasilitasnya…. banyak juga yang free kalo disini biasanya yang free udah gak terawat + kotor lagi.

    • Aku sih sebetulnya suka kalo liburan tuh ya travelling dari pagi sampe malem, pergi dari satu tempat ke tempat lainnya. Soalnya kan seringnya mikir, ih kapan lagi ya dateng ke sini, jadi mending dipuas puasin deh, hahaha………….
      Tapi yang namanya umur gak bisa bohong deh, udah makin tua makin capek dan pengen menikmati hidup aja, santai-santai gak dikejar waktu………

      Iya, kalo di sini bagusnya fasilitas umum tuh terjaga banget, bersih dan terawat. Makanya anak2 jarang yang hobi main di mall.

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