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To The Zoo We Went


With only less than 3 weeks until his mid year exam, I think our trip to the zoo would be the last full day outing in this month until end of May. We planned the zoo trip so he could explore more with his new scooter, but I found out later on that we couldn’t bring the scooter to the zoo for safety reason…………..but he still insisted of going to the zoo even without his scooter.

There were only the boy, me, and grandma because daddy had to attend a bible study at the church. Even though it was our third visit and fourth visit for the boy (his P1 field trip was also to the zoo) and we spent six and a half hour at the zoo, but still when daddy asked “So, have you seen everything in the zoo?” still our answer was still “NOOOO……” I really wonder what we did the whole day at the zoo that we didn’t manage to cover everything, hahaha………..


Greeted by the pretty pink flamingos when we entered

Some parts of the zoo were under renovation including the Treetops Trail and Australian Outback. I also felt some things were different than our previous visit like this one:


A new walking path in front of the flamingo pool. It was good because we didn’t have to walk on the same path as the tram

My mood of taking pictures was really drop that day since (once again) it was my third visit already. I only took very few pictures of the animals. Plus, the boy most of the time refused to pose in front of the animals. Plus I had to carry one trolley bag, one sling bag, a hat, sun glasses, and water bottle.

At home, he asked me a quiz: “Do you know what is the name of the polar bear that we saw at the zoo?” Of course I had no clue at all………….He then said that the name is the same as one of the restaurant at the zoo. Then suddenly out of the blue I remembered I saw a small cafe outside the zoo on our way home. “Oh, I remember. It was Inuka Cafe. The polar bear’s name is Inuka…………” said I. Thankfully I was correct or else he would say I didn’t pay attention at all, hahaha…………..


Inuka the polar bear


The replica of Inuka

It was very rare that  he willingly pose in front of the camera, because this time he chose to be the photographer most of the time. He would ask for my phone or his grandma’s phone and took pictures of almost every animal that he saw. So that was why I was so relax and never really care to take pictures (usually he would ask me to take pictures of EVERY animal).


Big giant rhinos……………and after this he refused to take pictures with other animals


Busy taking pictures


One of the picture that the boy took


I don’t know why, but I love this photo. It looks like a picture painting

One thing that he was really looking forward to was doing the obstacle challenge in Rainforest Kidzworld. We were never aware of the challenges until we saw them on the website, so he was really eager to try. The obstacle challenges were located at the back of Kidzworld and behind the trees, so I thought not many people knew the existence of this place so it was very quiet most of the time.


They also took picture in front of this train five years ago on our first visit to the zoo

We also never visited the souvenir shop before this. We know it is exists just in front of the entrance of Kidzworld, but never thought of going inside, and when we stepped our feet inside for the first time last Saturday, it was soooo nice and wondered why we never came here before because it was cold with air con, hahaha……………it was so hot that morning that we were really glad once we came inside the shop.


The shop was also filled with cute things like this bat umbrella

Now, for the adventure inside the KidzWorld:


Difficulty level: very easy


Whoaaa……..loved it so much, we had to pull the rope with all our strength to move the wooden plank from one side to the other


Pull and pull…………


The rocking bridge


Another easy task


Rope challenge


And we found this: A maze………….no one was here and we found it by accident……..


How to get out from the maze?


Now for the most exciting part: the water play………..

We brought our own food because we always hate to queue in the restaurant during lunch time. It was a good decision because the queue in Ah Meng Restaurant at 2 pm was unbearable and at KFC there was no seat at all even though it was already 4 pm. Besides, there are always plenty of space to do our picnic at the zoo.


Snacking before lunch time


One of his favorite activity: goat feeding


He even tried to pat the small goat while he was giving the leaves


So hot and exhausted…………..and still, it was raining in the afternoon

From here, we continued the journey to see other animals . He said there was one new animal at the zoo, and that was red river hog, so yeah……..we went there twice (thankfully it was the same way as EXIT). He was also loved the Arapaima feeding session (big fish and scary like piranha), and he insisted on helping the staff by holding the back of the stick that attached to the small fish at feeding time. We couldn’t feed the fish ourselves because it was too dangerous and this fish was absolutely scary……….


Nope, these are not potatoes………….but crocodile eggs…………


He read carefully almost all the information about the animals, something that he couldn’t expect me to do………….

From all the animal show on the list that day, we only managed to see one show, and that was Rainforest Fights Back (and we were there for more than 6 hours but only managed to watch one show???). He said he already watched the other show and didn’t want to watch again.


Eating my homemade cheese ragout croquette before the show. I guess walking and walking around the zoo really increased his appetite


I must say that the show was rather disappointed for me. There was nothing special and I will not watch for the second time.


And not to forget……………his favorite ice mango slushy that he must have every time he visits zoo, bird park, or River Safari

My mom said it was amazing to see how he could walk all day long around the zoo without complaining or show the sign of getting tired. Well, it ‘s not a surprise since this boy already refused to be in his stroller since he reached the age of one. He has been walking from place to place ever since without his stroller and we even never brought his stroller at our overseas trips. So no wonder he enjoys all the walking in all our trips now and seems to never run out of energy. The momma on the other hand, was feeling very exhausted and tired after the long walk and I really pity my feet after the long walk. Oh, I really need a good massage.

By the way, there is a 30% discount for Singapore Zoo tickets if you buy online through the website. Absolutely a good deal, and that was the reason why I agreed to go to the zoo……….


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2 thoughts on “To The Zoo We Went

  1. manggo slushy kelihatan menggoda banget tuh….. apalagi cuaca di indo juga lagi panas panasnya nih… kelihatan segerr banget.

    • Tapi tetep lebih enak jus mangga harum manis dari Indonesia, huhuhu…. Sayang bgt di sini mangga Indo gak masuk, adanya mangga Thai sama Pilipin. Di sini juga kalo lagi panas ampun deh, meleleh……

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