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Universal Studio Singapore


Since it would be the the family’s third visit to USS and the fifth for me, I thought I would not be so crazy about taking pictures. I was planning to relax and enjoy the day and rested my camera and only used it for special or extraordinary moments………………but after all, it was USS, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures and ended with 350 photos and 4 videos. We were there from 10 am to 8.16 pm, so it was 10 hours. So in 10 hours, I took 350 photos, and it means I took 35 photos every hour, which means I clicked my camera button (in average) every 2 seconds………wow………

The good point was, everybody was in the mood to be part of the pictures including the boy, although in some parts he refuses if I already took too many pictures in one place, but overall he was in the good mood to pose. And also even though we were not planning to wait and chase and take pictures with the cartoon characters and would only enjoyed the rides, but it turned out that we met some of the characters accidentally and was very lucky to be in the some of the very first line to take pictures with them, because if we were late by seconds, the staff would have cut the long queue and we would not be able to take pictures.

Learning from past mistakes, I already purchased the tickets online two days before. There is (still) promotion going on and the tickets are reduced to $55 per person included $5 meal voucher (from $74 without meal voucher). The promotion will end on 18 February 2015, which is the day before Chinese New Year Public Holiday. So, although we didn’t plan to go to USS again this year, we couldn’t refuse the temptation of this promotion, and so we bought 3 tickets.

Also, since we would be going on Saturday, I assumed it would also be very crowded although would not be as bad as our last visit. After breakfast at home and prepared hot dog for snack, we finally managed to arrive at 10 am sharp at the front gate……………..and we only needed to queue less than 5 minutes to enter the park…………….and so the long day at USS began……………


This was the first ride that we saw when we turn left after we walked straight from the main gate. It was Madagscar: A Crate Adventure. No queue at all and we just had to wait for the next boat to arrive and we hopped in. We didn’t bother to take pictures in the main street near the main gate area, thus saved us time to catch this first ride.


Since the name itself were Madagscar: A Crate Adventure, of course what we saw inside was everything from the Madagascar Movie: all the characters, the songs, the  movie set up, etc. THe boy really liked this so much. since he’s a big fan of Madagascar


End of our boat ride. Luckily this time we didn’t need to queue for more than one hour like our previous visit


King Julien’s Beach Party Go Round……………..we rode the carousel with the song “I Like to Move It Move It” in the back ground. Again, no long queue, we just needed to wait for the previous round to finish and we were first to enter the merry go round and could choose whatever we wanted to ride. The boy chose Marty as his first ride


And I chose this ship captain as my first ride


Melman and Melman on his green T Shirt

Since it was still early and the park was just opened, it was still not too crowded and the queue was still manageable. It was easy to take pictures because without strangers appearing on our pictures.


Souvenit shop in Far Far Away Land. He wanted to ride Magic Potion Spin


And here it is…………nobody was inside except the staff, and I thought we were probably the first to arrive and ride this Magic Spin


Small cafe inside with bottles of potion


Small laboratory with magic potions on top of his head


Nope, we didn’t buy anything in this souvenir shop, although everything was cute…..


Next stop…………Enchanted Roller Coaster…………easy peasy ………..very low thrill factor………….for us. For daddy, this would be his first and last one. He didn’t want to ride again, and I was surprised when he was even willing to try . Again, very short queue.


Our (my son and I) favorite ride: Canopy Flyer. Short queue too, so we rode twice. First, the boy went with daddy then with me…………daddy gave up and didn’t want to ride anymore


Going up and ready to fly

About 30 minutes later, when we passed by the street in front of this ride, the waiting queue already reached 75 minutes. So yes, we were very lucky this time. And then, we came back again for the third time at around 7 pm, and although the queue was longer than in the morning, but it was still manageable.


Dino Soarin………and this time no queue at all. 30 minutes later, the waiting time was already 45 minutes.

Dino Soarin

Going up and down was fun


Took pictures with 2 big dinosaurs and their eggs before we continued the journey


Spin fast in this accelerator. We didn’t try this on our previous visit because the waiting time was almost 2 hours, but this time it was only 10 minutes


Before the spinning began

Then, we came to this ride and the waiting time was stated to be 75 minutes………..which turned out to be almost 2 hours. Basically, we were riding an automatic jeep across ancient Egypt (or at least that what it said) in less than 10 minutes. This ride was probably still under development or maintenance, so the queue very long and moved very slow. But, consider ourselves lucky enough because after lunch, the queue was even longer………….


Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunters 65 minutes wait time


These snakes were probably brought from Pharaoh’s time


The view from the jeep ride


I bet it must be scary to live in this old ancient Egypt time with all these scarab beetles, scorpions, and skulls everywhere………

We came back to this Treasure Hunter again on the evening (at around 6 pm) and the queue was only 25 minutes.

Egypt Toilet Sign

Super cute toilet signs in The Land of Egypt

Too bad The Revenge of the Mummy (indoor roller coaster) was closed for maintenance that day. I really wanted to try since I didn’t have time to try last year. Although the boy was scared the last time he rode it, but he was more than willing to try again. Too bad it was closed on the day of our visit.


Balastair Galactical Roller Coaster. It’s been more than 4 years since our first visit, but these roller coasters are still not opened yet. We do hope we can try at least the Human version (red one without upside down ride) on our next visit. Looks fun!

We already finished our hotdog when waiting for the Treasure Hunters, so we were still full at lunch time, which was good because we tried to avoid eating in the restaurants during lunch hour because it would be very crowded. And since it was only half day and (surprisingly) we almost finished with all the rides (except for River Adventure which we probably would get wet so better save it for the last hour), so we just took a leisure walk around the park and took pictures in front of the old streets and buildings. Usually we couldn’t do this, so it was nice to finally noticed what was inside the park besides the park.


New York City many years ago……



Buildings in NY” someone tried to knock on the door but no one opened it (we would be scared if someone really opened the door), so better go now…..


So quiet and peaceful………I guess everybody was queuing on the rides



streets of NY


Someone needs to do grocery shopping……………



I have no idea what store is this………



Someone tried to open the candy store (again…..)



Mel’s Dinettes: Performance in Hollywood Street. We only watched the end of the performance, but then again, this one never really bring our interest


Children who love Sesama Street will love this ride


Spaghetti Chase

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase 10 minutes wait time


Paintings on the wall


Inside the souvenir store of Sesame Street and in front of the pizza restaurant



Hey, we met Bert on the way to Sci Fi City. Actually, there were other characters, but this one had the shortest queue……



Chinese New Year Decoration everywhere…….



Took one picture before continue to watch Light Camera Action……..



Lights, Camera,Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg


Second time riding King Julien’s Beach Party Go-Round


And finally, lunch at Goldilocks Fried Chicken. We were already starving by that time

We planned to run to the Minions photo session at 2.30 pm, but on the way back to the main street, we saw this:



Oh no, I thought why would everybody queued to take picture with a statue??? Well, it turned out he was real. Look at the details, he was really like Pinocchio the wooden doll.

Then, another photo session before we headed to Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.


NY Fire Department


Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure 80 minutes wait time

Although the waiting time was stated to be 80 minutes, but the queue moved very fast and it was probably less than an hour before we finally got to ride this boat.

River Adventure

We met some dinosaurs before entering a very dark and long tunnel, the boat then was lifted up, and slid down through a slope. As long as you get the right sitting position, it is possible not to get wet at all (just some good splash to cheer up the ride should be okay)



Since he was already wet, I let him play with the water fountain



We met this cute pair of Puss in Boots in Chinese Costume on the way to the toilet

After that, we rushed back to the main street to catch the Minion photo session, but we still had time so better look what’s inside the Minion Mart first.



Minion Mart

Minion Mart

Paradise for Minion Lovers


I do think I should have bought one of this



Daddy already queued up even before the photo session began, so finally here are the two super cute Minions with us:



In search for the ice cream, we same inside this Madagascar cafe with no luck


Ice Cream

Finally, back to Goldilocks where we found Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The choice of flavor was vanilla and chocolate fudge brownies



Back to Madagascar and just in time for the Madagascar Boogie


Photo session: of chose he chose to be with his favorite characters from Madagascar: The Penguins…..



Sesame Street Pentages: When I Grow Up.

At first, the boy refused to see this because Sesame Street is not in his league anymore, hahaha……but it was hot outside and it would be nice to sit inside with the air con, so he finally agreed. It was good because it was full of songs and not too long so the children would not get bored. Little children were like crazy when they saw all the characters, run into them, hugged them,screamed their names…………….just like in Justin Bieber Concert I guess………….hahaha……..but I could say that the boy didn’t enjoy this so much.

When we were going back to Accelerator, we saw crowd on the street, and yes there was a dance street performance, and this time the boy really enjoyed………..he danced, he clapped, he laughed, and waited patiently until the show was really over.


Street Performance

The Rockafellas: they sang, danced, jumped, made interaction with the audience, asked the little kids to dance, and they were also very funny. Loved this performance so much

The invited little kids to come to the stage and dance, and oh my they danced like crazy and everybody laughed. All the kids were very brave and just danced with whatever moves they wanted to show, hahaha…….

And although we sat at the front, guess who decided to move to a better place:


Sitting in the balcony, anyone……???


Lion Statue

And moved under the lion’s head, a very good position to watch the show…..



And back to Accelerator



Shrek and Fiona: too late for the photo session……

Even after all that, we still had time to watch Shrek 4D.

Shrek 4D

Shrek 4D Adventure: waiting to go inside the theatre


Just cross the street and we were back in Enchanted Roller Coaster and continued with Canopy Flyer.



After that, just in time for the Firework Show



Lake Hollywood Fireworks Spectacular


The boy bought country chicken pie on the way home before the exit door, and we were the last customer



Mugs and glasses inside the bakery



Bye bye Universal Studio

Since we were already very hungry, we decided to have dinner first in Malaysia Food Court just across the USS. It was already 8.30 pm, but the food court was still very crowded although it was not too difficult to find seats.



Chicken rice balls with half steam chicken. We had 3 plates of rice balls, and we were the last who finished the food in the food stall. The person queued behind us was not able to buy anything from this stall

After dinner, we went back to monorail station, and since USS was already closed 30 minutes before, there was no queue in the monorail station (phew…….). Back to the Beach Station where we parked the car, we had to pay $15 for all day parking. The boy slept in the car on the way home until 8 am in the morning (super tired!).

We were all very tired even until the next day especially our feet (we walked all day, so no wonder we were very tired and exhausted). Overall, we were very satisfied spending 1 day in USS if the queue was still reasonable like that day (except for some rides).

For those of you who wants to use the USS Promotion, you still have time until 18th February 2015. Go grab it now!



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4 thoughts on “Universal Studio Singapore

  1. asik ya kalo naik rides gak pake ngantri2 lama… 🙂
    gua juga suka foto2 ama karakter. itu yang foto ama 2 minions bagus… 🙂
    minion yang pake cheongsam juga lucu… 😀

    • Iya, minionnya lucu2 banget, lagi ngehitz banget tuh Minions sampe ditaro di paling depan deket pintu masuk. Kalo gak inget dompet juga bisa kalap tuh belanja di toko khusus minions itu

  2. woah.. puas banget sepertinya nih whole day di USS 🙂
    Revenge of the Mummy seru banget loh.. kudu coba next time ke USS lagi 🙂

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