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Animals and Vegetables Farm in Kuntum Farm Field Bogor


You don’t have to go to Gold Coast to see the farm life. It can be done in Bogor, complete with all kind of animals (except kangaroos and koalas of course) and vegetables farm. It was actually only a short distance from Jakarta, but the traffic jam plus heavy rain made our way home was terrible and I spent almost 4 hours in front of my steering wheel. The boy and my mother? They fell asleep on the way home…………left me all alone with the rain, the traffic jam, and music from the radio……………….

The boy must had been super exhausted after spending hours in this place. I’ve heard good reviews about this place and I must say that Kuntum Farm Field is a very recommended place for kids to know the farm life better, especially if they like animals. Actually, you don’t need to have kids to visit this place, I saw lot of teenagers and adults came here without kids and they seemed to have fun too.

Kuntum Farm Field is located almost inside the housing estate in Tajur Area, but I had no issue with parking space even though it was almost 11 am (this place opened at 8 am). Very crowded yes, but lots of securities (legal ones in uniforms) will help finding the parking and they actually didn’t ask for money when we left, but gave them money when we finally left the place). We parked inside the housing estate near some big houses.

This place resembles Jendela Alam in Bandung, but we definitely loved this one better. It was absolutely cleaner than Jendela Alam, especially the toilets. We didn’t see people smoking inside (very important for me) unlike in Jendela Alam. Less people inside meaning we had more space to play or do activities.

We needed to pay Rp 25.000,- per person to enter, but we still must pay for doing activities. The price is as below:

Kuntum Nurseries

Very reasonable price (ehmm……very cheap compared to Singapore standard of course)

We also visited Lembang Floating Market one week after, and I must say with the price and the amount of food that we got in Kuntum Farm Field was absolutely cheaper than in Floating Market. A big disappointment for us when we visited Lembang Floating Market, but more about that later.

My son asked to give milk to the goats and sheep first. He’d done this in Paradise Country Gold Coast before, so he wasn’t afraid of doing this anymore. Unlike in Paradise Country where he had some help from the staff feeding the animals, in here we must do everything by ourselves. I’ve seen Paradise Country staff doing this before, so we knew the technique already. We must keep the bottle high so the animals could suck the milk easily. It was also a more convenient position for the bottle holder.


These animals were very hungry


Quite disappointed when the bottle was finished, but he didn’t ask for the second round, because he couldn’t wait to do other animals feeding. By the was, the farmer hat on his head known as caping was provided for free (don’t forget to return……..)

Feeding Rabbit

One basket full of carrots and leaves to feed rabbits and marmots

The basket was actually quite full, and we saw many children left their baskets in the rabbit house half full without finishing it. There were many carrots and leaves left on the floor too, so if you want to save money, do like what some mothers and children do…………no need to but one full basket and just use whatever is left by other children. My son loved these two kind of animals so much, and he kept coming back even after he finished his basket and just took whatever was left on the floor to feed the animals. Trust me, they were still edible for the animals………..


Tried to feed the rabbits from some distance at first


He really enjoyed this activity

Finally, for the first time, he was brave enough to touch the rabbit

Finally, for the first time, he was brave enough to touch the rabbit


And could’t stop petted the rabbit


Finally, he wanted to carry the rabbit, but it was too heavy that he almost dropped it…………

Next stop, the marmot house. Cute little marmots that didn’t seem to feel hungry at all.


Tried to feed the marmots but their appetite was not as big as the rabbits

We loved that the animals and their houses looked clean and the animals were not afraid of the children at all. Oh, and all the animals looked so fat and healthy too……….probably because children couldn’t stop feeding them………..

Tried to catch the marmot and lift it up

Tried to catch the marmot and lift it up

But they were so small and moved so fast and slippery too, so he chased them around the hutch

But they were so small and moved so fast and slippery too, so he chased them around the hutch

Finally, he got one.............but the little thing escaped so easily

Finally, he got one………….but the little thing escaped so easily

So he decided to hold it in the neck, and it couldn't run away of course

So he decided to hold it in the neck, and it couldn’t run away of course

But it got angry and scratched him a little, hahaha.......

But it got angry and scratched him a little, hahaha…….

Then, he wanted to bottle feed the cows. There were 2 options actually, feeding the cows would cows with leaves (super big ones) or with bottle milk. We’ve seen two adults tried hard to hand feed the leaves to the cows and it was so difficult because the cows would pull hard the leaves, so the boy chose for an easier one, and that was bottle feed the cows…………which was not easy at all comparing to feeding the goats and quite well behaved sheep.


Big bottle in colors for the cows………don’t worry, it was only 1/4 full.

Feeding the cow

It was not an easy job for the little farmer because the cows were very strong………..and greedy and impatient………….


But he had fun……………especially when choosing which cows he wanted to feed and thus leaving another cows with envy and hungry look to the lucky cows……………

Since (for me) it was cheap to do this and that (again, comparing to exchange rate money from Singapore Dollar to Rupiah), I allowed him to do whatever activities that he wanted to do.


One basket full of leaves for the goats and sheep


Bravely petted the animals


“All right, just let them eat from the basket, easier for me too…………..”he said


Again, he only wanted to touch them, thankfully they were okay without any food as reward

That was only a small area of the farm, but before we continue the exploration, of course we washed our hands first.


Cold water and soap, don’t forget to thoroughly wash the hands…………..

Next, we went to the back side of the farm, and we saw these chickens roamed free, some birds, and also ducks.


Surprisingly, he we afraid of the chickens. WHAT??? So, we skipped this area

If you do to Kuntum Farm Field, don’t just stop until the animal feeding, there is still a very big area at the back to explore, including horse riding (and maybe someday flying fox………….a high one like in Jendela Alam?).

Vegetable farm on back side, not ready to be harvested

Vegetable farm on back side, not ready to be harvested

Anyone interested fishing in here?

Anyone interested fishing in here? We did, but we were technically blind about fishing, so maybe next time………….

Run free

Run free

Big space, but yet very little people were aware of this

Big space, but yet very little people were aware of this back side of the farm, so we only met very few people


The horse stable……….far away behind on the house with red roofs


Horse riding with beautiful background. It was cloudy the whole day, and finally it rained, so the weather was very nice

The day would not be complete if we didn’t pick our own vegetables in the vegetable farm. There were lettuce, spinach, corn, cassava, and other things. The boy was really glad that he could harvest some vegetables, and even insisted to do it under the rain (of course, after mummy ran back to the cars to take two big umbrellas).

We did this in Jendela Alam, and we loved the freshness and the quality of organic vegetables, so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity of cooking dinner with our own freshly picked vegetables.


Green and fresh lettuce


With my mom, the vegetable expert


Under the rain…………


Fresh spinach…………tasted wonderful


Yap, that’s all…….!


At least, he knows where the vegetables on his plate come from……………It was a fun activity under the rain………….


Then we went to the corn field, the road was muddy and slippery, but I was okay with that, and the boy finally saw real corn trees

Big sweet corn

Big sweet corn

We decided to end the day and went home, but before that all the vegetables needed to be cleaned, weighted, packed, and paid of course, oh but not yet, because we saw this organic cassava at the front door and of course we took three packs of organic cassava because we all love cassava. The cassava tasted different that when we bought at the wet market (meaning nicer and more delicious).


Cassava, pineapples, and bananas


And we spotted this cheese taro cake stall at the front side………….one of the must bring souvenir from Bogor. The cake was delicious and soft and even the boy ate many good slices.

There was also a souvenir shop near the entrance, and even though we bought nothing, but the boy had fun touching and playing with all kinds of traditional wooden things (I bet he never saw most of them at all).


Nice little drum, is this from Kalimantan?


From the modern side, this might belong to Captain Hook…………….


A fish pond in the entrance door

We didn’t buy anything from the restaurant because as usual, my mom always insisted that we brought home cooked food and we ate in the car before we went home, so I can’t review the food.


My mom bought bananas from the street stall in Bogor before we went back to Jakarta

And what happened to everything that we bought at Kuntum Farm Field?


Yummy…………….taro cheese cake, fried cassava., salted grill corn, and spinach and corn in finger root and garlic soup

My next post………………will still be about our holiday trip in Jakarta.


Author: cruiseoflife

Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

2 thoughts on “Animals and Vegetables Farm in Kuntum Farm Field Bogor

  1. kuntum farm ini bagus ya emang..
    sering baca di blog2 orang dan selalu ngebacanya kayaknya bagus…

    • Iya, dan bersih pula, dan murah, hahahaha……penting itu soalnya. Tiket masuk termasuk segala macem kegiatan plus pulang bawa belanjaan 4 tentengan berat2 kalo diitung2 cuma sekitar 30 dollar aja abisnya, gak mungkin bisa didapet di sini soalnya, hihihi………

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