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Visiting Science Center: Waterworks

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We spent our evening visit to Science Center in Waterworks. It’s good for the kids especially during the hot weather like these days. When we visited Science Center, the rain was so heavy in the afternoon so the Waterworks was closed for at least 2 hours. Thankfully it was opened again at around 4.30 pm.

No swimming pool in here, but there are so many things for kids to do and learn. This place can be very crowded in the evening or usually 2 hours before closing time. It might be better to play here in the morning, but the weather is usually super hot in the morning. For my son, the more the merrier. He liked it better when it was packed with other children.


Waterworks in the morning……………very quiet



Waterworks in the evening just after the door was opened after the rain, not many children knew that this was already opened, so we didn’t see too many people around here



The balls could “fly…..” The problem was, how to make the balls floated above the water……….



Water seesaw that could spread water…………….complete with a a shallow pool



Water cannon……..always his favorite

I still consider a trip to Science Center is fun and cheap. The entrance fee is very reasonable comparing to other kids’ attractions, especially when you register as member. The only problem is, we live very far away from Science Center, so we do not visit this place very often.



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