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Gold Coast Trip Day 7

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Palm Beach Resort

Sea view from the our balcony at 6.30 am

We started the day (once again) by went to the beach. This was going to be our last day playing on the beach, so maybe the boy realized this and he woke up very early in the morning (at around 6 am). After he had some biscuits and milk, he asked to play in the hotel’s playground first.


There was already someone at the hotel pool even though it was so early in the morning. I took the boy’s picture for the last time in front of the hotel pool.

What was in the hotel’s playground that attracted him so much:


This one! Was this a chess, Othello board, or reversi board…………I still don’t know. We didn’t even know how to play this.

Then we headed straight to the beach………………for the last time, so better took as many pictures as I could.


Playing with sand. It was a nice and beautiful morning although it was very cold because of the strong wind. We saw many dogs playing around on the beach everyday.


Daddy finally joined the sand play. The duo played for quite a long time


Taking water from the sea for his sand castle


Running around happily on the beach


Examining the sea shells

That day, our plan was to visit Sea World. Since we stayed around Palm Beach, it took us more than 1 hour to finally reach Sea World. We must took bus to Broadbeach Station first, then changed bus which took us directly to Sea World. Sea World’s location is not as far as other theme parks and located near a jetty if we took Whale Watching Cruise, this was supposed to be the meeting point. We were disappointed because the whale watching season was over when we came, so we didn’t have the chance to spot whales on the sea.


Welcome to Sea World…………..or in this case…………..Good bye Sea World. We always took picture with the big theme park signage at the end of the visit because it was not just less crowded, but there was no other people near the signage.

We were so happy when we finally arrive in Sea World

We were so happy when we finally arrive in Sea World

Cool pose.............

Cool pose………….

Sea World……………….it surprised me. I will describe it like this:

  • This place was not too big, don’t imagine it will be as big as Ocean Park Hongkong, but we thought it was just the right size. We could go from one place to another easily and we didn’t feel tired of walking too. Too bad the cable car didn’t operate that day, and we didn’t try the monorail too, but as I said before, since this place was not too big for us, it was just very convenient to walk from one place to another
  • It was expensive………………..according to me and daddy………………….
  • We didn’t see many animals as we expected, in fact I said to the boy that I was surprised to see very little animals in Sea World………well because the name is Sea World and I was expecting it to be like any other Sea World that we’ve had visited
  • But of course, it was Sea World in Gold Coast, and even though it didn’t have as many animals as we expected, it had wonderful rides for children and adults. We loved and loved and loved all the thrilling rides, and we rode each of them twice………………except the Sea Climb but I will consider it as a child’s play. And there was one ride that he liked so much that I had to drag him from that arena after he played for five times and the park was about to close and he still needed to see sea lion in other place.
  • The boy skipped all the children’s ride such as merry go round and I don’t know what else.
  • Overall…………..we really really really loved Se World so much. We had so much fun. The view was very pretty, everything looked so nice that I can’t even describe it. There were many good spots to take pictures with. And the rides……………we loved the rides more than any other rides in other theme parks. So, although we didn’t see so many animals here and only watched one show but it didn’t matter at all because once again……………we loved Sea World!
  • There were any other shows such as Dora and Diego, Sponge Bob, Imagine Dolphin Show (we watched the similar show in Ocean Park so we skipped it), and the extreme jet show which I wanted to see so much but the boy refused and decided to play battleship for five times.

The first animals that we saw: penguin…….


The penguins were so small comparing to the ones in Happy Feet Movie

The view from monorail station

Sea World Monorail, we waited for 5 minutes but the train didn’t come……………..Nice view from the station


Since it was so long to wait for the train to come, so the boy urged us to just walk because he couldn’t wait to ride:


No….not this one. We saw this first before and since there was no queue we decided to try this first

Cheers...........you must be strong to lift this thing up high

Cheers………..you must be strong to lift this thing up high

The boy was upset because daddy didn't let him do "the free falling", hahaha..........too scary for daddy.......

The boy was upset because daddy didn’t let him do “the free falling”, hahaha……….too scary for daddy…….


Here it was…………the main reason why the boy insisted to visit Sea World, and that was to ride………….Storm Coaster.


A combination of dry and wet roller coaster. I think this was his favorite ride


We were ready to go for the second round. Surprisingly, long but very fast queue

Since the queue in Viking Flume Ride was long, we decided to have lunch first, and my choice was The Dockside Tavern, which was right because:


We had lunch while watching the dolphin swimming in the dolphin lagoon. If you are lucky to get a seat outside, you can eat while watching the super cute dolphin swimming and jumping


Beautiful view just next to our chairs


The view on the right side from where we sit


Another fish, nugget, calamari, prawn, and chips


Riding the Viking Ship after lunch, which was as I predicted, there was no queue at all.


Second round…………….this was actually quite scary because the drop was very steep


We continued with Jet Rescue Ride, and this was actually my favorite. The jet run super fast and when I said to the boy: hey, this is actually nice (and not so scary), the next moment I knew we were slammed sideways several times and my hip and back were aching after that. But it was totally fun that we rode again for the second time, and the boy said while laughing that his cheeks felt hurt because of the fast moving and the wind. There was a women who was so shocked after the ride that her husband needed to calm her down before she could finally walk again. But I said this is a must try ride if you visit Sea World…………………..you just can not stop after the first ride


Next stop: the shark bay


What to do in Shark Bay? Well, basically to see sharks and we also saw sharks’ eggs and we could touch these:

Starfish..........free to touch...........but be gentle

Starfish……….free to touch………..but be gentle

He was brave enough to touch everything that could be touched...........hahaha.......

He was brave enough to touch everything that could be touched………..hahaha…….

20141121_142326 - Copy

Big aquarium inside The Shark Bay


I love this picture especially the big fish which look so elegant and mysterious


The super hilarious and funny Sea Lion: Fish Detective Show. Oh my, we couldn’t stop laughing seeing all the actors and Buddy the Sea Lion.


See, someone’s couldn’t stop laughing………………and really enjoyed the show

Polar Bear

Henry and Luthik the polar bear. There were 5 bears in total and some of them were brought from Russia


Another type of penguin


The stingray pool, where we could touch the stingray with our bare hands


At first he was afraid, but then he couldn’t stop and came back again to this place for the second time, and of course he spent a long time in here


He was very confident with the stingray…….finally


Castaway Bay: The dry play area


Let’s start to explore


I’m not very good with ropes……so the boy continued all by himself

And then we came to the last but the most favorite ride of all: The Battleship………………….errr not my favorite because it was so cold and so wet after the play.


You can choose to be on the outside arena of the battle and shoot the water from the water cannon to the persons on the ship. Or you can be on the ships and shoot water to other ships or the persons outside. Either way, you’ll still get very wet.


He rode this 5 times, twice with me, twice with daddy, and once alone while joining other people


We were cold and wet


But fun…..even daddy said it was so much fun and he couldn’t stop…….

Only the boy changed his clothes into dry ones while the other two went home still in wet clothes (never expected we would be this wet………..)


Took photo in this quiet place before going home


Bye bye Sea World…………

The boy slept on the bus home, so when we finally reached the hotel, he was already in full energy. My mom and sister decided not to come and went to Pacific Fair Shopping Center and brought us dinner:


Roasted chicken, very cheap for only AUD 7.5 and very tasty too. This was actually big and we even still had leftover for breakfast after the 5 of us finished eating


Our last dinner in Gold Coast

And that was the end of our seventh day in Gold Coast


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