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Gold Coast Trip Day 6: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was only 10 minutes bus drive from our hotel, so we planned to make that day a relaxed one and we felt that we didn’t need to hurry everything that day. After we spent almost 2 hours on the beach, we made our own breakfast (basically anything that we wanted as long as the ingredients were available of course), and this was mine that morning:

Morning breakfast: toast bread with fried ham, cabbage, cheese spread, and chili paste (we brought from Jakarta)

Morning breakfast: toast bread with fried ham, lettuce (very cheap one, under AUD 1 in Coles), cheese spread, and chili sauce (we brought from Jakarta)

We took bus number 700 and stopped at the third stop. By the way, this was the quiet Police Station that I already mentioned before in my previous post. It was located just opposite our hotel.

Palm Beach Police Station

Somehow, seeing this police station very near to where we stayed made me feel safer…………..hahaha…………….

We bought the tickets from the hotel reception, and yes it was cheaper than the front gate price. I was surprised when the bus stopped in the middle of the housing estate. Yes, there were big houses around this park and Currumbin Beach was also withing walking distance from this park.

We saw no queue at the park’s entrance and we assumed that this place would not be as crowded as theme parks. Currumbin was quite a big place and we did feel tired after walking from one end to the other. Basically, you will expect to see many Australian animals here such as koalas, kangaroos, emus, tasmanian devil, etc. I can say that it was more like a zoo or bird park.

It was very hot inside and we sweat a lot. Remember to apply mosquito repellent as there were mosquito or bugs among the trees and bushes. Most of this place was consisted of big and small tress and also bushes, so we felt like we were in the forest instead of man made zoo.

The staff here were very friendly and helpful, including some volunteers who work to help that day. It was amazing to see many people volunteered in this place. I mean, they couldn’t do that if they didn’t have big passion to take care of the animals or the environment.

The first thing we wanted to do was to watch Dr. Doolittle show (ya know, someone who can talk with the animals………….), so we had to walk very far from the entrance door. And look what we found just in front of the empty stage:


A kids playground. The show haven’t started yet, so the boy played here while waiting for the show, and he played here again for almost 1 hour after lunch. This play area might be just a small one, but it attracted him so much.

The show was very funny, entertaining, and gave good information about the animals to the children. The boy was one of the participant as he volunteered to come to the stage and helped Dr. Doolittle himself.


Spin the wheel for Dr. Doolittle and let’s see what animal that you’ll get….


It was a snake! He almost run away from the stage, but we encouraged him to stay and finally for the first time he was very brave to touch a python, and even with a smile!

And of course, there was a present for little helper:


An empty cup???

Well, before he could fill the empty cup with any drink he liked from the Wild Burger Cafe near the stage, there was a photo session with the star of the day:


A bearded dragon………….named Popcorn. And the crocodile name was Fluffy. And I forgot what was the name of the snake…….

And you know what, we purchased the official photo shoot taken by the park’s photographer at the end of our visit for AUD 15. It was the only photo that we ever bought during our visit to many parks everywhere.


Look how brown and tan the boy is in this picture……………

And then, here was what he asked for his present as a little helper:


Frozen raspberry drink


And finished the whole big cup all by himself. That day was very hot so he must had been very thirsty. He usually never liked this kind of sweet drink, so this was his first time drinking this pinkish but refreshing drink


We met a peafowl on the way to the bird show

We didn’t stay long for the bird show because the boy said he’d watched bird show before for many times and he wanted to see the animals only now.

The nearest place from the bird show was the animal hospital, and we did see a surgery was performed by a doctor to a sick animal, and all the equipment was the same as in the real hospital.


The animal hospital


Helping a sick animal


Measure the wingspan outside the animal hospital


We saw this bird just outside the hospital

We looked around the park and took pictures with some of the animals. We skipped kangaroo feeding because the boy said he had already done it twice.


Red tree kangaroo


Sleepy koala

From the kangaroo and koala places, we had to walk very far to go back to the Wild Burger Restaurant to have lunch, and again there was no other option besides the junk food such as this one:

There was something strange about Australia, I kept eating fish and chips everyday but didn't get cough at all

“There was something strange about Australia, I kept eating fish and chips everyday but didn’t cough at all” said the boy. We feel that the fries in Australia tasted better than anywhere else……………………..hahaha…………


Entering Wild Island


With the birds near the pond

Hidden in the Wild Island where not many people aware of this place, we found this huge playground with flying fox, spider web, play area, and even a place to search for dinosaur bones.


Best kids flying fox ever: higher, longer, faster, and no queue (just the boy and one other smaller boy) 

Spider Web

Spider web with big black spider on top of it (not in the picture)


The rope challenge


Another ropes…….


And slide down


Faster way to go down…….


Looking for dinosaur bones


The little paleontologist is working


Ok, I’m done now

The boy was very curious to see the one animal that he hadn’t seen during his visit to Gold Coast, and we were walking here and there to look for that one special animal.


No, it’s not the koala

Tasmanian Devil

It’s the black Tasmanian Devil who preferred to hide in its house during the hot summer, so that was why were so difficult to find him.

Tram Ride

The small but long train could take us almost everywhere around the park


But this time, we chose to watch the Aboriginal Dance Performance

Last one before we finished our trip in Currumbin, we donated AUD “as you like” to get 1 plate that could be filled with milk to feed the bird:

Lorikeet Feeding

The boy didn’t want to feed the birds as they were very aggressive and scared him a bit. Look at our funny expressions when feeding the birds.

When you visit Currumbin, don’t forget to redeem buy one get one free ice cream in Sanctuary Cafe using the coupon provided in the brochure. For AUD 5.95 we got 2 spoonful of ice cream in one cup plus another extra one cup. The portion was huge and it tasted very good too. Absolutely very cheap!

Ice Cream

The boy could finish the whole cup all by himself.

Ice Cream

Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream

Since it was still very bright when we finally got back to the hotel, the boy and I decided to swim again, and he spent most of his time on the slides doing many kinds of new styles with his new friends. When we got back to the room, dinner from the Chinese restaurant was ready, and it was so good to finally be able to find good Chinese food.

One of the menu was fried chicken in sweet and sour sauce. Since the boy never likes the sauce, he only ate the chicken

One of the menu was fried chicken in sweet and sour sauce. Since the boy never likes the sauce, he only ate the chicken

Rice was not cooked yet but he was alreday very hungry, so he ate the chicken only but his eyes were still glued to the Garfield Movie in boomerang channel

Rice was not cooked yet but he was alreday very hungry, so he ate the chicken only but his eyes were still glued to the Garfield Movie in boomerang channel. The wanton soup was also yummy (contained pork)

We also loved the chicken mongolian

We also loved the chicken mongolian

The keropok was a nice addition to the dishes.

The keropok was a nice addition to the dishes.

During the holiday, the boy mostly dines in front of the TV

During the holiday, the boy mostly dines in front of the TV. The dinner was satisfying for us, and we spent AUD 34 for 3 dishes which was acceptable compared to the previous Chinese food that we bought in Surfers Paradise (it was more expensive and the taste was terrible)

After dinner, we couldn’t keep our eyes opened for too long so we went to bed very early, but I still had to wake up one time to put the clothes to the dryer after the washing machine had stopped, so all the clothes would be dry and ready when I got up in the morning. And that was the end of our sixth day trip in Gold Coast. Still one more day to go before we’re going finally going home.



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2 thoughts on “Gold Coast Trip Day 6: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. wah iya yang di foto sambil pegang bearded dragon itu keliatan tanned banget ya. hahaha.
    berani juga ya megang uler segala. gua jadi inget pas pernah megang uler ama kadal2an itu, geli!!! hahaha

    • Iya nih anak gak tau kenapa tiba2 jadi mau pegang-pegang binatang gitu, soalnya kalo gua sih…….geli forever , hehehe………gak bakalan sudi gua pegang2 ular dan kadal dan sebangsanya.

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