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Gold Coast Trip Day 6: It’s All About The Beach

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Play In The Beach

I love taking pictures on the beach. The view is awesome and the beauty is limitless. When looking at the wide beach and the sea which always seem to have no ends, I always feel that we human are so small and God is so great and big. Indeed, his creation is magnificent and even though we’re just like small sand on the beach, God still recognizes us one by one.

That is why even though we visited the beach for 4 times during our trip to Gold Coast, I always took many pictures in my every visit. One more thing, I also took pictures of the sea from the balcony everyday. Yes, everyday. I still could find the difference on my pictures although I took the pictures from the same spot, whether it was the sky, the cloud, the wave, and also the people inside the picture. The expressions on the pictures are also priceless to me because they show the feeling and the emotion so deeply.

Sea view in the morning, taken from the balcony.

Sea view in the morning (at about 7 am), taken from the balcony. It was bright and different than the previous day when there were dark clouds on the sky.

Since we were just going to go somewhere near the hotel that day, we didn’t waste the opportunity to wake up in the morning and headed straight to the beach.

Ready to go to the beach!

Ready to go to the beach! This was taken in the park just at the back of our hotel. There is a narrow path behind the boy that leads directly to the beach. The beach is still a public property and not a part of the hotel, but this hotel has direct access to the beach (within 1 min walking distance).

Whoaaa......I'm so ready to play!

Whoaaa……I’m so ready to play!

It was just 7.30 in the morning, but the sun was already shining so bright and even though it was so hot that morning, the wind blew so strong and we did feel a little cold. Of course we applied sunblock and used sunglasses. It was a beautiful morning and this was the best way to express it:



Jump again........

Jump again……..

And another one...........

And another one………..

Big smile in the morning

Big smile in the morning

My kungfu style......

My kungfu style……

And when you’re going to the beach, you have to play on the sand. It doesn’t matter if you or the house will be very dirty afterwards, you still have to play with the sand because it’s so much fun and so therapeutic.

Palm Beach Gold Coast

Sand play…….

We didn’t swim in the sea (the water was sooo……cold in the morning), but we did play with the water and definitely took many pictures. Even daddy who never really liked the beach and the sea (because of the hot sun), didn’t complain at all. He even joined the sand play on the next day.

Palm Beach Gold Coast

Running against the waves was so much fun



Who wants to join me???



Cold water......no problem!

Cold water……no problem!

Palm Beach

I wish everyday could be like this



Enjoying life


Palm Beach

So happy to see his happy face

After the boy’s second round of breakfast and we were all ready to leave the hotel, we took pictures again in the balcony with the sea as the background.

Palm Beach Gold Coast

I was taking my sister’s photo from 3 different angles in the balcony, the left side, the center, and the right side

Just ignore the boy's face expression. He was just like to make silly faces during the photo-shoot.

Just ignore the boy’s face expression. He was just like to make silly faces during the photo-shoot.

No silly faces, but no smile either

No silly faces, but no smile either. It was so difficult to make good family picture……………

Last try, and another silly faces when my sister count on three.....

Last try, and another silly faces when my sister count on three…..

And that was just the beginning of our sixth day in Gold Coast




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