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Gold Coast Trip Day 5: Palm Beach

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Palm Beach is a quiet area compared to Surfers Paradise. It gave us a different felling after staying in Surfers Paradise for 5 days. We experienced our first rain in Gold Coast that day. It was drizzling while we finally back to the hotel but luckily it didn’t last long.

We stayed in Royal Palm Hotel just opposite Palm Beach Police Station (a very quiet police station, we didn’t see any activities there during our stay, and we didn’t even see the police, on the good side this place must be very safe with very low crime rate) and very near to the bus stop. The bus schedule (number, arrival time, and destination) is available in the bus stops as far as we could see, so this helped us a lot when using public transport.

I chose this hotel because it got good reviews and considered as one of the best in Palm Beach. When we entered the room, all of us (except the boy) were a bit disappointed to see our room. It was so totally different than our previous hotel (well, I already had a bad feeling when I saw the outside building and the reception area). The hotel building was already quite old.

Artique Hotel was a new building with modern look and top notch clean standard. We didn’t even find any stain on the carpet, our room was bright and the furniture also looked good. Even my mom was very happy with the kitchenette.

In Royal Palm, the room was a little outdated and the carpet needed replacement because there were many stains. We even had to wear slipper during the stay. The bathroom and the kitchenette were also not as nice as our previous hotel.

Still, we tried to be positive and when we saw everything all over again and after staying in this hotel for few days, we finally could say that this hotel was actually not bad at all. It just looked old. The bedrooms were fine and the beds were comfortable and we all could sleep very well. The fridge was also clean although the we couldn’t use the kettle because it was very dirty. The bathrooms were actually quite clean and the washing machine and dryer worked well. Overall, after our first night nobody complained and we really enjoyed the stay. I thought they already replaced the beds and the sofas and the TV too because they looked quite new.

The single bed bedroom

The single bed bedroom. Nice bed and we slept well every night. Err……we actually sleep well everywhere if we’re very tired, so I’m not the right person to review about the hotel beds

Outside bathroom with 2 bathroom sinks! Love it.

Outside bathroom with 2 bathroom sinks! Love it. The washing machine and dryer were also here

Master bedroom with balcony

Master bedroom with balcony

The door led to master bathroom

The door led to master bathroom

The bathroom in the master bedroom

The bathroom in the master bedroom

I actually liked the kitchen design with high table (we called it bar table) and high chairs. The size of the overall room was also bigger that our previous hotel and it was cheaper too. So overall, it was still considered worth the money. I think if the hotel replace the carpet and the bathroom floor (clean but looked old), this will change the whole perception of the room. Everything else was still acceptable.

I actually loved the design of the kitchen

I actually loved the design of the kitchen


Modern facilities in the kitchen

Big and clean fridge. I never figured out how to use the oven

Big and clean fridge. I never figured out how to use the oven

No wonder we cook everyday

No wonder we cook everyday

A complete kitchen appliances

A complete kitchen appliances

This hotel had no air conditioning inside the room but the wind was always so strong (from the two balconies in the living room and master bedroom), so we had no problem at all. In fact, it was always very cold at night and in the morning.

Dining room and living room with a balcony

Dining room and living room with a balcony

The boy's favorite place: the living room where he could watch TV in his free time.

The boy’s favorite place: the living room where he could watch TV in his free time. The place that he hated the most: the bedroom because it meant he had to sleep, while according to him, he didn’t need sleep during the holiday…………..hahaha……………

What we loved so much about this hotel was the direct sea view (thanks to the reception who gave me a sea view room, they were very nice people who had helped us a lot). I liked hearing the strong wave sound everyday, and I even recorded the wave sound from the balcony for 10 minutes before we went to the airport. We even slept with the background of wave sound every night. My mom said it will be nice if we have a house facing the sea like this. This was absolutely the best point of staying in this hotel, we could see the sea everyday.

Balcony in the living room: facing the sea

Balcony in the living room: facing the sea

Very dark cloud in the sky

Very dark cloud in the sky made the sea was totally empty

For the boy, the highlight of this hotel were the slide in the pool and the beach access. For me, the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi were the winner among our two hotels. The water in the Jacuzzi was hotter, and even the pool was heated! So we could even swam when it was drizzling or late in the evening. The water was warm. The pool was the winner by default.

The pool was bigger and deeper (about 1.6 M depth) than our previous hotel.

The pool was bigger and deeper (about 1.6 M depth) than our previous hotel

The slide

The slide was the highlight of the pool. The boy said he liked this hotel so much because of the pool slide


In both hotels, there were BBQ areas near the pools

From the swimming pool, there was a door that led us to the beach (only 1 minute walking distance). The beach was quiet and peaceful with strong waves that attracted surfers from little children to adults. I loved to see young boys learnt how to surf in the morning.

See how close the swimming pool from the sea

See how close the swimming pool from the sea

There was a nice little cafe called Dunes Cafe near the hotel overlooking a huge pirate ship playground. There were also Coles supermarket, 7-eleven, a small mini market, Thai Restaurants, a restaurant served pizza, 2 chinese restaurants, and 2 bars nearby. Those were still opened when we explored the area at around 9 pm. So we need not to worry about food and grocery shopping at night.


Dunes Cafe with a dog statue in front of it


Laguna Park with pirate ship playground after the rain. In fact, it was raining again during our visit to this playground

Pirate ship playground was absolutely the highlight of Laguna Park. Complete with big ship, barrels, cannons, and even a treasure map, and it was a sandy playground. Sand was everywhere, so parents didn’t need to worry if the children fall on the playground. We had a great time in the playground and the boy played happily with his new friends. From what I read, this playground is a favorite too and usually very crowded. We were lucky it was quite empty after the rain.


Four barrels in the playground

Laguna Park

Remind us of Jake and Captain Hook

Laguna Park

A hidden slide

Dirty after play? Don’t worry, you can wash yourself with the tap water provided near the playground. My favorite things from this playground was this: a barrel swing! A barrel that could actually swing really high. Where else can we find this old fashioned and antique but so lovely thing like this? And look at his expression. Priceless!

PhotoGrid_1417012043154There was also a small ship which was very cute like this

Laguna Park

Brown and blue little ship

Laguna Park

Cute little boy in a cute little ship

Another thing was a big Pirate Cave (closed for renovation that day) with a real painted on the stone wall treasure map…….and with a treasure chest too.


Not so scary pirate cave


Can you find where the treasure chest is?


Oh, here it is……………


Rain or shine, we still love to play…….


Spinning around………..

What we always saw in the beach, parks, streets, and even theme parks were birds…………….who liked to steal our food, hahaha………….but it was lovely to see birds roaming freely everywhere.



This time, we gave them food…………because they looked so hungry

My mom and sister loved to see how all the plants looked so beautiful everywhere. The flowers were so lovely with pretty colors, and even this chili plant looked so pretty:



Green, red, and yellow

Before dinner, the boy asked to swim in the hotel’s pool. Lucky the water was warm so we could enjoy the swimming, but once we got our from the pool, it was freezing cold.

We couldn't wait to swim

We couldn’t wait to swim

Jacuzzi with hot water

Jacuzzi with hot water

Sliding down.............normally

Sliding down………….normally

Fell into the the deep water

Fell into the the deep water

Then some kids started to slide down with various kind of styles and some of them really made us laugh. The boy even copied and did some back flips on the slide before going down to the water.

Too bad I didn't take picture of his back flip style

Too bad I didn’t take picture of his back flip style

After dinner, the three of us (me, my sister, and daddy) went outside to explore the Palm Beach Area. The wind was strong and it was very cold that night. Most stores were already closed and the street looked empty, but it was very quiet and peaceful that night.



The empty street



Cross the street in front of the hotel, walked straight and you’ll see supermarket, stores, and restaurants. You will see many small motels too along both sides of the streets.


Palm Beach

The Thai and Chinese restaurants were still opened

And that was the end of our fifth day in Gold Coast.



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