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Gold Coast Trip Day 4

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This was going to be a very busy day, so I made sure everyone’s tummy was fulled before we left the house. We were going to Sky Point Observation Deck and White Water World (water theme park).


Delicious and super yummy fried smoked ham for breakfats

Sky Point and White Water World weren’t on my list previously, but when we asked to buy Dream World tickets to the hotel reception, she said that it would be much cheaper if we bought the three packages contained of Dreamworld, White Water World, and Sky Point Observation Deck. Dreamworld ticket only was AUD 95 and the three in one attraction package was AUD 90 (per person). Whattt????? Yes, we knew it was the theme parks strategy to bundle everything like this, but we had no choice and my son was more than happy to know that he was going to two other places besides Dreamworld.

He had been asking me to also take him to Water Theme Park, but I said we had plenty in Singapore, Jakarta, and Malaysia, so we better use our time to visit other places in Gold Coast. He was a bit disappointed but agreed, so he was sooo happy when he finally knew we were going to Water Theme Park.

I had planned carefully so that during our stay in Surfers Paradise we would already cover all the theme parks nearby. We would change our hotel to the one nearer to the airport on Wednesday and I didn’t plan to visit any theme parks anymore because it would be too far for us. So, we had no other option than to change our plan. We finally visited Sea World the day before we went home and it took us almost 2 hours from Palm Beach to Sea World (while from Surfers Paradise probably we would only need less then an hour).

I planned to cover the White Water World on the same day as our Dreamworld visit, but since we  (the boy, me, my sister) were theme park lovers, it was impossible to do that.  So finally, this day was going to be the day that we were going to water play, and the boy was very excited (yeah, he is a die hard fan of water theme park……………….)

First, we visited Sky Point Observation Deck.


The entrance to Sky Point, very close to our hotel

Sky Point is located on top of the iconic Q1 Building, one of the world’s tallest residential towers. Basically, we were taken by an elevator to the 77th floor as the highest point above the Gold Coast and we could see a spectacular 360 degree views of Gold Coast.


On the 77th floor


For better view, use this telescope (insert AUD 2 coins first, it’s not free of course)


With AUD 2, he could only use this for less than 2 minutes

The view was magnificent as we could see the beach, the sea, buildings from above and they looked so different and small.


Gold Coast is surrounded by the sea


Beautiful view from the top building

I also saw restaurant inside where people could have breakfast while enjoying the magnificent view, but I didn’t ask for more information about the price. The boy really paid attention to the information displayed and he read it one by one while the others were busy taking pictures. Overall, one hour visit was enough for us to see everything and took many pictures inside.


With oma


I love beautiful and clean beach


Peaceful and calm


Surfboards…………….after all, it’s the city of Sea Sand and Surf


Interested in doing sky climb (external building climb) with this costume? Just approach the staff and pay extra money. The experience might be stunning, but definitely not for us.

Our next journey was the White Water World. Since it was already 2 hours after lunch and White Water World was at least a one hour journey, we searched for our morning snack. We were already quite bored with bread, so we were so happy when we found this:


Pancakes! Let’s try how pancakes taste in Australia


Looks yummy


I loved the decoration inside with hot air balloons theme from the entrance to the seating area


I’m going to fly in this balloon while eating pancakes………..


Four stacks of pancakes for AUD 10, and the pancakes were round and thick but soft and fluffy with super generous maple syrup and butter toppings

Next stop: White Water World. Then we found out that bus TX3 that would bring us directly to Dreamworld (then walk to White Water World) did not operate on weekdays afternoon! So we had to find other alternatives which required us to take the tram, then the bus to Helensvale then another bus to Dreamworld and this journey was twice longer than TX3! So at the end, we only had 3 hours (including lunch) in this water theme park because White Water World close at 4 pm on weekdays.

Long journey to White Water World

Long journey to White Water World

When we finally arrived, the boy shouted and screamed in excitement (and I was sooo relieved we finally made it after the tiring journey): “Yes, I finally make it to White Water World.”

Slides......here we come......

Slides……here we come……

Finally, White Water World!

Finally, White Water World!

Slippers everywhere!

Slippers everywhere!

Cute decoration inside......

Cute decoration inside……

The Wave pool, too bad we didn't have time to try this

The Wave pool, too bad we didn’t have time to try this

We also skipped this kids pool

Pipeline Plunge. We also skipped this kids pool

Basically, we only focus on the big rides since we didn’t have enough time. And how was our experience? It was awesome! Two thumbs up! We loved and loved and loved all the rides. Seriously, if you have enough time and you’re a theme park lover, try at least one water theme park in here. Everything was absolutely better than all the rides in water theme park that we ever tried. Even though some rides were almost the same as other water theme parks, but they had some surprise elements inside that I can’t explain. Even the not so scary rides form outside had something thrilling when we tried them. You can expect almost to vertical drop in every ride.


Hydrocoaster, my favorite. The concept is the same as Riptide Rocket in Adventure Cove Waterpark, it’s a slide roller coaster. But comparing to Riptide Rocket, this was ten times better! It was higher, faster, steeper, and more slopes. We suddenly felt that Riptide Rocket was a child’s play after we tried this one.

Don’t ask what the boy’s favorite because he can’t decide even until now. He likes everything and I said to him lucky we finally decided that we visited this Water Theme Park, and he teased me by saying “Yeah, but at first you said you didn’t wanna go, but now you say it’s very good………. Lucky we finally went to White Water World.”

The Green Room.

The Green Room. I always say that Tornado in Kampung Gajah was the best ride compare to other rides like these? Well, it’s defeated by this Green Room now. Quite scary when we were swung from one side to another.

Even the twister ride was a bit different and better in here. I think I’ve written the word better too many times, but it’s my honest opinion and I was amazed to see small children tackled thrill rides. The minimum height for hydrocoaster was even only 107 cm, so we were wowed by small children bravely stepped inside into the floats and slid down.

The boy couldn’t ride BRO (Blue Ring Octopus), a racer in which we go down with head first, because he wasn’t tall enough. And he also really wanted to try The Wedgie but it was already closed. The Wedgie is like Torpedo in Wild Wild Wet (a vertical drop slide), and I said to him there is no way that I want to try this one, so he’ll be on his own if he wants to try this. He still feels disappointed even until now that he never rides Wedgie at the end.

The only place where we could have lunch, and I think you can guess what we had for lunch based on the picture

The only place where we could have lunch, and I think you can guess what we had for lunch based on the picture

Yap, another fish and nuggets and chips.

Yap, another fish and nuggets and chips……….but we felt that all the chips and fish and fried chicken tasted better in here, hahaha…………………maybe it was because of the holiday spirit

Our after lunch menu: Triple Vortex

Our after lunch menu: Triple Vortex

Happy face.......

Happy face…….

This water theme park was big and it was quite tiring to walk from one place to another. There were many other rides that daddy didn’t have time to take photos (because we went too fast so the results were blur). Overall, we had great time and was so sad when they finally closed the rides at 4 pm. These are our last rides before we finished:

The Rippler

Little Rippers

I also tried the Rippler

I also tried Little Rippers


Temple of Huey (consists of 3 slides): this one was Cut Up Snake


Another slide in Temple of Huey: Shrieking Right Handeds

During our trip to White Water World, my sister and my mom decided not to come and went to Australia Fair Shopping Center (alight in Southport or Southport South Tram Station).

Lucky bus TX3 was in operation when we went home, and the sky was still very bright when we left the park. So I asked the boy whether he was tired or not, because if not we could go and visit Anzac Park. We always passed by Anzac Park (we saw from the bus) every time we went to theme park and also on the way home, and the playground looked very nice. He said he was not too tired and still had energy to go to the park and because he said there would be no other time to visit Anzac Park if not that day……………………so yes, we continued the journey to Anzac Park.

Anzac Park Playground is located just opposite Australia Fair Shopping Center, so first we went by tram to this shopping center. We arrived at around 5.30 pm and was shocked to see almost all stores and food stalls were already closed! Except the supermarket that opened until 10 pm, almost everything were closed or preparing to close. Being lived in the countries where the malls open until at least 9 to 10 pm, we were speechless to see the empty malls.

It was difficult also to find an open food stall at that time, and we needed to snack because were so hungry, and so we had no other choice than to go here:

Another junk food in Hungry Jack.......

Another junk food in Hungry Jack…….

Burger and fries. The chicken burger was very yummy and we liked it a lot

Burger and fries. The chicken burger was very yummy and we liked it a lot

We actually had some leftover lunch, and I wrapped it carefully and put it next to my bag, then we went to play in the water theme park. And what happened after we came back from the play? All the food was gone…………..eaten by a bird! Yes, birds in Gold Coast are very clever, they can unwrap food and finish them while we are not looking, and they usually will leave one or their feather as a souvenir…………………so please be careful with birds…………………..they are hungry birds……….

A very empty cinema

A very empty cinema

Before we left this mall, the boy asked me to take his picture and daddy in here:


Cute little animals

From Australia Fair Shopping Center, we just needed to cross the street to go to Anzac Park Playground.

Anzac Park is just across the street

Anzac Park is just across the street

The super fun Anzac Park, with children playground by the sea and on the sea (such as Wipeout, but I think need to register and pay first to play)

The super fun Anzac Park, with children playground by the sea and on the sea (such as Wipeout, but I think need to register and pay first to play)

What was the boy’s favorite ride in Anzac Park? I can answer that easily, it was this one:

Ride alone? Not fun!

Ride alone? Not fun!

Together is better

Together is better

It was obviously favorite among other children too

It was obviously favorite among other children too

The more the merrier.............the children could bump hard into each other and it was super fun.....

The more the merrier………….the children could bump hard into each other and it was super fun…..

Flying fox was also fun

Flying fox was also fun

For me, my favorite was this one:

Bounce high and free......

Bounce high and free……

Even adults can participate. I tried too and it was fun.....

Even adults can participate. I tried too and it was fun…..

Who doesn't like to jump?

Who doesn’t like to jump?

This one was also unusual and we never found one like this:

No wonder it was a favorite too....

No wonder it was a favorite too….

Huge playground

Huge playground with sea view. Toilets are also available (see the five small buildings with triangle roofs on the background)

Monkey bars

Monkey bars

Already dark......it was time to go home

Already dark……it was time to go home

Australian Fair Shopping Center at night

Australian Fair Shopping Center at night

We did some grocery shopping at Coles in Australian Fair before going back to our hotel. Milk, biscuits, ham, and another Kraft cheddar cheese spread were on our plastic bags that night.


Most of the stores around the tram station were already closed that night. The streets were also already very quiet.

Go Card top up station in the tram station

Go Card top up station in the tram station

Drinking water is also available in the tram station

Drinking water is also available in the tram station

Night snack before dinner (dinner was not ready but he already said "I'm very hungry......"

Night snack before dinner (dinner was not ready but he already said “I’m very hungry……”

And that was the end of our fourth day trip in Gold Coast.



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