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Gold Coast Day 3: Dreamworld

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This post is a collaboration between the boy and mamma boy. Basically, the boy wrote the basic idea and the introductory first, then I added the picture, and he wrote the caption under the pictures.

Then I challenge him with “what happened, why, when, how did you feel, give more description” questions and he would complete the sentences. I also helped him typed some words because it was difficult for him to type fast on the laptop. Overall, more than 70% of the contents are his. I want him to write his experience as it will also help him in making better composition at school. I do hope he will write more often in the future.

We found this “writing together” process was very fun and enjoyable and helped him to speak of his mind and how he felt about certain things and then described them in words. I do hope to this more often with him. 


We went to Dreamworld on 17 November 2014 on my Gold Coast Trip with my family. I had so much fun. I enjoyed my visit. My father was scared of the rides. He thought that everything was scary.

I did not ride Tower of Terror 2, Giant Drop, The Claw, Thunder River Rapids Ride, Flowrider, Zombie Evilution, Buzzsaw, Cyclone, Wipeout, Pandamonium and the kiddy rides. I did not ride them because either they were too scary or  I did not have time to ride them. I did not want to ride the kiddy rides anymore because they were too childish for me.

There were also gliders, bumper cars, thrill rides, spinners, animals, log rides, shows, restaurants, games and many more.You can ride the Dreamworld Express (it was a train) instead of walking.

At night, there was also Screamworld and night Flowrider.

Dreamworld was very crowded when we arrived, but most rides did not have long queues. It seemed that many people wanted to ride The Claw, Wipeout, and Motocoaster. The Claw was too scary for me.

My favorite rides were Rocky Hollow Log Ride, Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, Tail Spin, Escape from Madagascar, Push In Boots Sword Swing and Gingy’s Glider. Yes, almost everything! My scariest rides was Shockwave.

When we entered Dreamworld, we saw this and took photos together.


Popcorn, ice cream and soda drink behind us. I wish I could eat the gigantic popcorn and enormous ice cream. I don’t like the soda drink

Dream World was a happy place, so we took many pictures because we were happy

Dream World was a happy place, so we took many pictures because we were happy

I was in front of the cinema (4D movie

I was in front of the cinema (4D movie “How To Train Your Dragon which was very good)


I was in front of the souvenir shops


Behind me was The Claw. The Claw is a ride in which you will swing and spin you until you’re upside down. I don’t know whether I’m going to ride The Claw someday


My aunt besides Dreamworks Experience Signage

Then we rode Escape from Madagscar. I was not scared during the ride. My father also rode this, but he was scared. This ride was similar to Canopy Flyer in Universal Studio Singapore. It was a roller coaster and we had to sit on a chair with our feet dangling in the air.


Madagascar Madness


Water spitting animals


Madagascar Characters. I didn’t take picture here because I was too excited to ride Escape from Madagascar so I walked very fast in front of my mother. I actually ran to the ride


The Penguin Plane and the chimpanzees


Escape from Madagascar Ride.

After that, we went to Far Far Away Land to take more photos. It seemed like everybody liked Madagascar and Far Far Away because in USS there are also Madagascar and Far Far Away.


Shrek is taking a bath in the mud pool


Shrek is working. My aunt and I were in electrifying yellow


The Far Far Away Characters

Shrek Dreamworld

Shrek’s babies were so naughty that we had to pull their ears


Puss in boots’ sword swing. My father vomited after this ride. He also felt very dizzy, but I did not


Ogre go-round. I was riding Donkey

Fierce dragon

Fierce dragon above me

Then, I rode Gingy’s Glider alone because only children could ride.


I had to lie flat on my stomach and my hands must hold on tight to the handles in front of me, and I was raised up and swung in the air

Wheee..............I was flying..........with Gingerbread Man under me

Wheee…………..I was flying……….with Gingerbread Man under me

Ieie and my mother took pictures when I was flying

Ieie and my mother took pictures when I was flying

Then we entered Po’s Garden. It was inspired from Kungfu Panda.


My mother was posing like Po


Po and The Furious Five. I was doing some kungfu too


I tried to be like Po


Junior Kung Fu Training Academy


Skadoosh! It was bumper car ride in Po’s Garden

Next stop was Tail Spin. I rode twice, first with my aunt, and second with my mother. It was an extremely high ride, but I didn’t scare at all. My mother closed her eyes when the ride went up, and my aunt closed her eyes when the ride went down. My mother was scared when the ride went up but my aunt was scared when the ride went down. I did not spin because the sticks were too heavy for me.

Tail Spin

Spin like this for maximum thrills

Tail Spin

I liked Tailspin

Dreamworld Shark

In front of Tailspin. Who pose better? We were about to get eaten by the shark except for me. I simply ran away.

Then we rode Shockwave. The brochure said it was a family ride, so we rode it, but in fact it was very scary. We almost closed our eyes on the entire ride.


Smile before the ride


Shockwave is scary. We were thrown, spun, swung around for a very long time. It was also very high

Then we rode Dreamworld Express to Billabong Station to go to Billabong Restaurant. We didn’t walk because we were too tired and hungry.

Dream World Express

Dream World Express

Hungry faces..............hahaha.......

Hungry faces…………..hahaha…….

Mom’s note: Billabong Restaurant was an all you can eat restaurant, and we were offered a very good discount prize at the General Enquirers booth before we entered Dreamworld. We only had to pay AUD18 for adult and AUD6 for child. We had to decide and pay at the General Enquirers office. Once we refused, we won’t get the same price anymore inside. It turned out to be a good bargain, as food was quite difficult to find inside and also very expensive. Burger and chips would cost around AUD 15. There were many varieties of food inside the restaurant, from appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks and ice cream. Although the queue was very long, but the chef kept adding the food again and again so we never lack of food. The place was nice with air con and toilet facility inside. The taste of the food was also acceptable. And they also served chili paste…………important for me. They served fries, fish, salad, fried rice, chicken wings, etc which were acceptable for kids and adults.


Billabong Restaurant All U Can Eat Buffet Lunch. I liked the french fries and I ate a lot of fries.


Chocolate ice cream with nuts and chocolate sprinkles

Then we visited Dreamworld Corroboree, it was a place where we could see animals such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Cassowaries, and Dingos.


Feeding the kangaroos at Dreamworld Corroboree

I wasn't afraid to hand feed the kangaroo

I wasn’t afraid to hand feed the kangaroo

I loved feeding the kangaroo

I loved feeding the kangaroo

Ie ie was also not afraid of the kangaroo

Ie ie was also not afraid of the kangaroo


Touching the kangaroo


The kangaroo was furry and soft. Even the ears were soft


Touching the kangaroo again


Not brave enough to touch the kangaroo


Tiger Island

Then we went to Wiggle’s World. I did not ride anything in here because they were too kiddish.


Captain Feathersword’s Ship SS Feathersword

Then we rode Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster. It was a very fast roller coaster. For people who are scared of thrilled rides, it’s scary for them, but not for me. It was fun.


MIck Doohan’s Motocoaster

We also watched How To Train Your Dragon Films at Dreamworld Theater. It was on 3D and we had to wear 3D glasses. The movie was good and the last part was funny.

We went to the souvenir shop and tried few things.

Hey look........I was a koala.......

Hey look……..I was a koala…….

I pretended to be an Ogre too...........

I pretended to be an Ogre too………..


In front of Giant Drop and Tower of Terror 2

Finally, we rode Rocky Hollow Log Ride. We rode it twice. It wasn’t scary. I liked it a lot. We got wet after riding it.

Rocky Hollow Log Ride


It was a flume ride. We went into a tunnel and went up and went down slowly.Then,we went through several tunnels and went up and down quickly


Down quickly


Even my mother said it wasn’t scary at all


I already changed my clothes after the log ride and took picture in front of Fairy Wishing Flower

Pretty shop

Pretty shop

Ieie took picture with the pretty floerrs before we finally went out from the park

Ieie took picture with the pretty floerrs before we finally went out from the park

That was the end of the trip to Dreamworld, and for more information about the rides that I did not ride, please visit yourself. Thank you.


In front of Dreamworld before going home


Bye bye Dreamworld





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