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A Well Deserved Holiday!

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We didn’t actually plan for this holiday. I thought of where to go on this November school holiday and my first plan was for us to go to Penang, Malaysia. Daddy was agreed and he said he could take a week leave from his office. So after some consideration such as budget allocation and if daddy could take a week leave then why should we only go short distance, we finally decided and agreed to go to…………Australia! Yes, it’s very far from Malaysia to Australia but this was the place that we really wanted to go someday and we actually planned to do this Australia trip next year. After some calculation, we found out that we still had extra budget for this Australia trip and so why not doing it this year?

Our chosen destination for this time was Gold Coast. There would be many good things to do and see for the kid and adults, the flight tickets and hotel price were not as expensive as other cities in Australia, and mostly there would be beaches everywhere!. The boy was very excited and it was like a dream come true for him because he said he could finally visit other continent besides Asia.

We started with our visa application in September, and it only took 2 working days until we got approved. The approval was sent via email so it was very easy and convenient because we didn’t have to go back to get our approved visa. For Indonesian passport, the fee was SGD 200 per person and must be paid in cash. No need to make online appointment, we just came straight to Republic Plaza to submit the documents.

We downloaded the visa form from this website: www.vfsglobal.com/australia/singapore. Everything is clear in this website including the required documents, and if you have any questions just call the customer service like I did.

Read carefully before fill out the application form

Read carefully before fill out the application form

Even the boy insisted to fill out his application form all by himself

Even the boy insisted to fill out his application form all by himself, he was super excited…….

We bought the tickets from Scoot Airlines, as the only direct flight from Singapore to Gold Coast. It’s a budget airlines, so basically you have to pay for everything: the seat selection, the baggage, the food, and even blanket. We paid almost SGD 1700 for the three of us including 20 kg baggage and 1 meal for the boy, quite a good bargain we thought considering it was an 8 hours journey from Singapore to Gold Coast.

We all couldn’t wait for the school holiday to start but first of course the boy must passed his exams first (which I already shared how hectic the days were), but thank God everything ended well finally. Just 3 days before his school concert, he whispered to my ear after I picked him up from school: “I’m a prize winner again this year.” I was surprised because I never thought he could be a prize winner again this year considering how hard his friends had already worked too.

On the d-day, daddy said I should be the one who came to stage with him because I was the one who taught him at home all this time, and were so proud of him when he was announced as:

  • First in Class
  • Third in Standard (number three from the whole Primary 2)
  • Best In English (from the whole Primary 2)

We were so happy and especially the boy couldn’t stop smiling that day (but more about this later, hopefully after I finish my Gold Coast posts). As the streaming process will start in Primary 3, he will be going to the A (band 1) students class next year. This was his wish and he was satisfied with the result, although I said to him that it means that he has to work harder next year because all the best students will be joining him in this class.

The Chinese teacher is also promoting him to a higher class, which surprised me a lot because we are not speaking Chinese at home. My friend’s daughter was also going to join this class, and she said to me in desperation “more headache” which I agreed…………….

After the award ceremony, one of my friend said that the boy really did well and our trip to Australia is really A WELL DESERVED HOLIDAY for him! Yes, she was right. After his hard work, this must be the best gift that we could give to him.

Hopefully he will do better in Primary 3.

And so the Gold Coast trip was over and we came back last Saturday and it was a memorable journey for us. My sister and mother joined us and we absolutely had a wonderful time together. The boy said he was sad to go home again and he will miss Gold Coast a lot (well, not just him, but all of us too).


Definitely will miss this beautiful beach







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