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Visiting Science Center (Nature’s Design Exhibition)

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We saw this temporary exhibition the last time we visited Science Center (it’s closed now and replaced with another exhibition). We got free ticket for purchasing Human Body Exhibition entry ticket. The name Nature’s Design Exhibition didn’t bring my interest at first. What could be so interesting about this Natur’s Design? I thought it would be just showing some plants and animals with the super long explanations, and bla bla bla…………….but hey, after all, it’s Science Center, right, and in Science Center the reality is always way above the expectation.

And yes, we were wowed when we entered the room, well not exactly the first time when we entered the room, because we saw this in the foyer after the staff checked our tickets:


What??? Robots? I don’t like robots, and so does the boy, and we’re not interest to learn more about robots, so this is going to be boring. Okay, just see for a while, take some pictures, and go out to see other places.


The history of robots, to my surprise the boy really paid good attention on the robot display

So, did we really only spend a very little time at this exhibition? Nope. We spent the longest time of our visit in Science Center in this exhibition! Yap, don’t judge the book by it’s cover or don’t judge the exhibition by it’s name or it’s foyer might be better for this case. It was so difficult to drag the boy out of this room at the end. There were so many things to play with (yes, play and not see). There were many things to see too, but all the kids were more interest to play than to see. Even after we spent many times in this place, we didn’t manage to try everything because I insisted that we had to go and see other things in Science Center, because the closing time is 6 pm (they should consider to open this place longer since there’s no way to explore this place in only one day.

This place for Nature’s Design Exhibition is huge and spacious and it even had a running track too! It was not so crowded, which was good for us. The distance between one exhibit to the other was quite far which was very convenient for the little explorers.

This was what attract us to go farther after the robot display:


A zebra robot which could nod it’s head up and down (looked like real). Wow, animal robots exhibition, the boy was absolutely excited to go inside

So, it turned out that we were entering Robot Zoo, a complex of animal robots and we could discover how real animals work (forget the part that even until we ended the tour, we still didn’t know how real animals work…………………………the boy was busy playing and I was busy taking pictures and we were too lazy to read because of course playing and taking pictures were more interesting than reading the whole explanation, rite?). But…….at least the boy learned something when he pressed some buttons or moved a joystick and then machinery in the robot animals simulates the body parts of the animals, and they moved! He moved the head, the legs, the body, and everything.

Robot Body Shop

See how spacious this place was? No wonder it was so big, it was a 700 square meter exhibition. In here, he learnt about parts of robot body

Robot Zoo

Muscles become pistons, intestines become filtering pipes and brains become computers

Robot Giant Squid

Robot Giant Squid

Robot Bat

Robot Bat (he is afraid of bats so we only spend very little time in here). The animals in this exhibition were quite unusual, and we found:

Robot Platypus

A Robot Platypus, one of his favorite after he watched Phineas and Ferb on TV

The robots were beautifully displayed, and it was amazing how someone could create something so big, almost real, and could move like those robots. Hmmm, maybe the boy would like to join one of the robot creator one day……………

At the other side of the room, there were also an exhibition called SEEDS. Not just seeds that we could find on the ground, but carving seeds! Yes, they carved the seeds. The master craftsmen utilize the form and structure of various seeds to express their own creativity by carving on these seeds.


The nature’s beauty. The seed collection is displayed to highlight the science of seed carving which has been practiced in China for centuries and is still being praised for turning useless fruit stones into valuable works of art.


Entering the seeds collection. The big tree was awesome.


Pose with this big beautiful flower

Ok, now enough with the exhibition and then it was time to play, play, and play.


Seriously, a playground in one corner of this place? Absolutely a nice touch for the kids

Hang Time

What this got to do with the Nature’s Design? I don’t know, but it was fun

Sticky Feet

Walked like Spiderman, which was so difficult………so it’s not easy to be a Spiderman

Jet Propeller

This was also so much fun, we asked three other kids to join and compete in this fish racing game, and he won against the girls

Running Track

A racing track, how cool was that? He could choose whether he wanted to run like an athlete, a cheetah, or a chicken (the speed I mean not the style). When the green light was on and he heard the beep sound, then he could start running. This was a favorite among the children, and the queue was longer (but faster) than the queue in Mc Donalds


Test his knowledge with the animal sound

And after that, he still run for many times and played the jet propeller again for many times, touched this and tried that, and that when the nature called, we know we needed to end the visit and went straight to


Mc’Donalds! Junk food………yes, but no other option, and besides I needed junk food too because the day was still long and I had to drive back home in the evening so I needed Double Cheese Burger!





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