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Visiting Singapore Science Center (Human Body Experience)


We went to Science Center 2 months ago, but I am always feeling very lazy to post about this (even until now), because there are so many photos that I have to sort, pick, edit, resize, and upload. No to mention the captions that I have to add……………but I want to document our visit in my blog, so I finally decided to start writing about our adventure in Singapore Science Center. To make it easier for me, I will divide our visit in some different posts and hopefully everything will be finished within days.

This was also my first time driving from east to west alone without daddy (he was on business trip that day). The boy was soo…..proud of me and told my my heroic act bringing him to SSC alone to everyone in the house, hahaha…………….

We went to Science Center because we wanted to see The Human Body Experience Exhibition (please note that it’s a temporary exhibition so I don’t know if you can still find this in Science Center today or not). The boy had been asking me to take him to Science Center to see HBX (Human Body Experience) because of the good reviews from other bloggers, but I said we better wait because it was always very crowded. Finally, I took him on Monday morning which was public holiday and we arrived (as usual) even before this place was opened. HBX ticket is not included in the SSC  (Singapore Science Center), but HBX if we buy HBX entrance ticket, then it’s already included admission to SSC plus free entry to Nature Design Exhibition (which no longer exist by now and already been replaced with other exhibition).

Confused? Long story short, we bought HBX ticket ($20 for adults and $15 for child) which included entry to SSC and Nature Design Exhibition. For that amount of money, we could enter HBX twice only. To avoid the crowd, we went straight to HBX and was the first to enter (the exhibition was not even opened yet so we had to wait about 3 minutes). There were only 2 other people behind us and through the whole journey.

When we came back in the afternoon, the queue was quite long and it was also very crowded inside. Lucky I already took pictures in the morning so we didn’t stop or wait to take pictures.

This is what HBX looks like:



The boy described it like this: ” We will see our human body and we will enter through the mouth and get out through the butt like poop.” The he couldn’t stop giggle and finally laughing.

Well, he described it correctly. It’s a larger than life human anatomy that will take us through an interactive trip through the human digestive system and we will experience what it feels to be swallowed and processed by the body.

It’s a joint collaboration between Science Center Singapore and Newman Entertainment International Pte Ltd, and Marc Newman, Creative Director, Newman Entertainment International, said, “The exhibition is unique as it has been conceptualized like a theme park, where you have to climb in through the mouth to enter, slide down the throat, crawl through the veins and arteries, and squelch as you bounce inside the stomach. It is like someone swallowed a fun park and you are in it and amazed at what you see.”

Well, it was fun indeed.

For little children it could be scary because entering through this big mouth, climbing up, and sliding down might frighten them, and yes we saw many toddlers cried and refused to enter. But don’t worry, the staff will come to the rescue and let you enter through a secret door that will take you directly inside the body.

Going in through the mouth, climbing the tongue, and sliding down through the throat were the best parts of the whole experience. We couldn’t stop giggling when we climbed and slid down. It was so much fun doing that.


We were the first and the only one to enter HBX in the morning. So I could take pictures again and again without anyone interrupting us. In here, the boy was ready to climb


Slid down through the throat. After this part, there was an explanation about the tongue, which helps us to speak and eat, but also an organ of taste. Then we continue the journey and landed in:


The Larynx, where we learnt about how we produce our sound


And move to the respiratory system where we saw:


Two full blown lungs in the rib cage, and just like what lungs do inside our bodies, these lungs also expanded and contracted to help us to breathe


Then we enter the labyrinth of veins, with eerie fluorescent lighting to represent the these vessels that circulate blood throughout the body


Then we entered the cardiovascular system, which is the heart chamber and we could hear the thudding of the heart all around us


Balls to play with giant bouncing blood cells. This was fun too, with the disco look alike lightning and the music and the big balls to play with, adults and children went crazy in here…………..and we spent the longest time playing in this place


And of course, all the blood vessels lead us to the heart itself


This is our immune system, it’s a very sophisticated defense system of our body. We are born with innate immunity, which has a number of defensive mechanism such as the white blood cells and chemicals that attack invading micro-organism


We have an adaptive immune system which recognizes and remembers foreign materials like bacteria, viruses, and worms so it can mount a more effective defense on the second invasions. How cool is that??? God really created our bodies perfectly with sophisticated yet effective designs, so let’s take good care of our bodies


Heart Of The Matter, our heart is a double pump that circulates blood around the body


Not afraid of the skull………….this skull and the picture besides it help us to understand about our blood circulation


The heart is a large muscles with four chambers that pump blood through different parts of the body


Done with the heart, let’s go to the inner-space


Hey, It’s the brain!


Walk through inside the brain


Let’s learn about how our brain controls our nervous system and our memories…………….errr…..I didn’t take pictures of the explanation, so I can’t give anymore information


Now we come into the digestive system, it’s the process of breaking down food to extract energy and chemical building blocks for the body. The alimentary canal, the tube along which food passes from the mouth to the anus, is 9 m long!


I kinda like the motto: Swallowed Alive…………makes me hungry………….


The squishy and soft stomach


Feel a sudden spray of mist hit you in a simulation of what gastric juice would feel like……………..it was like crossing a rocking bridge in here (it was the floor of the churning stomach actually, and things were start moving as soon as we stepped into the floor 


Small intestines, by the time the food reach the end of the small intestines, most of the nutrients have been absorbed into the body.


Wooowww…………….almost fell down……………this place is to cool for words!


The end of the journey, squeeze through the various chambers of large intestines and come out through the anus. Happy face means it was a great journey………

And welcome to the real world again…………………out of the body of course………………


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2 thoughts on “Visiting Singapore Science Center (Human Body Experience)

  1. waaa ini keren banget! jadi bener2 kita menyelusuri bagian dalam tubuh manusia ya. asli keren!

    • Iyes, jadi kayak ditelen gitu terus kita disuruh masuk ke maze yang ada di dlm body kita, terus dikeluarin lagi.
      Bagus banget sih emang, cuma sayangnya hanya temporary aja, bentar lagi udah mau ganti lagi deh kayaknya.

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