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September School Holiday

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Holiday comes………holiday goes………….and although the cycle repeats itself so often, it is still very hard to accept when the holiday is finally over……….

Last week was term 3 school holiday, and I can’t believe that in less then 4 months the boy will be in Primary 3. How time flies! Even the boy always says: “Time goes so fast. Soon I will be in P3. I was in P1, P2, and now it’s going to be P3.” But before that happen, let’s pass this stressful term 4 which will be full of assessments and year end exams………….and we can’t wait for the 1.5 months year end school holiday! Quite sad for him because I know he’s going to miss his teacher which already been teaching him for almost 2 years.

Although we didn’t go out of town and daddy couldn’t even take leave from the office, but the two of us still had so much fun together and we managed to go out of the house almost everyday.

The boy was so sad when the holiday was over and couldn’t wait for the next Friday when he will have another school holiday again due to PSLE…………….hahaha………..

Term 3 school days ended with a special 3-hours after school football coaching session for all boys in Primary 2 (the girls’ session was held the previous day). Thankfully the weather was super good and the sun shone brightly so the children could practice in the school field (by the way, the school invited coaches from outside the school too…………….which I thought was very good). I felt very sorry for the girls who had session the day before because it was raining heavily the whole afternoon so they had to practice indoor. I didn’t think they could have the maximum fun, but I still saw them having so much fun with the soccer balls after I finished with my last rehearsal at the hall.

All sweat and tired after 3 hours playing football, but he said it was fun and he really enjoyed the session

All sweat and tired after 3 hours playing football, but he said it was fun and he really enjoyed the session

And so……the holiday started and although we had an unplanned holiday ahead of us, we could still think tons of ideas to do together and most of them were spontaneously said…………..

Visiting Kid Stop for the second time

Since we really had nowhere to go and nothing to do, I just said: “Let’s go to Kid Stop again” and he was soooo…… excited and happy about this idea. So we just went off on Saturday afternoon and since we didn’t prepare at all and just go, we arrived too early and had to wait………………hahaha………

Visiting Kid Stop again

Visiting Kid Stop again


Visiting this magic theater was our main purpose and this was our first stop. This was closed the last time we visited and we were very glad when it was finally opened and with nobody else inside the room. In here, he could choose his background movie while he (pretended) to race his car in high speed.


Sang on the stage and appeared on TV…………..we could give extra sound and special effect too. This exhibit is a must try and children will be happy to see themselves on TV

Kid Stop Afternoon Session

So surprise to see this place almost empty 1 hour before closing time. So if you want a more quiet place to visit, probably you can try visiting this place on the afternoon session. Two to one hour before the closing time, the little children will be too exhausted and hungry to play again

Unfortunately, the boy didn’t find an almost empty place was fun for him……………so he asked to go home before the closing time! (shocking news for me…….). I guess “the more the merrier” applies wonderfully to children playground.

Go to the swimming pool

What is the best way to cool ourselves in the super hot weather like this then to dip ourselves in the swimming pool? It was in the middle of the day and the sun was shining brightly right on top of our heads, so jumping to the pool was the best thing that we could do that day.


The boy played in the water for 2 hours


Hungry…………….? Just go to Pastamania which is located just few steps away from the pools. In here, we can eat even with our wet swimming attire. He said the hot soup warmed his body and he finished everything from the soup, the bread, and the pizza

Then he continued swimming again until……………..the pool was closed because of the rain! See how empty the pool is after the lifeguards asked everyone to go out from the water?


The pool is closed? No problem…………..we can just continue eating……..

Time to go home since we didn’t know how long the pool was going to be closed.


He spotted this sign in our way to the bus stop

Playground Time

In here, playgrounds are everywhere……….seriously………..we can find at least 5 play areas near where we live………..and they’re all brand new! The old ones had been refurbished and now we get new playgrounds. Since the boy doesn’t really have time to play during school days and on weekends we usually go out far away from where we live, so school holiday is the best time to play.


All new equipment in the play area…….


Sliding down………..


Spinning around………….I also love to play with this, although I got dizzy easily

The best thing about playground is that you can always find new friends or meet old friends.

 Geronimo Stilton Is In Town

One of the best thing that happened on September holiday was probably a visit from Geronimo Stilton and his sister and cousins to United Square Mall in Novena. Of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to watch the show and take picture with Mr. Stilton himself (it was free by the way………..). The tickets were only given to the first 50 family who queued, and they were all gone just within minutes, even though it was Monday afternoon and not weekends.

As one of Geronimo Stilton big fan, the boy really couldn’t wait to see his favorite character on the books became real. He even counted how many Stilton books that he has before we left the home just in case Geronimo asked him…………..

We had to queue at least one hour before the show to get ticket number for taking one picture with the show casts, then queued again to enter the show area and get the best spot which was the front spot, and finally queued again to take picture. Phew……….lots of queue……….

We went to the show with his friend, who is also a big fan of Geronimo Stilton

We went to the show with his friend, who is also a big fan of Geronimo Stilton

Nice and interactive show...........

Nice and interactive show………..


Finally…….he met Geronimo, sister Thea, and cousins Benjamin and Trapp

Dine Out

We also dine out sometimes during the holiday, because holiday and cooking just do not make good combination……………..

The boy favorite’s place is Swensen’s, because he can get free ice cream. Although I get bored with the food, but I agreed to go only during weekdays and lunch time, because they give free ice cream and drink during lunch time, hahaha………….


We decided to walk through the park to Swensen’s. It was a hot day so I guessed walking wasn’t a good idea at all


Not so healthy food for once in a month………..

Visiting Changi Airport

There is always something fun to do at the airport, that’s why we love visiting Changi Airport (although the parking fee is very expensive………sigh…………).

There is an exhibition going on in Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Row, and this time (will end at the end of September if I’m not mistaken) it’s “The Greatest Adventure” exhibition which will bring us to 4 different countries (that we’ve never visited before). It’s a super fun place for kids and adults and there are many good spots to take photos with. There are games, quiz with free souvenir, lucky draw when you guess how many spots does a pair of leopards have (only counts the spots on the leopards in the exhibition area), and also a children ride. For more information please visit Changi Airport website.


We were so shocked when they changed the roller coaster into this train ride. There was supposed to be a mini yellow roller coaster , and when we came it was already changed into this. Well, never mind, the boy still had fun riding it too.

Surprisingly, not very crowded

Surprisingly, not very crowded

The staff there were very nice and helpful, and they helped a lot……………….so thank you very much for your great service……..


Entering The Great Adventure zone which will bring us to:

Visiting China

CHINA…………….I said to my boy that we will visit China only when he master his Chinese language, hahaha…………….I said I don’t want to get lost in translation in this country. I really hope this will encourage him to study harder………….


Hey look…………we’re in China………

Visiting Mauritius

MAURITIUS with its lovely beaches, certainly our dream destination and we will go there………….someday…………..


Relaxing and playing with the sand in one of the beach in Mauritius. the good this is, this beach is not hot because it has air con………..


BRAZIL…………..we need sponsor to go here, pretty please………..


Xbox game in Brazil

Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA……………….what an exotic holiday destination…………


Participate in the quiz and get a free souvenir

For those of you who haven’t see this exhibition yet……….I suggest you go and see because it’s really fun and worth to visit

 Lazing Around At Home

Although I still asked the boy to do some English and Math practices at home, but we also enjoyed relaxed days at home. We read books, played with gadgets, snacking almost all the time (couldn’t believe his appetite during the holiday when he could have 3 meals a day plus milk plus fruits plus snacks two or three times a day), or just laid on the bed while having our pillow talk. That’s why we love holiday, isn’t it?

We borrowed many books from the library and read all day long. That small soft pillow on the right picture was a souvenir from answering quiz in The Great Adventure Exhibition in Changi Airport

We borrowed many books from the library and read all day long. That small soft pillow on the right picture was a souvenir from answering quiz in The Great Adventure Exhibition in Changi Airport

Leftover pizza for breakfast.............only happen during the holiday.....

Leftover pizza for breakfast………….only happen during the holiday…..

One day, when we came home from the airport, we pressed the elevator button to the top floor just to see how was the scenery from the top floor, and it was awesome according to both of us. The view was truly beautiful, the skies were clearer, everything looked brighter, and we could see the big pond in the park from where we stood.

He said: " I wish we lived in the top floor."

He said: ” I wish we lived in the top floor.” I was like….errrr……….maybe not really in the top floor because it looks scary quite scary to me especially when I have to hang my laundry outside the window……….but I really loved the view…………

Then we also decided to do some exercises a

Then we also decided to do some exercises by going down through the stairs and the boy would stop in every floor to see the view.

And we closed the holiday by joining POSB Kids Run which I already posted in before.

Before the holiday was over, we needed to do one more thing before the boy went back to school:


Get a haircut………………


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