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POSB Kids Run 2014


September school holiday is over now. Although didn’t go out of town, but we still had so much fun together doing many things, especially for the boy and me. We closed the end of the holiday by joining POSB Kids Run on Sunday, 14 Sept 2014 in Marina Promontory. It was a new experience for the boy and we really had an enjoyable time together during the race. Well, although only the boy who joined the run, but all of us had so much fun too.

I already knew that there are many kids run in Singapore, and I always wanted to join The Cold Storage Kids Run, but too bad I was always late to know. For instance, for this POSB Kids Run, I registered the boy almost three or four months (I don’t remember exactly) before the event so we could got an early bird discount. When I informed my friend a month after my registration, she said all the spots were already taken up! So you see, Kids Run events are very popular in Singapore and thus we must be aware of the events even months before the actual date. I was lucky to find out about this race and made a fast decision to register the boy (thankfully he was agreed instantly when I said he would get a medal no matter if he wins or loose…………….). So yeap, that was his first motivation, hahaha……………


2 weeks before the race, we collected the race pack in City Square Mall. I was so excited to see his running tee………….


And I love love love his running tee. Blue and yellow are just match to each other, rite? It was bright and soft and comfortable to wear. We also got some souvenirs and snacks along with the running tee.

Daddy and I insisted that he should at least try and practice to run 800 m. By the way, he would be joining the 800 M boys category in the race. We finally made him run twice before the actual day, and he said he was very tired after the run…………


Practicing with daddy……….they were all tired after their morning run, which made me wonder whether the boy could reach the finish line on the d-day, hahaha………….

I was so nervous the night before the race and could hardly sleep. I woke up early in the morning to make breakfast and make sure everyone was ready at 6.30 am so we could leave home early. We were afraid that we didn’t get a good parking spot………..which fortunately didn’t happen. We parked in the building  just next to Marina Promontory and it was surprisingly not as expensive as we thought.

I asked the boy whether he was nervous and he said no. I said he was going to have so much fun and would meet hundred of other kids. Since it was not a competitive race, I told him not to worry about the pace, if he thought he was tired he could just walk. As long as he reached the finish and had fun, it would be ok, he would get a finisher medal anyway. That was what I told him before the race.


Arriving in the Marina Promontory one hour before flag off time. There were already many people (the 10 KM race was already started and the 1.2 KM kids race were almost started). Since we arrived early, we could walk around and see the surrounding

Kids Run

Free balloons for the kids. Behind him were the food stalls that sold coffee, cakes, pizza, biscuits, and bread. On the right: taking pictures with Wheat Wonder Biscuit The Mascot


Free drinks for runners


Portable toilets

Thank goodness for the wonderful weather that day. Although it was hot, but at least it didn’t rain. The event itself had already started since early in the morning and the boy could register since 7.45 am. His flag time off was 8.20 am. We made sure that he drank lots of water before the race and went to toilet before he joined other kids in his category.

When we collected the race pack, the event organizer had already given us the detail information of the event, including when to assemble, where to park, line closures of the streets during the race, map of the event including where the kids should assemble before the race, how parents could pick up the kids after the race, etc. My two thumbs up for all the staff (I think most of them voluntarily helped for the event, so kudos to them……..) who made the day of the event went smoothly and well organised. Even though my boy’s flag off time was almost the last one, but it was right on time!

If there were too many kids in one category, they would be separated into 2 or 3 groups,  so there weren’t too many children in the starting line. This was good because too many children started running together would not be too safe in my opinion.


I left the boy in the pre race tent for his category, then daddy and I arranged the best strategy to take pictures from the best spots, hahaha………..we had to compete with other hundreds parents, you know………… In this picture, the staff was taking the first group of 800 M boys category to the starting line with a big yellow and black sign “FOLLOW ME”. Daddy took this picture while I was getting ready at the starting line before other parents on the same category arrived.


The children were so cute, don’t you think so? When they arrived at the starting line (girls especially), they were busy looking and waving and shouting to their anxious parents at the left side (well, they were the celebrities of the day, rite?). Even the emcee said before he started counting from 5 to 1 to start the race: “Children, look to the left, smile and wave to your parents who will take your pictures and post in Facebook…………..” True indeed………….daddy even asked me to hold the balloon so he could update his facebook status about the race, hahahahaha……………..Before the race started, I run again to the left side so I could get pictures of him running few meters from the start line


All ready…………….


Yay……I snapped this picture and luckily it was not blur………..considering I only used a standard pocket camera…………..


And another one…………..happy faces everywhere………….very contrast comparing to the very tired faces of adults who competed for the 10 KM run, hahaha…….


Daddy had to sprint on the outer side to take his pictures. He came back very tired after that……………


Nice view on the backgorund


Almost reaching the finish line………….look at his smiles………he really enjoyed this!

Kids Run

Me………..waiting at the finish line


All the children were then ushered to the after race tent, they got a water bottle and a medal

Name Tag

I had to pick him up by showing this card (his number started with C, so I had to fetch him in tent C)


All sweat and thirsty………..


Sooooo proud with his first running medal………..


The proud mommy…………….the boy was so proud and happy that he refused to take off his race number and the medal even though we were already in the car


His second breakfast (the first one was before the race)

It was a fun and memorable event for us that I start to search for other Kids Run for him to join………..

He said (when we were at home): "I want to do it again next year........"

He said (when we were at home): “I want to do it again next year……..”


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8 thoughts on “POSB Kids Run 2014

  1. seru ya… fun and healthy… 🙂
    andrew pernah ikut yang 5k malahan 2 th lalu. tapi sejak itu kita belum pernah ikutan lagi nih. hehe.

  2. seru ya kids run. iya itu cold storage kids run emang butuh sedikit ‘insider info’. sekali ikut, taun depannya bakal dikasi tau in advance buat register. gue daftarin si bocah taun 2013, tapi taun ini skip.. entah deh 2015 bakal dikasi info ga.
    btw, daftar stanchart kids run ga?

    • Yang stanchart gak daftar, soalnya udah gak dapet yg early birdnys. Dan berhubung gua pelit, kayaknya gak rela aja bayar segitu buat daftar kids run nya, hahaha…… Eh yg cold storage itu kayaknya jaraknya plg jauh ya dibanding yg lain lain, sampe 1.6 km kan ya….

  3. ehehehe iya emang sih kalo bukan early bird price harganya agak tidak bersahabat 😛
    yg cold storage jaraknya beda2 tergantung umur. harusnya kalo anak2 gede masuknya kategori competitive run. gue bilang yg cold storage sih very well managed run-nya, krn fokus di anak2..

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