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100% Fun In The Newly Opened Kidstop Science Center



The story of KidStop (the newly opened indoor “playground” for children in Science Center) could be seen before we enter Kidstop ticketing counter. A group of children full of smile and energy represent as Kidstop mascots can be seen anywhere whether inside or outside the play are. They are so cute and funny and we couldn’t resist to take pictures with them. Even the boy who sometimes refuses to take pictures when he is busy playing or too tired…………… this time he was hypnotized by the cuteness of Jo, Win, Belle, Max, and Peter and was willing to satisfy his mother’s desire to take pictures again and again with them. He was even offered me to take pictures of him with the mascots when I didn’t notice that they were around us. This mamarazi paparazzi was soooo……happy to see her almost 600 pictures collections in Kidstop with just 4 hours of play time. Wow, what a record!

With the tagline: “Kidstop, where every child gets to IMAGINE, EXPERIENCE, DISCOVER, and DREAM” this place is very suitable for younger children. I would say this place is a smaller version of Kidzania, but that doesn’t decrease the fun factor. The kids can have so much fun while experiencing how to be a pilot, a scientist, a doctor, a nurse, a chef, or just messing around here and there.

Unlike Science Center where younger kids might not enjoy so much (except for the water play), Kidstop exhibits are truly designed for the enjoyment of children (especially little kids). There are no “difficult theories” or “complicated things to experiment with” inside the Kidstop. Everything was purely fun and easy to handle, and that is exactly how children should learn, right? By playing and having fun, they will learn more and hopefully they are eager to find out more after their experience in Kidstop.


With Giant Max and Belle

Tickets can be purchased at the Science Center Ticketing Counter or inside the Kidstop Area. If you are Singapore residents, it is better to aplly for membership because it is cheaper (with $30, you’ll get 1 child and 1 adult ticket and special membership discount on your next visit to Kidstop and Science Center). Membership is only applied for children up to 8 years old only.

So actually, how much fun can this place be? Well, just look at the pictures below:

I took these pictures even before we entered the play area. While waiting for the play area to be opened, the children can play or taking pictures with these things which are super fun…………….it was very difficult to ask the boy to leave this area and get inside……..


Kidstop house…………slide at the front and mazes at the back was absolutely a hit for the children while they were waiting for the gate to be opened


Cute helmets above the ticketing counter


Look carefully at the map before you enter

Kidstop Science Center

Don’t worry, adults are allowed to go inside……………….


Absolutely love all the bathrooms design. Super cute!

Lil Boy: Just now, I barely breathe at Kidstop

Me: Hah??? What? What do you mean? You couldn’t breathe? Why? Did your chest hurt or something?

Lil Boy: No, I said I barely breathe……………because there was so much fun, so many things to do……. talking and talking to friends……play, play, play………….I didn’t have time to breathe……………..So, when are we coming back to Kidstop???

Me: You just went there, and now you want to come back again so soon?

That conversation happened in the car on our way home from Kidstop Science Center. I was worried that my boy would not enjoy the visit because I thought he was too big already to play pretend. It turned out that he enjoyed every moment and couldn’t wait to come back again.

For opening hours, please check at the website http://www.kidsstop.edu.sg/. Read carefully because on weekdays morning are for pre-school group bookings only and weekends are consist of 2 time slot (morning and afternoon). So plan your visit carefully to maximize your visit.

Finally, what can we find inside the Kidstop? When you enter the area, you might find that this place is rather small, but actually it is big enough on the inside and there are many things to do. The boy was quite confused of what to play first because he wanted to go here and there, try this and that…………………..which made me exhausted too at the end, hahaha……….. From what I saw, every child was full of energy and had so much fun playing that it was difficult to drag them out when play time is over………..even my child was kept asking of when we will be coming back!

So, these are what you will see inside Kidstop (minus the Stage Performance in Kiddie Theater because it was under maintenance when we came):


Learn about winter, spring, autumn, and summer in this play area. There is a big globe too inside here and the kids were very exciting to find their dream countries they they would like to visit someday………(well, not just the kids, but the parents also……….)


Feel the difference of hot and cold when you place your hands on each plate


I have to admit, that I was surprised that the boy was willing to try any costumes that we found in Kidstop. He usually hated wearing costumes such as fire fighter, astronaut, racer, etc. But this time, he happily wear the costume in every play area when there was one. I think there was some spell inside Kidstop that made my son willing to do that, hahaha………………..or he was just happy and enthusiastic during his play time…………I really don’t know.


Want to be a pilot? Then get inside the plane!


My super cute pilot……………

Kidstop Science Center

Need to release some energy? Jump on the panels and watch the rockets fly up to the highest  point via compressed air.


Isn’t this supposed to be every child’s favorite play? Going to the supermarket and can touch and take anything that they want (without the mother yelling at them and say: “Don’t touch the eggs” “You’re not allowed to buy that” “That’s too expensive, put it back” “You have enough of chocolate already for one day”) is truly a bless for every child, don’t you think so???


I was impressed by the spread of food choice inside this supermarket, from fruits, bread, fish, meat, eggs, cheese, jams, milk, etc……..


Finally, he had 2 baskets full of anything that his tiny hands could grab…………


Scan the groceries and be your own cashier. No need to pay. Just bring everything directly to your kitchen. Life is wonderful, isn’t it?


After the boy shopped, he brought everything to the next play area, which was a cafe or a kitchen. In here, he could cook and prepare sumptuous lunch using anything that he liked.  Of course fruits and vegetables were not on the list, hahaha………….


I’m a cute chef………


Fried the fish and boil the eggs


Wow……….I can create my own pizza topping………


Setting the table, arrange the plates, spoons, and forks


Yummy ice cream for dessert


This vertical slide is absolutely not for the faint-hearted. Seriously, this wasn’t a popular ride when we came. Some kids who queued behind my son were finally refused to try because they were too scared. The staff tried to persuade other kids too but with no success, hahaha………..the boy also tried once from 4 meters height (you can choose from 4M, 5M, 6M, or 7M) and when I offered him to try again, he said no…….

Giant J Slide

Put the jumpsuit and helmet, and ready to experience the feeling of vertically free fall. The boy needed to hold on to a handle, then he was pulled upwards, and after the heights that he wanted was achieved, he was asked to let go the handle and he fell free (he was quite nervous actually, hahaha……….)



Fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon rocket capsule

Behind this, we saw climbing structures that would lead us to the secret music room. Please note that you are required to wear socks in this area. To tell you the truth, adults will find it quite difficult to reach the top. Some of the holes are small, too short, or too narrow for adults. I also found it difficult to lift my body up, and at the end……..my thighs were aching for 3 days after the climbing process.

Kidstop Science Center

Ready to climb


Be careful or you will get lost in the maze


One father who didn’t managed to climb to the top said to his wife: “Too high for me………” OK, maybe it is not suitable for adults like us…….


Finally, the music room! The xylophone was his favorite, and he played Ode To Joy again and again


Experience with music and sound


When else that you can play the piano in this way?


Bye bye music room………now it’s time for climbing down…………


Playing in the sun is always every child’s favorite, and in here you can be a paleontologists who dig big dino bones in the excavation site.


Rub the paper with crayons and draw the part of dinosaur’s body on top of this dino egg table

Dino pit

Dinosaurs puzzle


Dino Quiz, he could even answer the questions while arranging the puzzle……..well because he’s a big fan of dinosaurs, remember?

Dino Dig

Get your brushes and buckets, and ready to dig!




Learn about the stars in the sky


Solar system, easy peasy for him to name all the planets




Pedal the bike to move / fly the paper


Try to make your own flying machine


Yep, it’s flying! Hooray!


Giant foam blocks with various shapes and holes are perfect for little bob the builder. It is also safe to play with.


Do you know what else can you do with all the holes? The boy put his face behind the hole and asked me to take pictures, hahaha…………


The Built Environment is an awesome place that is not only suitable for boys, but also girls (some only, I noticed that not all girls loved to play in here). But for boys………..it’s totally a big hit!

Built Environment

Put the hat, vest, and goggles, and we’re ready to play in the building site!

Catch The Ball

Move the balls using the stick, then catch the balls using a bucket. It was fun and full of laughter



The children were supposed to arrange these tubes on a wall to create a path for plastic balls to roll through, but instead of doing it, they were busy ruining the path so that the ball couldn’t go through, hahaha………….well, in the name of imagination and creative play…..that was allowed!



My lil Bob The Builder in his work bench (by the way, you know who Bob is, don’t you?)


These bags of cement are sooo heavy……err….no, they were actually not


Watch out, I’m carrying these heavy bags……..make way for my wheel burrow…..


This little toy excavator was every kid’s favorite. So when I saw one kid finished playing with it, I just grabbed it and take it to the boy, hahaha………



This small playground is suitable for toddlers.

Smaller World

Small slide, mushroom seats, and flower garden



Spot the snake, spot the cricket, squirrel, bat, proboscis monkey, and hornbill (although I didn’t see any, hahaha…..well maybe I wasn’t imaginative enough), but the boy said he saw some of them.


Real binoculars……….the one that I love but too expensive for us




Get lost in the rain can be super fun! After all, who doesn’t like to play in the rain???



For toddlers only, big kids are not allowed to play here


And now, who wants to be a doctor? Nope, no need to enter medical school, just put on the doctor’s white clothes and voila…………you’re a doctor just within seconds.

Be A Doctor

The doctor is now ready to see you…………….By the way, can you put all the parts of the human body back to it’s place?


Now, I’m a dentist. There were dentist equipment and giant toothbrush on the table. The boy examined the teeth and said loudly: “eeuuww…..the teeth are so dirty……..” again and again.

Kidstop Science Center

You can be a nurse, examine your own body structure, jump high for, or just play with various stamps



From the crowd main area, we were now headed to the small rooms behind. First, we entered the critters world.


Can you spot the frog?

Chicken and Gerbils

Chicks and gerbils



This kiddie theater was totally awesome. We could try to make a stop motion picture using the computer and legos, add the sound, delete unwanted scenes, and play the movie from the beginning to the end to see the end result. It was like being a producer and an editor and also a  story maker at the same time.


First, get familiar with the equipment


Place the legos in front of the camera


Add sound or delete unwanted scenes or add more scenes

Making Movie

What was the boy’s idea? Car crash, plane crash, or anything that can crash and crash and crash, hahaha…………seriously, it was a big mess after the crash, didn’t know where he got the idea from…..



Don’t worry, it is really a fun way to learn math. If the classroom was this fun, I’m sure every child would love math……….


Learn about patterns, cuboids, shapes, etc……



Another fun thing to do in this big empty room, but full of blocks in various colors and shapes. The examples of what to do with the blocks are also provides on the tables………but the boy decided he would try his own creation.


This room was empty when we came, but after that more kids were coming while we played. It was fun actually to play blocks together than playing alone


Higher than me……….

One thing that I truly love about Kidstop is that the place wasn’t too crowded when we visited and the children had enough space to play. Later on I read that there is a quota of 300 people per session that will make the waiting time to play is still tolerable even though it is weekends. Even if you find that the main area is too crowded, you can just go to smaller rooms at the back of Kidstop where not many children and parents aware of those little rooms and thus make the rooms emptier than the main area.


Until we meet again ………..in Kidstop Science Center



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  1. seru… mirip kayak kidzania gitu ya ?

    • Iya, seru banget dan ini emang Kidzania versi kecilnya gitu deh. Enaknya adalah gak perlu ngantri lama2 kayak kalo lagi main ke Kidzania, jadi sebetulnya 4 jam per sesi itu mustinya udah puas banget…….cuma ya emang dasar anak2 gak ada puasnya jadinya minta balik terus deh, hahaha…..

  2. wah, kok bisa sepi gitu? weekday kah? pas gue pergi ya ampun ramenya.. berisik banget pula apalagi yg didepan solar system yg ada 3 tube buat launching rockets.. *tutup kuping*

    • Enggak kok, itu hari Sabtu yang sesi pagi (mulai jam 10). Rame sih, tapi gak sampe yang penuh banget kok. Emang iya, di bagian depan tuh berisik banget, tapi nih kuping udah kebal setelah bertahun-tahun ngajar anak2 kecil, hahaha……..

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