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Adventure Cove Water Park Sentosa Island

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Yayyy…..we finally made it to the Adventure Cove Water park. After the boy got sick in the morning before we were going to leave home and a big rain came when we were on the halfway to Adventure Cove, this time we were free from sickness and rain. I read the weather forecast carefully and it was stated that the rain would come in the morning but the sun would probably come at around 11. am. So, we decided to still go hoping that the rain would not come after all.

It turned out that the rain was actually came in the morning but when we arrived, the weather was bright and shiny. We parked at Beach Car Park as usual (the cheapest) and took the monorail to Waterfront Station. From the station, we headed toward Universal Studio, then turn left to SEA Aquarium, continue straight until we reached the gate of Adventure Cove which was…………still closed at 9.15 am. We waited for 15 minutes (because gate opening time is at 9.30 am), and we were in the second row already. The queue was already quite long when the gate was finally opened. We bought the tickets which cost $98 for the three of us (yes, expensive!) and waited in front of the entrance until 10 am when the park was finally opened. And the queue…………………was amazingly super long, considering that the school holiday was already over.

We went straightly to the locker and rent a small one for $10. The bigger locker would cost $20. The good thing was…….we could open the locker anytime we wanted without had to pay extra money. There was no key or combination number, we just entered our birthday in the computer and the locker would open by itself. It was very practical actually.

We put our bags on the back of The Bay Restaurant and just in front of the glass panel of Rainbow Reef where we could see the colorful fish swimming here and there. There were benches with umbrellas and sand under our feet, and this place was rather quiet comparing to other seating places. It was also very close to The Bay Restaurant, so it was very easy when we wanted to order something from the restaurant. The food price in the restaurant was still reasonable in my opinion and there were many choices from lunch to snacks to drink and ice cream inside the park.

The super plus point of this place is of course the Rainbow Reef………..I mean, where else can you snorkel safely inside the town? The water’s clean, the fish is plentiful and colorful, many lifeguards around to help you, easy to take pictures, and you can queue again and again. Although for me, I had difficulties taking pictures under water because I had to get used with the snorkeling equipment, helped my son, and held his hand all the time. So I finally gave up and gave the camera to daddy. I couldn’t focus on so many things together.

What about the rides? The Riptide Rocket which is actually a water roller coaster was absolutely the highlight of the park. This was the most favorite ride and the queue was always long. Too bad we could only rode this once since we didn’t want to waste time by queuing.  This is what everyone has been talking about, the scariest ride that you must try when you visit this park. We could hear the screams even from far places. Search on the internet and you will find good review about this ride.

Ok, then I asked the boy to score the rides from one to five. So together, we scored all the rides together. Truly speaking, I was warning my boy to be ready when I started screaming when riding the Riptide Rocket (he gets used to after he heard me screamed in other rides before…………….), so he said he was ready to hear the loudest scream that everyone was ever heard in Riptide Rocket……………..

The fact was, I got used to this after all (well, after accompanying him riding many stomach drop rides with him), so I found out that this Riptide Rocket wasn’t scary at all! Seriously, he said it was a record that I didn’t scream and that he waited for my scream but it never happened! I said to him this was nothing compared to other scary rides that we took together, I didn’t even feel a thing in my stomach and my heart didn’t even beat faster than the usual. And if I was OK with this ride, you should have guesses what my lil adrenaline junkie would have said about this ride. We laughed together once we got out from the water and we said it was fun. We’d love to do it again if the queue wasn’t so bad……….which never happened (so I guess we have the reason to come back again!).

From one to five, he scored the Riptide Rocket with a two only! Other rides, he scored ONE. For me, the riptide rocket is scored 3, Dueling Racer is scored 2, and other rides are scores 1. I think that was fair enough. For additional information, when I asked him to compare with the rides in Wild Wild Wet, he scored the Slide Up 4 and Torpode 5. He said he probably don’t want to take the vertical drop in Torpedo again, hahaha……………..

The waiting time for the rides in the afternoon was above 45 minutes already. Except the riptide rocket and dueling racers, there were only 1 life guard in the pool and 1 staff only for every two rides. This was annoying since the queue was long and the staff had to go from one slide to the other one.

Comparing to Legoland, I think I like the wave pool in Legoland better. The wave pool in Adventure Cove didn’t operate the whole time. Although the waiting time wasn’t very long, but still it would be better if we could enjoy the wave pool whenever we liked like in Legoland.

The lazy river was great with marine life decorations and we could see dolphin lagoon and other fish from the glass panel. We floated in lazy river twice. But you know what??? My son was actually drifted around the Lazy River in Legoland for more than 10 times! He loved all the legos floating in the river in Legoland. So you can tell which one he liked better, right? Although he said he liked both of them, but he wasn’t too excited when I asked to go for another round in Adventure Cove.

One big minus point was absolutely the shower / changing rooms. Seriously, we were visiting Legoland the last time and it was very crowded too, but Legoland has sooo……many shower rooms and we didn’t even have to queue to bath. In Adventure Cove, the queue to shower was crazy especially in female changing rooms, that at the end I decided to just put my dress on top of my wet swimsuit and went home in my wet dress. Daddy and the boy were able to shower before going home (thankfully although the queue was also long, but since men shower much faster than women, they didn’t have to wait very long).

One helpful tip from me is that you should come early in the morning even before the park is opened to maximize your visit. In some rides, there were even no queues at all in the morning.

That was all my review, and now please enjoy the pictures…………….


Rainbow Reef………….We must take shower first before entering the pool. Look that there was no queue and no other people in the waiting line when we came here just after the park was opened. The water is very salty and I could still feel the saltiness even after I got out from the pool, so it is better to immediately take shower again after you snorkel

Choosing the life jackets according to our sizes. The snorkeling gear for kids are the pink ones, while other colors are for adults

Choosing the life jackets according to our sizes. The snorkeling gear for kids are the pink ones, while other colors are for adults


The instructor helped ups with our snorkeling equipment. For us, the most difficult part was to breathe with our mouth through the snorkel tube


We were then guided one by one by the instructor in the shallow water before we went into the deep water.


We tried to go to the deep water, and that was when the boy got panicked. When I asked later, he said he was afraid that there was dangerous fish that would attack him, and he had difficulty with his snorkeling gear. Yes, I was not comfortable too actually, but I really tried to keep calm


He hold my neck very tight that it was difficult of me to breathe and I though I was going to drown, and that was when the lifeguard said he wasn’t ready and must go up. So the first attempt was a failure for both us us. But I said it was OK and that we should have tried again later on………….after I convinced him that there were no dangerous creatures in the pool…………….


Our next stop was the riptide rocket……as the most favorite ride in Adventure Cove. There was already long queue when we arrived after doing not even 1/4 pool of snorkeling and the queue was getting longer and longer and longer even before the park was about to close. The conveyor belt brought us up slowly in our float (the heavier must sit on the front) before it plunged, turned, and dropped us in a steep drop, took us in a fast speed up to the top again, dropped us again, and finally……….we saw the light……..It is also said as Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster………


While we were queuing at other ride, one lady asked to a person near me if the ride was scary. The other lady said she didn’t know because it was her first time too. Well, I really would like to say it wasn’t scary at all……..because once you ride this riptide rocket, everything else is just…….child’s play……


Dueling Racers, we could ride this twice since there was nobody except us here in the morning


I always love sliding down with my face first. Absolutely my favorite



Spiral Washout, perfect if you’re not a thrill seeker


Everybody gave a big smile…………… For this ride, the lighter one must sit at the front. This also applied for Spiral Washout, Tidal Twister, and Pipeline Plunge


In front of Spiral Washout and Whirpool Washout. The boy could ride each slide twice, once with me and once with his daddy


The boy had so much fun in Bluwater Bay aka. the wave pool. Life jacket in various sizes are provided free in many places.


The boy and daddy each went on single ride in Tidal Twister. The boy said it was like the one he rode in Kampung Gajah, except that the one in Kampung Gajah was scarier than this


Tidal Twister with me. The good thing was, all the slides were not too high so I had no difficulty in carrying the floats all by myself


Seahorse Hideaway for smaller kids


Toddlers can roam free here because it’s very shallow. Of course the boy only played for a little time in here


And now we enter…………..The Adventure River


I love the design of the cave with dolphin statues on each side

Lazy River

Look at the big octopus behind the boy. When you see this, then you are approaching the dolphin lagoon


We really liked this lazy river, there were many beautiful things to see in here. When you see this waterfall and tunnel, you are ready to enter the underwater tunnel full of sea creatures


His favorite place in Adventure River………….this was the place where he was very excited to see all the fish and it was from a float on the water!

Sea life

We were all very excited!


Stingray feeding area, and no….we didn’t feed the rays because it would cost us extra money (which was not cheap at all)


We spent quite a long time looking at the fish, it was wonderful to experience new thing like this, seeing the fish from the pool was absolutely amazing


The lanterns  above the lush garden were also the boy’s favorite decoration in this river

Adventure River

Ready to enter the dark grotto. Look at his panic face, he never likes darkness so he had to make sure that I was very near to him. By the way, this lazy river is very long and it will take more than 15 minutes to go back to your first entry


From the Adventure River, we went to Big Bucket Tree house which is  very suitable for younger children


To my disappointment, many adults were queuing for the two only slides which made the queue quite unbearable. My son could only ride each slide once because he couldn’t stand the long queue. I think, if you’re accompanying your child, it’s OK to slide down too. But if not, then probably the guards should have prioritized the children first. After all, these are absolutely kiddy slides…….and not suitable for adults. I didn’t know why adults would join the long queue with small children………….

Water Bucket

Standing under the big water bucket was so much fun………



I loved our sitting place

The Bay

Eating lunch at The Bay Restaurant


Play with the sand…….next time, we should bring the sand toys. We saw two staff crafted dolphins from the sand, and they were lovely……

Now, there is another excitement waiting besides all the slides and wave pool and lazy river……….and that is: Splash Work, where you can test your confidence doing all the obstacle challenges above the 4M deep pool.


Balancing beam……easy peasy…..


I was amazed to see many small kids queued to try all these balancing beam and rope challenges, and the pool was 4M deep!

Yes, almost reach the end

Yes, almost reach the end


Besides this bridge, there was another challenge that is more suitable for adults. You have to swim, and climb a rope to the top and ring the bell……


He said that he didn’t want to fall to the pool, so he tried hard to balance himself and safely reached the other side


Too bad we didn’t dare to jump to the pool…….There were 2 height options if you want to do the jump, and again…..I was amazed to see little children line up to take the jump. Next time, when we visit again, we must do the jump challenge!


So, after his father and I tried to convince him to try again…………he agreed………..with excitement this time. But look at the crowd……..we waited more than an hour for our turn. I promised him that I was going to hold his hand when we snorkeled. And what happened? He was still afraid and we needed to stop at the side of the pool (the shallow water) two or three times. Basically, he was still having difficulty with the snorkel tube (because he kept swallowing the salty water), but he continued and finished  the whole session of snorkeling (YESS!!!! clap hands and 4 thumbs up for my boy!). And yes, he held my hands all the time but he said he didn’t want to stop and would continue until the finish line. I was also a litle bit afraid and got a panic attack halfway the pool, but I kept calm and continued swimming. The fish were plenty and beautiful, and I hope we can try to snorkel again some other time. Where was daddy? Well, he can’t swim (yet)……so he couldn’t join us


I was so proud of him this time because he managed to stay in the water until the end of the pool

When we were done snorkeling, all the other rides were already closed too, including the restaurant and the snack stall. When we exited the park, a staff gave each of us a $10 discount voucher to enter the water park again next time. Yay, we get more reason to come back! We had so much fun, but wasn’t satisfied enough. So next time when we come back, we’ll rearrange our strategy again to beat the queue.


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  1. Mama, Why did you make the review sooooooooooo long? People want to see the pictures,eh?Ehr?
    I scored the Tidal Twister two
    My eyes were so painful because of the saltywater and I forgot to use the mask

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