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Feeding The Animals in Taman Safari Bogor

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One week before our holiday to Bandung, my sister treated us for a whole day visit to Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor (she literally paid for everything). Since she had to works, so we could only go on Saturday. As anticipation to heavy traffic, we decided to leave home early in the morning, which was about 6.30 am…………….which was too late because we still got trapped in the middle of the road because of one way road closing from Jakarta to Puncak Area. We had to wait in the car for about 45 minutes before we could continue. So it’s best to leave home not more than 6 am if you plan to go on weekends or holiday.

The ticket entrance to Taman Safari is quite expensive nowadays. We had to pay Rp 140.000,- per person not including the car entrance fee. We found out later that the tickets  we bought were not just to see the animals, but also to ride all the standard rides (11 rides in total, but we could only play once for every ride). I think this is not quite fair since most of the rides are for children. Few rides are suitable for adults, and older people can only enjoy one or two rides. In my opinion, they should sell the tickets separately like previously. You still can buy the tickets for rides only (if you plan to ride more than once) for Rp.60.000,- for all standard rides.

As we planned to feed the animals, we already brought carrots from home. The boy was so exciting to see the animals and feed them directly without separated by cages, so he was a little bit cranky during the week. He kept asking and saying: ” When are we going to go feed the animals?” “Have you bought the carrots?” “Don’t forget to bring the carrots to Taman Safari…!”

Funny things happened when we were talking about feeding the animals:

Me: “So, we are going to bring some carrots to feed the animals……………….”

R: “Just carrots?”

Me: “Yes…………….”

R: “and for me…….??? Do you bring any food for me???”

Me: ????????

Another funny conversation also happened:

Me: “We’re going to feed the deer, lama, monkeys, zebra, and then…………….. “

R: “And me??? When can I eat?”   (aku makannya kapan dong????????)

OK, he changes a lot now…………….from someone who didn’t really care about eating time especially when we were going out………….to someone who always cares about what and when to eat all the time. Good thing his appetite is growing very well as he gets bigger. His dad says: ” Just wait until next year when he’s in P3, he will not stop eating…….just like me when I was in P3.”

So now, every time we go out, we must prepare lots of food, milk, bread, biscuits, etc………


Ready with the carrots to feed the animals

Animal Feeding

Up close and personal with the animals

This was a good experience since we could be very close to the animals, although they scared us sometimes. For some animals who really wanted food, they could be very aggressive and tried to grab another carrots by themselves by pushing their heads inside when the window was opened. Then my sister and my son would scream so loud and laughed together after that. It was fun. When we finally got out, the animals’ saliva was all over the windows, hahaha……………….It was a great experience for the boy.


I guess not every animal likes carrots…………


He went away……………..


Cute owl, we thought it was a stone at first

After we saw the animals from inside the car, we went to the recreation park. First, we visited baby zoo where we could see orang utan, many kind of birds, chickens, flamingo, kangaroo, etc. This is also the place if you want to take picture closely with orang utan, leoprad, snake, or tiger (with extra cost of course).

Entering baby zoo

Entering baby zoo

Beautiful peafowl

Beautiful peafowl on the background

The replica of dinosaurs bones and skulls in baby zoo which can only be seen from the train

The replica of dinosaurs bones and skulls in baby zoo which can only be seen from the train

We watched 3 shows and missed most of the show. There were not enough time to see all the shows.


Birds of Prey Show


The show was OK, but not too impressive for me.


The sea lion show……….it’s recommended to watch. Prepare to get wet when you sit at the front row


The sea lions were funny, entertaining, and cute too……


The cowboy show………….not good


Taking pictures in the cowboy town area

We skipped the dolphin show because we already watched the same show in Hongkong, and since we still wanted to do some activities, the boy decided to skip the dolphin show.

Perahu Terjun

His favorite ride……………….and yes, we were all wet after the ride

Swing high in the sky

Swing high in the sky, the one that he didn’t dare to ride all these years. After we finished, he said it was so much fun

This was scary..............we hide to ride this bicycle which was very far away from the ground on narrow track. We were both quite scared during the ride, but we had to keep pedaling until the end line

This was scary…………..we had to ride this bicycle which was very far away from the ground on narrow track. We were both quite scared during the ride, but we had to keep pedaling until the end line


Pony ride for Rp.15.000,-

When I asked him why not ride a bigger horse when we went to Bandung the next week, he said he wanted to ride a pony while wearing THE COWBOY HAT! So I wasn’t sure whether he wanted to ride the pony or just wanted to wear the hat…….


Camel ride for another Rp.15.000,- This was his first time riding the camel. He never wanted to ride camel before

Too bad the elephant ride was closed when we finally had time to visit the elephant. Perhaps some other time when we come back again.

There are also some animals in this park, such as penguin, orang utan, reptiles, etc.

Penguin expedition

Penguin expedition


Super active penguin

Don’t forget to play in Dino Park playground and ordered jagung bakar for Rp.8000,- each. Salty and spicy grilled corns were our choice in the cold night.


3 kinds of Dino slides

Dino Park

Enter the mouth / tunnel or climb from the back to get to the slides


Digging for dinosaurs bones

We finally left Taman Safari at 6.30 pm. It was a very exhausted day for the boy, He slept all the way home. It was a good thing that he slept during the way home because we trapped in a very bad traffic jam. Thankfully there was no traffic jam once we raeched the freeway.


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