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Bungee Trampoline in De Ranch Lembang

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In our last day in Bandung, we visited De ranch because the boy wanted to ride a horse. I said: ” We can ride a horse anywhere, we don’t have to go to De Ranch to ride a horse” He said: “I want to ride the horse while wearing the Indian costume………….”


Little Indian Horse Rider………….

Indian costume ( a vest and a hat) is provided free if you buy ticket to ride a horse in De Ranch. In our previous visit, the boy refused to wear he costume no matter how hard I persuaded him. I thought he would look cute in the costume so I begged him to wear it, but ke kept saying no. Then a year after that, all of a sudden he decided that we wanted to wear the costume while riding a horse……………….

This was the third time that he rode a horse while we came home. I told him he could ride horses as many times as he wanted when we went back to Indonesia……………because horse riding is definitely cheaper in Indonesia than in Singapore……………..(edisi mama pelit hemat). In De Ranch, it only costs Rp.20.000,- or Rp 25.000,- for a long track.

The same case with bungee trampoline. He never dared to try this high bungee trampoline. We often saw children played bungee trampoline in Amazone Mall Artha Gading, but when I offered him to try…………he always refused. The he was intrigued to try the smaller (not too high) bungee trampoline when we were visiting Kampung Gajah. He said he had so much fun that he played twice.

Months after that, he said to me that he wanted to try the higher one in Amazone. He was so excited that kept kept talking about it and couldn’t wait to to go to Amazone. So when I saw this bungee trampoline in De Ranch, I offered him to try and he said OK. The price was reasonable too (about Rp.25.000,- or Rp.30.000,-). We had so much fun and laughed hard because of this:

There were bunch of teenagers (about 10 or 11) who queued in front of us, and we were quite desperate when thinking about how long we had to queue before it was the boy’s turn (there were only 2 trampolines). Then something unexpected happened. It turned out that most (almost 90%) of the teenagers were actually too afraid to bounce high in the bungee trampoline, but they already bought the tickets…………..so they had to play. Some of them even screamed and cried (yes, they even cried with real tears)  even when they were still at the bottom of the trampoline. Others screamed hard when they were only centimeters (literally) away from the ground. Few could take a higher ride, but less than 30 seconds. It ended up most of them didn’t actually play at all. Believe me, they were so funny that everybody around the area had a great time laughing at them.

Seriously, it was so funny that we couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, I know it sounds evil but if I were them I would choose not to buy tickets at all than to embarrass my self in front of many people, amIrite?   On the contrary, the small children (most of them were even smaller than my son) who played in the second trampoline were all cool and quiet and seemed to enjoy every second of it. They didn’t scream at all, even my son laughed almost all the time when he was up high in the sky. Look at his expression below:


Higher please……………….


He loves bungee trampoline…………………..but I don’t think I will love bungee trampoline…………

He said it was fun and he wasn’t afraid at all……………….but a little dizzy after that.

So he said he might want to wait for at least 6 months before he wants to try again, hahaha…………………


Queuing for horse cart riding

Horse cart

Horse cart riding for Rp.30.000,- for 3 persons

The last one, of course his favorite gold mining activity. He already said to me that wanted to find gold again in this small river when we came back to De Ranch.


Gold hunter is looking for gold stone…………..which he finally didn’t get at all


So the staff exchanged his wrong stones with the gold stones so he could exchange them for a price


And this was what he got: A Smurf ruler

We really thing that with so many visitors to De Ranch, they should absolutely improve the toilets. They were awful and dirty. This is a good place and so I think they can make it better if the pay attention to the facilities. And yap, I argued with another idiot who smoke in front of his children and my child too in the middle of children playground. When I waved my hands to get rid of the smoke, he showed no reaction. Then I asked him nicely to turn off the smoke, he didn’t care at all. So I asked my son to leave the playground and he yelled at me, and so I yelled back. If he didn’t care about other people, didn’t he at least think about his two children who had to suffer when breathing the smoke from his cigarettes right in front of his face?

We didn’t spend enough time at De Ranch because we had to go back to Jakarta, but I could see that the boy was tired and hungry. When we played, my mom and sister went to queue for an hour in Tahu Tauhid Lembang which was within walking distance from De Ranch. The boy finished 10 fried tofu from Tahu Tauhid plus his second lunch (rice, salted egg, and sausages). An hour after that, he ate one big cheese muffin.

Try Tahu Tauhid when you visiting Lembang, it’s delicious especially when it’s hot, but prepare to queue for a very long time……….. So, that was the end of our visit to Lembang. Lembang is a good place but I really hate the traffic jam.


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