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In Search For Yellow Flame Tree in Singapore Botanic Garden

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The boy got an IKEA booklet that was distributed in his school. The booklet does not only contain some science experiments for children and the tips of how to save the environment, but also eights tasks that must be completed by each child within a year. After the child finishes the tasks, he can go to the IKEA store and he will get a prize from IKEA.

The boy showed high enthusiasm in completing the tasks, and one of them was to visit the botanical gardens and see if he could find the location of the following Heritage Trees and write the description:

  1. Yellow flame
  2. Rubber tree
  3. Chempedak
  4. Nutmeg tree
  5. Saga tree

So off we went on a nice Saturday afternoon to Singapore Botanic Garden to find those trees that must be hidden somewhere along the super huge park……………We were optimistic that we could find those trees. We planned to go to the Visitor Center as soon as we arrived and asked for a map. How difficult could that be. We bet the task would be finish in an hour or two, and after that the boy said he would like to play in Jacob Ballas Children Garden.


We parked in the parking area near the visitor center


We went straight to the visitor center, and the staff gave us a map and showed the location of each tree in the map


Taking pictures before beginning the search


Could the tree be one of those trees behind?


A small waterfall behind us

So we began the search. Daddy and the boy looked around everywhere while I was busy taking pictures. The first thing that we searched was the yellow flame tree because it is located in Heliconia Walk which was very close to the Visitor Center.

So we walked between big and tall trees to the Heliconia Walk and were surprised to find this spot:


An amphitheater, waterlily pond, and a big lawn for picnic and running around. It reminds me of Kebun Raya Bogor, but Botanical Garden is slightly better because of some reasons: free entry, big parking spot, clean and free toilet, cleaner area, and no mosquitoes around. Such a lovely place for a picnc in the afternoon…………….

Ok, back to the trees finding. Heliconia Walk is surprisingly sooo………….. big……………with hundred of trees and the map didn’t show exactly where the tree was. So we had to walk around the park to find our first tree. The boy finally got bored, so daddy continued the search while the boy and the mommy strolled around the area.


Nice spot to take pictures

The hundred years tree

The hundred years tree

Running around is absolutely much better than finding trees

Running around is absolutely much better than finding trees

Heaven for kids.................

Heaven for kids……………..and he completely forgot his mission of coming to this park when he saw this big green grass area………..


Look, someone is still seriously looking for the trees

And so we finally gave up finding the first tree…………….and the rest of the trees.

We decided to go the easiest way…………find them on the internet!

Well, we did try, right??? Mission failed………….hahahaha…………..


The park map as a prove that we did come to the garden……………

The good things was………..we found a nice spot to spend our next weekend. Seriously, we never knew that there is such a nice place for picnics in Botanical Garden until that day. Where have we been??? Oh well, let’s play in Jacob Ballas Children Garden anyway…………….but we will certainly come back with mats and food and ball and Frisbee and other toys.


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