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Bounce High in Amped Trampoline Park Jurong


If your kids drive you crazy at home with their super high energy, then Amped Trampoline Park is one of best place in Singapore to bring your kids to release their energy and you’ll have a peaceful time while they play and sleep well after that. The best thing is that it’s an indoor playground (yes, it is equipped with air conditioner which is super cool especially if you’re too lazy to bring your kids to outdoor play in a such hot weather like these days). And since it’s indoor, it is also a good escape for the children to spend their time outside the house in rainy days.

Amped Trampoline Park is located in Katong and Jurong. We tried the one in Jurong because Katong Branch was full when we tried to book online. In order to play here, you must secure your play time with online booking through the website: ampedsingapore.com. We paid $16 per person for 1 hour play.

Although it was only one hour play, but believe me that it was tiring and exhausting for the boys (daddy and the lil boy). My son played with his father and this was what happened: the boy jumped and bounced and jumped and bounced repeatedly without stopping unless when he had to drink. And what happened to daddy???? He rested every five minutes……………..(literally), and yes I teased him because of this, hahaha………………He had to sit every five minutes to rest because he said it was difficult to jump and he was sooo…….tired after 5 minutes jumping and bouncing.

We also saw some teenagers and young people who looked like professionals because they could do many kinds of tricks on the trampoline (including some awesome somersaults) and I believe they are regular visitors……………..and even they had to rest after 30 minutes of playing. So watching all those children played on the trampoline without stopping (and they, including my son, said that they could go for another round) was sooo……amazing to us. Boy, we really wished we could have the same energy level as theirs.

By the way, did someone say that 10 minutes of jumping is the same as 30 minutes of running? Hmmmm…….then no wonder why some people get tired easily (finger point to daddy, hahaha……..). And it was no wonder that the boy ate almost double then his usual portion after the jumping session and voluntarily took his nap for 3 HOURS on SATURDAY! We’re so in love with this place and will certainly be back with our friends because the more is the merrier, am I rite???

Another plus point is the friendly staff which consists of young people with high spirits and high techniques in doing awesome tricks and somersaults. Seriously, just by watching them doing all the somersaults could give me a backache.

This place is also relatively safe because the trampoline covers the floor and the walls.


Free cold drink (mineral water) for every jumper


Rain or shine, we can still enjoy this activity. Cool, isn’t it?

Amped Trampoline

Yuuuuhuuu…….help me up, please…..

Jump High

How high can you jump???

Jump Together

Bonding time…………….and let’s jump together

And now, this was both boys favorite spot:

Ball Pool

THE FOAM PIT. And yes, feel free to use any kind of style that you like to jump. Free style is definitely allowed in here


Everybody loves the foam pit. I don’t know how many times the boy plunged himself to this super fun foam pit

I know that most of my photos look blur and not in good qualities, but it was so hard to take pictures because the boys were moving so fast. I already used my anti motion blur feature in my camera, but it only helped a little to improve the pictures’ quality. But it didn’t matter, because the boys were having so much fun together and it was really a good exercise for both of them.


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4 thoughts on “Bounce High in Amped Trampoline Park Jurong

  1. wah seru ya… penuh trampolin… asik banget buat anak2 yang emangn suka loncat2an. hahaha.

    • Wuah, anak anak sih pasti seneng banget di sini, bisa2 gak mau pulang hehehe……..kan soalnya asik aja tuh membal membal gitu, lain daripada yang lain hahaha……

  2. woah.. udah lama ngincer kesini tapi belom kesampean. thanks for the review!

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