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Legoland Water Park Malaysia



Finally, we made it to the other side of Legoland Theme Park, which is Legoland Water Park in Nusa Dua, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. After we failed to visit Adventure Cove Water Park because of the bad weather, it was an amazing surprise to finally be able to play the whole day in Legoland Water Park. I decided not to buy online tickets (which is 20% cheaper) because the weather forecast said it was going to rain that day. I rather not save 20% than loosing the whole money because of the bad weather. You see, once you but the tickets online, the date is fixed and there will be no compensation for bad weather.

Adult ticket is RM 105 and child & senior citizen  ticket is RM 85. It was not cheap at all, and so to maximize our visit, we decided to come early before the gate was even opened and finished right after the lifeguards blew the whistle as a sign that the park was about to close!

Since the park could be very crowded with long lines in favorite attractions, our strategies to cover all the attractions for more than once in the park were:

  1. Came early, changed our clothes into swim suit in the toilet outside the water park and applied sun block before we finally came in
  2. Queue in front of the gate before it was opened
  3. Find a sheltered place to put our things (there were some sheltered places for free near Joaker Soaker and Wave Pool). Otherwise, you can rent a a cabana for more privacy
  4. Went straight to the slides, and if possible, ride the slide more than once when there weren’t long lines
  5. After we finished with the slides, then we went for other attractions which needed no queue such as the wave pool, lazy river, child’s pool, etc
  6. Came back in the afternoon for more slides!
  7. Finished just after the lifeguards “chased us away” from the pool

It was a gloomy day when we came and looked like the rain was going to pour out from the sky, but finally we decided to buy the tickets and hoped the rain would come in the evening when we were already finished playing in the park.

Lucky for us, the sign of the bad weather could be the reason why there was almost no crowd at all in the morning. It was like having the whole slides for ourselves! There were very few people and no queue at all in each slide. As a result, we tried each slide at least twice or thrice before we finally headed to the wave pool.

The rain finally came when we were snacking in our benches for about an hour. Since there was no lightning and the rain wasn’t heavy , as far as I could see, all the attractions were still opened during the rain. After the rain stopped, the sun finally came and it was hot for the rest of the day.

The crowd started to appear after we had our lunch, and we had to queue for 2 most favorite rides, which were Splash & Swirl and Brick Blaster. For the other rides, the queue was still manageable and tolerable.

Legoland Waterpark

In the front gate of Legoland Water Park. The entrance gate is located near Legoland Hotel

The boy was so cooperative when I wanted to take his pictures before we tried the slides

The boy was so cooperative when I wanted to take his pictures before we tried the slides. These are the stairs to wave pool and all the big slides

In front of the wave pool

In front of the wave pool

The facilities that you can expect to see are cabanas for rent (please check in the Legoland website for an updated price), chairs (sheltered and not sheltered), life jacket for free, floats for free, and shoe rack near the slides (there are more than one shoe rack). You can put your glasses, slippers, etc in the shoe rack before you go up to the slides.


The facilities in Legoland Water Park. All are free except for the cabanas

My two thumbs up for all the staff and lifeguards who were polite, friendly and very helpful. I actually did not expect to see quite a high standard of service from a water theme park. The staff and lifeguards were not just guarding the attractions like statues, but they were also made contacts and socialize with the visitors.

The staff waved and said hi to us when we were in the wave pool, many of them offered their help to take our pictures together with my camera (even before we slid down together……..), opened conversation with my son before he slid down, and even played with the children in the child’s pool (Joaker Soaker), and one of them helped me carry the big and heavy float (although not from the beginning, but I really appreciated what she did).  So the staff added the fun factor in our experience that day.

And so now, it is my review for the attractions:


First, we went to the right side which consists of 2 big slides and 2 smaller slides. The yellow and red one is Brick Blaster and the orange and yellow one is Splash & Swirl


The blue float (for 2 persons) and the yellow float (for single rider) are for Splash and Swirl. The green float (up to 3 persons) is for Brick Blaster

Basically, my son could ride all the slides with his height now, and so yeah…..he tried all of them more than once. To us, all of the slides were just moderate, nothing was too scary or extreme for us. But not for daddy who is absolutely not a thrill seeker. He found some of the rides were too extreme for him and was very reluctant to accompany us again, hahaha……..

If I compare to our adventure in Kampung Gajah Wonderland, the only two rides in Kampung Gajah were absolutely more extreme and scarier than in Legoland. Even some adults that we met in Kampung Gajah refused to ride the slides again for the second time…………..

But hey, once again, I’ve trained with Project X and The Dragon and Dino Island in Legoland Theme Park and also Slide Up in Wild Wild Wet and all the slides in Kampung Gajah…………….and my boy, he had survived The Mummy Roller Coaster in Universal Studios……………….so for us, we didn’t get the adrenaline rush when riding the slides in Legoland.

But then again, it was super fun for us and we didn’t mind with all the attractions that are not too extreme for us, because it’s a family theme park so it must be suitable for families with young children. We also understand that not all children are like mine who is crazy for extreme rides and who finds Disneyland is only for smaller children even when he was six. It was good for daddy too, because if the rides were too extreme, he wouldn’t even want to try them. So overall, we enjoyed our one day holiday there and my boy was even going to cry when it was time to go home.

Splash & Swirl

Splash and Swirl was absolutely my boy’s favorite ride of the day. He tried this 5 times, and one time as a single rider. He was going for the sixth times but the guards said that the ride was finally closed because it was already 6 pm! He almost broke down into tears……………..We slid down in total darkness before the slide plunged us into a huge dish, going in circle twice, the float then go close to the center, and we were in the dark slide again, before finally splash into the pool below to see the daylight again. We certainly loved this so much!

Brick Blaster

Brick Blaster, which daddy said was too scary for him. What was our reaction when he said that…………………..the boy and I laughed together, hahaha…………..we teased him by saying that this was not even half of the giant vuvuzela in Kampung Gajah Wonderland. The green raft would take us ups and downs in two big water barrels before splashing down in the small pool below

Carrying the heavy raft

Carrying the heavy raft

The boys were racing in tidal tube (green) and wave rider (blue) slides

The boys were racing in tidal tube (green) and wave rider (blue) slides

Sliding down in Wave Rider Slide for.............I don't even know how many times!

Sliding down in Wave Rider Slide for many times

Next, we went to the top of the hill to try Lego Slide Racers, where we were going to slide down with a mat, but this time………….our head went down first in full speed.


Lego Slides Racers

My favorite ride…………but we want higher and steeper slides please, hahaha……………..Daddy decided to try once and gave up! He said there was no way he was going to ride those slides again. Basically, if you are heavier, you will slide down faster and end up farther than your travelling buddy


Now, let’s go to the other side the slides area, where we see Red Rush, Twin Chasers, and Splash Out

Twin Chasers

Have fun racing with your teammate in Twin Chasers slides, and find out who is faster and finally win the race

Splash Out

Splash out here for total fun………….

Red Rush

Red Rush was absolutely one of my favorite too…………shorter lines and sometimes no queue at all unlike Brick Blaster and Splash & Swirl, and the best thing was……………no need to carry the heavy float upstairs! The big raft went up by a small elevator

Red Rush

Look whose happy and not. My boy said that I must put these pictures in my blog, hahaha…… I was so glad when the staff allowed me to bring my camera while sliding down. The boy was so happy and laughed all the time, and daddy was so scared and kept screaming to me to hold on tight to the raft. But I said it was oke, I didn’t need to hold on to something while using my camera. Then daddy said: “Ini mama sama anak sama aja sih, gak ada takut-takutnya, hahaha……” The boy and I tried different positions and had so much fun sliding down together

Next stop was the wave pool which was super fun!!! The best part was: the non stop wave!

Lego Wave Pool

Unlike other water park where the waves only come once every 30 minutes or so, this pool has non stop waves. The pool is not too deep so is very suitable for young children and parents who are not good swimmers like us (maximum depths is only 1.40 M). Besides, the water current is not too strong and the waves are milder which is very suitable for lazying around. This is one of our favorite spot to enjoy the day and relaxing our muscles after a hard time carrying the float to the slides or climbing all those stairs which lead us to the high slides

Lego Wave Pool

Look, who was having an incredibly good time at the wave pool………………..



And now, it’s time to have some fun in the lazy river which was full of legos along the way. The children could collect, built, or just bring the legos all around while floating around the lazy river. So far, this was the best lazy river ever for us. The current was also strong enough to move us faster than the usual lazy river.

Build A Raft

Welcome to Build A Raft River, also one of our favorite spot. My boy spent hours here and at the end I was kind of dizzy after circling around the river almost 10 times. Even at home, I felt like I was still on the ship which was carried away by the waves………

Build A Raft River

We love the beautiful Lego decorations around the pool

Building Blocks

The boy is busy building “whatever it is…….”


A laser gun………….

Take a closer look.............one of our favorite picture

Take a closer look………….one of our favorite picture


Under the water fountain


Constructing the Legos without collapsing them when he floats


My job was to bring all his Legos and following him all around the pool

With Project X on the background. Collecting Legos and shipping them with the float was his favorite thing to do

With Project X on the background. Collecting Legos and shipping them with the float was his favorite thing to do

For younger children, Joaker Soaker is the best way to have fun. Not too deep pool, water splashes everywhere, and slides that are suitable for young adventurers.


Joaker Soaker, suitable for younger children and even their guardians. There are slides, water fountain, and the big water bucket ready to splash some fun for children and adults

Joker Soaker

Very cold water in Joaker Soaker

Don’t forget to visit Imagination Station in front of Duplo Splash Safari. This is the only attraction that is not located in the water.

Imagination Station

Imagination station 1, where kids can play and learn with Legos and water

Imagination Station

Imagination station 2, build duplo bricks and test them against the flow of water, or spray hard to make the Legos spin

Our last stop (before going back to the slides) was Duplo Splash Safari, which is suitable for toddlers because it has shallow pool and small slides. My boy said it wasn’t challenging enough for him, so he decided not to return to this place for the second time…………..

Small slides for smaller kids

Small slides for smaller kids

These animals could spray water..............

These animals could spray water…………..

And now, it was finally lunch time. There are 2 food courts, and this time we chose for a simple meal of nuggets/fish and chips

Each package (nuggets/fish with fries and Ribena drink) for RM 15. The price of the food was still quite reasonable

Each package (nuggets/fish with fries and Ribena drink) for RM 15. The price of the food was still quite reasonable

Lego Characters

Look who we found on the way back to our chairs: Wildstyle and Emmett…………………….

Lego Character

Super cute Lego………….

I finish this post about Legoland Water park in a short time because the boy said he couldn’t wait to read my post about Legoland Water Park, hahaha………………

Legoland Theme Park has been his favorite post in this blog, and he has read it many times, so this time he was really looking forward for my post. He even did some checking and corrections on the details before I finally published it. He laughed hard at some part of the stories and added some facts that I forgot to mention.

So we really hope you enjoy this long post with too many pictures inside……………………..

Next stop: Adventure Cove Water Park! The boy said he wants to make comparison: Legoland Water Park vs Adventure Cove Water Park………let’s see who will be the winner.


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4 thoughts on “Legoland Water Park Malaysia

  1. Waaaaaaaa ada Lucy sama Emmett… 🙂

    Asik ya pas paginya sepi ya… Waterpark nya mirip2 ama yg di San Diego…

    • Waahhh……beneran ya mirip sama yang di San Diego? Lumayan juga dong berarti ya Legoland Malaysia ini. Iya jackpot banget tuh ketemu Lucy sama Emmett soalnya cuma sebentar banget nongolnya. Cuma sayang ridesnya kurang seru, hehehe…….

      • water park nya kayaknya mirip. kalo theme park nya juga mirip sih, tapi kalo diliat dari peta nya sih keliatannya yang di malaysia lebih kecil dibanding yang di SD ya……

      • Gak papa deh biar cuma mirip juga, jadi lain kali kalau pergi lagi bisa ngayal kayak lagi di SD, hahaha……….kan sama sama banyak bulenya kok di Legoland Malaysia.

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