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Wild Wild West (Sentosa 4D Adventureland)

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Hmmmm…………..we started to think that there is something wrong between us and Adventure Cove Water park. The boy said something had always been blocking him from visiting Adventure Cove. The first time we finally decided to go to Adventure Cove (after a hectic preparation the night before and an early morning wake up for me to prepare breakfast, lunch, and snack, and also an early morning wake up for the boy because he was super excited), the boy was suddenly sick. He got stomachache, kept vomiting for several times, and felt dizzy at the same time…………….just right before we had to go. So the trip was cancelled because he was sick.

The second one, which was last week, after another hectic preparation the night before and again, another super hectic preparation to prepare breakfast, lunch, and snack………………..another force majeure happened. Just after we got out from the freeway tunnel, we realized that it was actually raining heavily outside. The worst part was, gloomy weather lasted the whole day until we finally left Sentosa Island at about 3 pm.

Since we were already around Sentosa, and to make the boy wouldn’t feel too disappointed of not been able to play in the water park, we changed our plan and decided to try Sentosa 4D Adventureland. It is located in Imbiah Lookout and it is an indoor show, so we could still have fun although it was raining cats and dogs outside.

We already knew about this attraction from long time ago, but I wasn’t really keen to visit this place because of this:


Quite expensive price just for 2 movies which only lasted 10-15 minutes each plus 1 shooting game with very short playing time. Although we could watch each movie or play the shooting games for more than once, but still after 2 or 3 times, the boy got bored and decided to go home. Get extra discount by showing your Plus Card when you pay

Sentosa 4D

2 snack and souvenir shops are available near the theater

Well, the boy said he really enjoyed the movie and the shooting game. I told him to watch and play for as many as he wanted (considering the price………….), and he ended up watching Extreme Log Ride 3 times, Journey 2 times, and playing the shooting game 4 times.

Estreme Log Ride was his favorite ride, followed by Desperado, and Journey was the least favorite. But overall, he said all of them were good.

He even wants to watch Journey 2 The Mysterious Island (the real movie) and Journey To The Center of The Earth or Journey 1 (also the real movie). I promised him to find the DVD.

The boy still likes to play Desperados ( the shooting game) with us at at home even until now. I will be the shooter and he and his plush toys will be the shooting targets, hahaha…………

Sentosa 4D

Join “The Rock” and the gang in a four dimensional experience that fuses state-of-the-art video projections with wind, water and many other elements

Sentosa 4D Adventureland

Taking pictures near the Journey 2 Theater


The entrance to Journey 2 Theater……watch out for big black spider on your right. The staff will ring the bell above whenever the show is ready to start

Sentosa 4D

Extreme Log Ride, the boy said it wasn’t scary at all, but super fun. It was like being in a roller coaster that sends you straight into the wild between cliffs, plunging over waterfalls and diving into crocodile infested waters. You will be riding a cabin of 9 which 3 people in each row. The cabin will move backward and forward just like in a 4D theater, but this time you will get extra water splash (but you will only get wet a little)


Desperados……………The Shooting Game


This is the time if you want to feel the life of cowboys in the Wild Wild West. Saddle up and chase after the bandits is fun…………..


Don’t worry, the sheriffs will catch the outlaws using wooden cowboys and gun toys, hahaha…………


Ready to take down the army of bandits and be the top gunslinger in town

As usual, we parked in Beach Car park, and to go to Imbiah Lookout, we decided to take the free bus around Sentosa instead of queuing for the monorail. It was fun since we had not been boarding the Sentosa bus for a very long time. The buses were quite empty and we could choose where to sit and enjoy the view of Sentosa which we wouldn’t see if we had ridden the monorail.


Heavy rain on the way to and from Imbiah Lookout

On the way home, we saw Skyline and Luge which we will definitely try the next time we visit Sentosa again, but only after we tackle down Adventure Cove Water park.

For additional information, the Happy Feet movie which used to be a part of Sentosa 4D was not available when we came. I don’t know why but it was a big disappointment for us.

Although we didn’t go to Adventure Cove, but still we manage to finish all the food that we brought from home…………hotdogs and buns for snack and rice with chicken satay for lunch. It would be nice to have a picnic in Sentosa, but since it was raining the whole day, we decided to have picnic in the car instead…………..but it was still fun.


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