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Dinosaurs in The Art Science Museum

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Visiting Art Science Museum was one of our agenda during March school holiday. Well, I wasn’t planning to do this actually since we had already seen almost similar exhibition in Science Center Museum 2 or 3 years ago. Also, considering the price, I didn’t think it was worth the visit.

We planned to so some outdoor activities like visiting Adventure Cove Water park like I already promised or visiting the new playground in Westgate Mall. But, to our disappointment, we must changed all the plans because………………after super hot weather in Singapore for the last 4 months without a single drop of rain, the rain finally decided to start coming during the school term break on March. Literally, it was raining everyday for one week during the holiday. Sometimes the rain could last for the whole day, and sometimes only happened for few hours. But still, I was very reluctant to go to Adventure  Cove Water park because the ticket is very expensive, and with that amount of money, we want to spend the whole day without the rain (because when it’s raining, the staff will close down all the rides).

So, I started to look for other alternatives to spend the holiday and decided to visit Art Science Museum. My son is a dinosaurs maniac, so I thought this activity would be interesting for him. He was still very disappointed because he couldn’t go to Adventure Cove, but he kinda liked the idea of seeing dinosaurs exhibition in Art Science Museum (we had never been here before). I also promised to buy him pizza in Maria Bay Sands for lunch before going home.

So off we went under the hot sun to the MRT Station by foot (because the he didn’t want to wait for the bus) and from several MRT route options, we finally decided to try (for the first time) the new Downtown Line MRT which would bring us to Bayfront Station. He hadn’t ridden the MRT for quite a long time, so he was very happy. Daddy didn’t come since it was working day, and we were happy too because the trains were not so crowded and we managed to always got seats for both of us during our journey (we had to change trains up to five times).

Luckily, I brought my umbrella because it was raining heavily when we got out from Art Science Museum.

The ticket price was $20 for adults and $13 for children (for local residents only, different price for foreigners). Sounds expensive? Well, I must say that it was worth the visit. We were surprised ant it was above our expectations.

The museum itself is very modern, spacious, clean, and we love the so many collections inside. The dinosaurs were built at their real size with complete explanations. The information was presented in many different ways, we could see, touch and feel, and also hear, or took parts in solving the puzzle or many small games to reveal the information. We could even download a program from Appstore in our Iphone, open the application, scan the navigation dial that matched the picture (we must find them in scattered places which was part of the game), unlock the feature, and click open to experience the real life of dinosaurs in our Iphone. We also still receive daily dino cards daily in the Iphone until now.

The collections are all in good condition, grouped by their period of living, attractively presented, and quite complete with many kinds of dinosaurs from different kinds of periods. There was even a souvenir store with many kinds of dinosaurs to play with, mugs and shirts with dinosaurs on top of them, etc.

Overall, it was a very nice visit and we spent almost three hours inside. Do come to visit this place if you or your children are dinosaurs lovers.

Downtown Line

Our first time to try the new Downtown Line MRT Route. We love the new and super clean train with colorful seats. To go to Art Science Museum, we must take the MRT to Bayfront Station, go to Marina Bay Sand Mall, and follow the direction to the museum


Art Science Museum in the background, the shape is quite unique


In front of Art Science Museum. Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction is not a permanent gallery


Taking pictures with a dinosaur before entering the exhibition hall


The dinosaur above is a Herrerasaurus from the Triassic Period and was one of the first dinosaur (according to the boy)

Art Science Museum, 19 Mar 2014

Dinosaurs are divided based on what period they were living in, such as above pictures


Big dinosaur in black

Art Science Museum, 19 Mar 2014-001

Dinosaurs in late Triassic such as Chiniquodon (meat eater), Ecteninion (meat eater), and Venatisocuchus (also a carnivore). Many of the dinosaurs were not familiar to us and thus adding new knowledge to my boy


We found our first matched icon


Opening the program and watching the life of the dinosaur in the Triassic period

And now, I will show some of the collections of dinosaurs skulls (not in chronological order as in the museum), they came in small, medium, big, and even super big sizes such as Fasolasuchus, T Rex, Cryolophosaurus, etc…

Dinosaur Bones

No flash photography made most of my photos were not good, dark, and blur


Apatosaurus & TRex

The giant Apatosaurus


Below are the different kinds of dinosaurs and their bones:



Tarbosaurus skeleton (above picture)



These diorama below probably pictured the real environment of which ancient dinosaurs lived million years ago



I really liked this and couldn’t stop taking pictures in here. The museum was not so crowded so it was very convenient to take pictures

See and read, touch and feel, hear and recognize, memory games, dinosaurs monopoly, arrange the puzzle, and question and answers sections are some of the interactive and attractive media for children to learn more about dinosaurs.

Art Science

Read the information carefully


Touch the skins of different animals, arrange dinosaurs puzzle, touch screen computer, and recognize the voice of a dinosaur


Good ways to learn for children

Overall, we loved our visit to the Art Science Museum and I’m glad that the boy has a great interest to museums. We will certainly make another visits to other museums in town.

After spending 3 hours in the museum, we were very hungry and as I promised before, we ordered our food from MBS food court which consisted of pizza and steak for both of us.



The boy watched the children played in the ice skating ring before going home

We went home happily and for a moment my boy could forget about his disappointment because he wasn’t able to go to Adventure Cove Water park.

Another successful date for both of us!


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