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The Newly Opened Children Playground at Gardens By The Bay

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There’s a new free playground in the town……hooray……!!!

This huge play area for children was opened to public on last mid January and is located near the Cloud Forest in Gardens By The Bay. All the dry and wet playground with beautiful garden landscape are located inside the Children’s Garden. There are special areas for toddler and also bigger children in the dry as well as the wet playground. Sheltered seats for parents are also available. The best part is, although this playground is free, but you can expect too see many guards on duty supervising the children when they play. It helps a lot for parents. The guards are friendly and helpful too when children are having difficulty playing in the playground, like when they are stuck in the climbing area, helping the child to slide down, etc.

It was very hot and crowded when we arrived, but my sister and I managed to take some pictures around the Children’s Garden and found many interesting spots to take photos with. These are some of them.


Welcome to Children’s Garden by Far East Organization. Great combination of green, purple, and pink


We love this beautiful green gate


Maze for little children to play


Cute trees with glasses

And now, here comes the fun part. First, the boy went to the big tree house to climb, slide, swing, and do many other things. The play area for bigger children is located separately from younger children. Parents will need extra energy just to supervise the children when they’re playing here. The playground occupied a large area which consists of two storeys play area. I had difficulty in keeping up with the boy’s enthusiasm and speed when he played, especially when he went from one area to another, climbed the tree house, slid down again, went up the stairs to try three different kinds of slides, and he did all of them in repetition again an again. Phew……t was hard work for parents. But after all, this playground absolutely brought fun to the boy as well as to many other children that we saw.


This is just a very small part of the tree house

Tree House

Climbing up inside the tree house can be very tricky and difficult, especially because you have to climb very high to reach this:


The highest slide…….and there’s no other way to reach this highest point then to climb the ropes

Many children were not able to climb the ropes because it needs good upper body strength. Fortunately, if they fall, they will fall into the sandy area, although it will still hurt too. The boy had to try several times and he finally made it to the top. He was able to slide down three times and was very proud of himself.

But, if the children can’t reach the top by climbing the ropes, there are still many things to do in the tree house such as these:


Fighting over the two only swings in the tree house


Plunge themselves into these giant baskets. The baskets was a big hit for the children

Slide Down

Going down this way with the help of one of the staff

Now, let’s explore the other area of the playground. Cross the bridge in the tree house, walk for few meters, and you will find another open space area to play:


Another slides, the one on the right was the children’s favorite. The right slide was quite slippery so many children lost their balance and fell down at the end of the slide…………. but it was fun. Hey, the more slippery the slide is the better, right?

Balancing Beam

Balancing beam……….quite difficult to tackle

Balancing Act

Bridge crossing


Climb and climb again


I’m strong enough to do this




This rotating structure was also the children’s favorite

Near the wet play area and the small restaurant, you can find a smaller play area for younger children like this:

Toddler Play

This play area is not too challenging for bigger children, so the little ones can play safely in here

And finally, it’s time to get wet, wet, and all wet!


“I can’t wait to get wet!”

Wet Play

It was fun…..what is the best way to beat the hot sun than to stand under the water fountains???

Wet Play

This smaller water play area is suitable for toddler

Washing rooms and bathrooms are also available for children and adults in good condition (seriously…..where else can you find such facilities like these? Free playground complete with washing rooms for kids and adults….?)


Hot and tired after taking a bath. To recover himself, he ate his early dinner at almost 5 pm, milk, one big cup of ice cream, and finally 4 pieces of pizza for late dinner!

Go visit this free playground with your children and have fun together.


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