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Universal Studio Singapore Once Again


We visited the Universal Studio in the second day of Chinese New Year, and it was kind of a bad decision……..because it was so crowded and the queue for every ride could take at least 45 minutes to 2 hours. But that was the best time we could get because everybody was on holiday that day.

We chose to go on Saturday because we didn’t want to miss the parade and the fireworks at 8 pm. We can only see the parade and fireworks on weekends or special public holidays, so no wonder this place was packed with people that Saturday. We saw many people from Indonesia were visiting Universal Studio too on that Chinese New Year (it was also a long weekend in Indonesia). The crowd in Sentosa Island also made a headline in one of Indonesia’s leading online magazine, it captured the queue in the monorail station, taxi line, and the crowd of people in all of the tourist attractions. Luckily it was bright and shiny the whole day.

By the way, we finally missed the parade since we were busy queuing in other place, but we did see the fireworks performance in Lake Hollywood.

It was my fourth visit to Universal Studio, the second for the boy and daddy, and the first for my sister. With full spirit, we decided to join the queue, beat the hot sun, and had fun together. The boy was so excited and very happy since the beginning of the journey. How did I know? Because the was jumping all the way to the ticketing counter while laughing, something that he usually does when he’s very excited.

The queue had already started at the ticketing counter. For faster entry, you can buy the ticket online. We didn’t do it because at that time, the online ticketing could didn’t give us 15% discount even though we paid using Master Card, so we decided to manually queue for the tickets. We did get 15% discount, phew…….

The ticket prices were S$74 for adult and S$54 for child. To beat the queue, pay extra money to get Universal Express Pass or even add more money for the Unlimited Express Pass. We thought the pass was too expensive for all of us, so we decided to just join the queue.

Overall, although the queue was unbearable, but we enjoyed the day so much and really had great time together. We were all very tired and the boy slept right away when he got into the car, only woke up for dinner at home, and continued sleeping again until morning.

For me, I enjoyed this last visit so much with my family more than with my friends. We didn’t take too much photos with the character because we wanted to enjoy more rides. The boy was also getting bigger so there were more rides that he was interested to join in. He even tried The Mummy Revenge ( a roller coaster in the dark with some vertical drops, backward motions, and whorl tracks-definition was provided by Rafael, hahaha…..) and the three of them swore that they will never come back again for the ride, hahaha……I got the easiest part of taking care of our bags outside, ahahaha……

Daddy also survived The Transformer 4D ride, and he joined the single rider queue which was faster while my sister and I accompanied the boy to the Spaghetti Chase. Daddy said that was the first time and the last time he rode The Transformer! I wanted to try too and joined the single rider, but there was no time left since we spent most of our time queuing here and there.

There were new rides too like A Crate Adventure that didn’t exist when I visited this place the last time, and we took pictures with the cartoon characters that we never took photo with before.

The boy was very cooperative during the day. He didn’t get cranky on the queue…….which surprised me to see many children even younger ones were able to join the long queue without being cranky. Drinking water (from the water tap) was also provided free in almost every queue.

So here is the recap of our visit of the day:



Taking pictures with the iconic Madagascar The Movie characters


Super long queue in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

Yes……we got to sit at the front in the boat that would take us around Madagascar


It was actually like watching several clips from the movie Madagascar. It was very good and we enjoyed it so much since we are big fans of Alex, Gloria, Melman, Marty, King Julian, Mort, and the penguins. There was something funny happened inside. When the boat was about to get to the end of the journey, we saw water curtain in front of us. We were all panicked (seriously everybody in the boat was panicked, except Rafael (the boy felt that he needed to edit my post and stated that he wasn’t panicked at all, so he added this by himself) and try to hide our bags and cameras so they wouldn’t get wet and tried to cover ourselves from the water too). Then suddenly just before we reached the water curtain, it was open wide and we went through between them without getting wet at all. Everybody was relieved and had a good laugh after that.

We skipped the King Julian Merry Go Round and decided to come back again later, but it was closed already when we finally came.



Puss In Boots and Fairy Godmother. We were the last persons who were able to take picture with Puss In Boots. The staff said Puss in Boots needed to rest so she asked everybody else behind us to come back again later………which we never knew when he would be coming back again(12:30)


Shrek’s house on the left and the king’s castle on the right


Joining the queue for Shrek 4D Adventure. This was one of the best show that we ever saw. No matter how many times we watch this, we know we will never get bored by the show

Magic Potion Spin

Don’t forget to ride Magic Potion Spin after watching Shrek 4D Adventure. It is located in the souvenir shop. The boy’s outfit of the day were all purchased from Universal Studio which I bought in my last visit. He took out all his three t-shirts collection from the Universal Studio and wore one of them, and brought the rest as his exchange clothes when he got wet


With donkey and Shrek. The boy was very cooperative every time I asked him to pose that day


In front of the souvenir shop in Far Far Away


I really liked my outfit of the day, because it was sooo…..hot and the dress was so light and comfortable.


Queuing for Enchanted Airways Roller Coaster. It was super fun for the boy, although I thought it wasn’t scary at all. My sister said the opposite thing from me, she said it was scary. The boy and my sister sat at the front again this time. The boy wanted to ride again but I said I couldn’t stand the queue anymore. Besides, the ride wasn’t worth the queue……..we rode the roller coaster for 1 round only which took less then 3 minutes I supposed.


New York

Cars collection in Hollywood Street


The pink roller coaster as the background wasn’t scary at all.


One of the building in Hollywood Street


We had our lunch at Mel’s Dine In……it was very difficult to get seats in here, plus we had to queue again to order our food


Sesame Street

Sesame Street Performance…….something new from Universal Studio too. Most of the decorations and displays in New York were dominated by Elmo, Big Bird, and friends. Bottom picture was the picture taken while we were waiting to ride Spaghetti Chase

New York

The bread, the bakery, and the cake were not real…..very disappointing, hahaha……when we though we could grab something from the bakery while standing in the queue to ride Spaghetti Chase……

Spaghetti Chase

Finally…….the Spaghetti Chase! Adults, please avoid this ride…..it’s not worth the queue…….and I mean it seriously. It’s more suitable for children (because I don’t  know why but my son liked it so much, he said it was one of the best…….). For us adults, it was not interesting at all.

Steven Spielberg

Light, Camera, Action……..a hurricane movie from Steven Spielberg is absolutely a must see performance!



In Ancient Egypt. Too bad we missed riding the jeep in Treasure Hunter because we were lack of time. When we came back around 7 pm, the ride was already closed



The three faces that had just survived and escaped from The Mummy Revenge Rides, hahaha………They were all feel very dizzy after the ride, but hey……we must continue to watch Waterworld Show…..


The Waterworld Show, also a must see performance with great stunts and acts. Unlike the last time when we visited here (the boy was afraid with the gun shot, people fighting, etc), this time the boy could see the show from beginning to end and even participated in booo……ing the bad people with his thumb down. hahaha…….



And now we’re entering Jurrasic Park, the center of all queues……………this was probably the most favorite area in Universal Studio so the queues were even longer that any other rides……The worst thing was…..we planned to ride everything in here!

Lost World

Dino Soarin……where the dinos flew high on the sky


Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure, one of the best ride and the boy number two favorite ride. My sister was refused to ride this the first time, but she finally agreed to join us, and she enjoyed it so much. It wasn’t a scary ride at all and the slope wasn’t too steep, although we ended up getting wet. Look at our happy faces at the end of the ride. Dino Island in Legoland is absolutely scarier than this.


Canopy Flyer, our number one favorite ride. It was like  riding a roller coaster with our feet hanging in the air. We were like flying along the track which was very high from the ground. The view at night was breathtaking…………….but we felt very disappointed at the end when (again) the ride was only a few minute while the queue was almost 2 hours! But we agreed that overall this was the best ride of all for us……

That was our day in Universal Studio and we had a super great time together. We got home after the wonderful firework performance at 8 pm. We definitely want to come back again only when the queue wasn’t like this anymore.

People were shouting "ooohhhh......" and "aaahhhhhh...." during the fireworks

People were shouting “ooohhhh……” and “aaahhhhhh….” during the fireworks

Everybody clapped their hands when the show was over. Many people still stayed for a while like us because we actually still wanted to stay.......and didn't want to go home yet......

Everybody clapped their hands when the show was over. Many people still stayed for a while like us because we actually still wanted to stay…….and didn’t want to go home yet……


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2 thoughts on “Universal Studio Singapore Once Again

  1. cuma daddy nya yang naik transformers ya.. kenapa yang lain gak ikutan? itu ride kan keren banget! 🙂

    • Karena waiting timenya yang 2 jam aje……itupun bisa lebih lama lagi kalo banyak yg antri melalui jalur ekspres pass. Jadi mending daddynya antri di single rider line aja yang cuma 30-45 menit dan yang lain antri mainan lain.

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