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Kampung Gajah Wonderland Water Park

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After lunch, we went directly to the water park area. It is located down the hill and quite far away from the dry theme park, but they provided a  nice buggy to take us to and from the water park.

It was somewhat a different experience swimming while looking at the beautiful mountain view. Although that means that the water can get chilly too. Actually, once we were in the water, we were fine, but when we got out……….it was very cold.

There are not too many rides in the water park, but we still had so much fun together. If you want to rent float, the float rental kiosk is located near the wave pool. Bathrooms and washrooms are situated in the second floor and need quite a long walk from the pools.


The green car will take you to and from the water park

Wave Pool

Surprisingly, the wave pool didn’t bring us so much fun. The floor in the pool was hard and not convenient at all for our bare feet. The wave was also very strong and there weren’t any life jackets provided. The boy only spent very little time in here.

Wave Pool Kampung Gajah

Children Pool

The water in children pool was very cold that day, but the slides were very fun. There were 2 very small slides in the toddler pool, and another 3 slides and 1 water bucket in the children pool.


The children pool (view from the dry theme park which is above it). Our favorite was the purple slide, and we could slide all the three slides together which was very fun for us.


Toddler pool with slides and water fountains


Octopus Racers 

When we were here, there were not too many people visiting this water park, so it was fun and there was almost no queue at all.

Actually, we could have a very good look of the water park from the dry theme park which is located above it. So when we first saw the octopus racers and the Big Tornado, the boy said he couldn’t wait to try it…………..which made me worry a little because I’m not someone who really love all these kind of things. But since we were there, let’s try them anyway!

Octopus Racers

The Octopus Racers. Grab this soft black mat, bring this mat and yourself up through the stairs, lay face down, and ready to slide. It was very fun actually, and not scary at all. But since I laid face down, there was water coming through my eyes and nose which was not comfortable at all. But I found out that the first slide was the most convenient one for me……….there wasn’t too much water coming through my nose and eyes if I slid down in the first slide. The boy however, felt that all slides were the same and he liked to try different slide every time.

Big Tornado


This one definitely looks scary from above. Basically, you sit on a big float, and the float will take you through the tunnel, and suddenly you will be dropped down almost vertically to another tunnel, and after that you will be plunged into a big water funnel (like the picture above) and go down to the pool. That’s the end of the journey.

Surprisingly, it was very fun and didn’t scary me at all. This was absolutely our best ride of the day. Some people before us said it was like plunged into the bottom of the valley and most of them didn’t dare to try for the second time.

Well, since I rode the Project X in Legoland, I think I can ride everything nowadays.

Big Tornado

The minus point was: we had to carry the big float by ourselves!

But one thing that I liked from Kampung Gajah, was that all the staff was nice, friendly, and very helpful too. Knowing that there were only me and a boy, he helped us carried the big float thrice when there were not other people in the queue. And he also helped us carried the float twice from halfway. So totally, we tried this Big Tornado 5 times.

That was our great time in Kampung Gajah Dry and Wet Theme Park, and this is a good place if you want to bring the family and friends to have fun together.


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