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Choa Chu Kang Swimming Pool


We were still in the mission of visiting the best public pools in Singapore (according to other bloggers’ reviews, of course), and this time we landed in Choa Chu Kang Swimming Pool. It has competition pool, toddlers pool, wave pool, interactive pool, water slide, river rapid, and whirlpool.

It was drizzling few times when we were there, but luckily the guards didn’t stopped all the water activities at all (there was no lightning at that time, so I guess it was not dangerous to swim at all). Nice guards, compared to other public pools, they smiled a lot, looked friendly,  and sometimes teased small children too (in a fun way of course).

This pool only has 1 tall slide, but anyhow the slide was fun and we slid down quite fast to the small pool below the slide. They boy tried this slide so many times. The queue to ride the slide could be long, which was ok to us actually……..the worst part was it was freezing cold outside the water due to the weather condition that day. So waiting to ride the slide was very terrible since it was cloudy and raining. So most of the time we waited in the pool nearby, and jumped out from the pool to the slide queue when there was only 1 or 2 persons left in the queue. Like I said before, when we were in the water we didn’t feel cold at all, but once we’re outside…….we couldn’t stand the cold.


The children pool or interactive pool


The view of the Choa Chu Kang Swimming Pool


Having fun with the children slide

Competition Pool Choa Chu Kang

Competition Pool, and if I’m not mistaken the depth started from 1.2 M

Toddler's Pool

Nice pool for smaller children. Even the boy enjoyed playing here for a while

Water Slide Choa Chu Kang

The fun water slide, very high and made me tired when climbing all the stairs all the way up

Wave Pool Choa Chu Kang

We both agreed, that this was the best wave pool that we’ve ever visited! The floor was (I don’t know how is the best way to describe it) comfortable for our bare feet and didn’t make our feet hurt at all. It has a 1.2 M depth pool that is just suitable for the boy (he hates being in the shallow water in the wave pool), so he could enjoy the wave without holding my hands all the time (still within my supervision of course). The wave was strong but suitable for children to have fun all by themselves. The boy was happily tossing himself among the waves and had so much fun with other children. The best way to enjoy the wave pool is absolutely by letting ourselves following the current and not using the float. We will definitely coming back for the wave pool. There’s another fun part of the wave pool. We found out later on that there is an adjoining pool for smaller children just next to the wave pool. The wave current is calmer, the pool is smaller, and very shallow too. It is suitable for younger children who want to have fun in the wave pool all by themselves too.


The whirlpool is located at the end of the rapid river


A small rapid river, not really suitable for big floats. Although the lazy river is small, but the boy loved spending most of his time in here when the wave pool “is not in action”

That was the end of our visit to Choa Chu Kang Swimming Pool. According to people’s recommendation, there is still one more public pool that we will be visiting, and the list will be completed.


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  1. I haven’t been there but it sure looks fun!

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