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Kampung Gajah Wonderland, Lembang-Bandung


On our holiday to Indonesia last December, we visited Kampung Gajah at Lembang, Bandung. We can call this as a one stop place for holiday destination because almost everything is inside, from the hotel, strawberry field, dry and wet theme parks, and also restaurants with local and international food. So basically, you can spend the whole day or maybe two days in here without having to go out from this place since everything is already inside.

To go to this place from Jakarta, exit at Tol Pasteur and go to Jalan Setiabudhi to Terminal Ledeng, and then turn left to Jalan Sersan Bajuri and go straight until you find Kampung Gajah at the left.

Kampung Gajah

The main gate of Kampung Gajah. Gajah which means elephant is the symbol of this place, so as expected we can easily find lots of elephants statues in here

To enter, every car and person must pay Rp 10.000,-  so for the total of us the price was Rp 50.000,- Since we stayed at the small hotel inside this park, we could get back the entry fee for the 4 of us once we already checked in at the hotel.

Kampung Gajah

The big elephant statue with water fountain welcomed us to Kampung Gajah

Most of the restaurants were closed when we came since it was weekdays. There were only two restaurants opened that day and a snack shop. If you want to have a nice try of the Indonesia culinary or other food, do come at weekends as all the restaurants will open on weekends. But if you want to beat the crowd at the theme park and also a much cheaper price for the hotel and theme park, coming on weekdays is absolutely the best option.

Kampung Gajah

Empty food stalls on weekdays. I was tempted by wedang jahe, jagung bakar, risoles, es tebu, nasi bakar, etc. Too bad they were all closed.

The view from Kampung Gajah is breathtaking with mountains, green grass, big trees, ponds, etc. It can get a little cold at night and in the morning too. The weather was still fresh and it was so refreshing to take a walk around the area in the morning. Kampung Gajah is spacious and it can be very tired to play here all day, so I booked one hotel room inside the park so everybody could get a good rest before we had to deal with bad traffic on the way back to Jakarta (it took 5 hours from Lembang to Jakarta because of the traffic jam………………pheeewww……..)

Kampung Gajah

The view down the hill

The theme park ticket for weekdays is much cheaper than on weekends. We bought 2 tickets (for me and my son) that consisted entries for both dry and wet theme park. On weekdays, we only needed to pay Rp 150.000,- while on weekends the price will increase to Rp 250.000,-

Basically, after we bought the tickets we could play in the playground, water park, and rode almost all the rides in the dry theme park (one time only). The ones that didn’t included in the tickets, we must pay again in order to ride those rides.

I will post the pictures of the dry and wet theme park in my next post.

One other thing that we really couldn’t wait to do was visiting the strawberry field and picking fresh strawberries. Since it was weekdays and raining, we were the only persons who were at the strawberry field, so we could pick the best strawberries and enjoyed the place for ourselves.

It was a wonderful experience especially for the boy and he loved it so much. The strawberries were fresh and good, and the price was also reasonable (only Rp 60.000,- per kg).

Kampung Gajah

On the way to the strawberry field, the rain has not come yet

Strawberry Field

Cutting the strawberries with scissors.

Strawberry Field

We finally went home with 1 kg of strawberry

After all, we had a great time together (although we hate the traffic from Jakarta to Lembang and vice versa), and the boy enjoyed his time so much that we wished to come back and play here again. It’s a good place for families to spend the day together.


Author: cruiseoflife

Hi there. I'm from Indonesia but now live quite far away from my home country. I love cooking for my family. I learned how to cook for the first time from my mom and I believe that mom's cooking is always the best, and I do hope that my son will feel the same too even though he grows up so fast. I love Indonesian food as I grew up with it, and I promise to myself that my son, although he doesn't live in Indonesia right now, will always like and enjoy authentic Indonesian food. I make this blog so that my family will always remember our togetherness and happy time that we had, are having, and will have when we eat together and have good memories about a mother's love through her dishes. Hopefully these recipes will help other people to make healthy home cooked dishes for their families.

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  1. Nice article (y) … Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing good info. We are planning to go there in December. Advisable?

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