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Kampung Gajah Wonderland (Dry Theme Park)


There are many things to play in Kampung Gajah Dry Theme Park, although some of them might not be suitable for small children. Some of the games also need courage because they are related to heights. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable in Lembang Area, so you better try the tubby and Sky Rider first, because once it’ raining or wet……..for safety reason the rides will be closed. And since they’re the best rides and most favorite rides in Kampung Gajah, it will be too bad if you miss those two attractions.


“Tubby”. You will slide down using a float. The staff will apply some oil on the bottom of the float, and all you can do is just sit down and relax and hold the ropes at the sides of the float tightly, and enjoy the sensation of going down to the bottom of the slope. Ask the staff to spin the float before going down for better sensation of the ride. This was the boy’s second favorite ride of the day, and he really wanted to do it again.  

Family Buggy

Family Buggy. Nope, the boy couldn’t drive so I drove the buggy along Kampung Gajah and we enjoyed the wonderful view together. 

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Sky Rider

Sky Rider. This is my boy’s favorite ride. Although he was scared at first, but he finally made it and enjoyed it very much. He said this was the best ride. Well, I was the one who motivated and encouraged him to finally try, but at the end I was the one who got nervous and decided not to try this ride. And yes, Rafael laughed very hard when he found out that I didn’t slide down the hill (even until today he likes making fun of me about this). I think I’m too old for this…………………..

Delman / Horse Cart Riding

Delman / Horse Cart Riding. Sit down and enjoy the view

Mini ATV

Mini ATV

Mini Buggy

Mini Buggy

Bumper Boat

Bumper Boat

Aqua Boat

Aqua Boat. This was not included in the tickets, so we had to pay again 


Motogolf near the swimming pool

Futuristic Train

Futuristic Train, although it wasn’t as futuristic as its name. The train was very slow and nothing special about it. 

Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline, his third favorite game of the day. He used to be afraid of this when he was smaller, but now he liked it so much that he tried twice. He said it was super fun. 

Children Playground

Big children playground

Children Playground

Bike riding was his favorite play at children playground. 

Play Area

Running happily in the morning

Play Area

Tunnels and bridge. We played temple run, hide and seek, etc in the morning

We spent more than half day (including lunch) in the dry play area. Since it was weekdays, there was almost no queue at all at all the rides, so it really saved our time.

Thankfully the weather was surprisingly good that day so we could continue to the pools.


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  1. seru ya….
    yang tubby itu gak terlalu tinggi ya ngeluncurnya?

  2. hi there! I stumbled upon your blog when searching for info on kampung gajah.. and then I read through the old posts.. keep writing ya! 🙂

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