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Philea Resort and Spa Melaka

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The first hotel that we stayed at in Melaka was Philea Resort and Spa. I was falling in love with the waterfall swimming pool when I saw the pictures for the first time. This hotel also has a kids club and free computer with internet access in its Games Room which the boy really liked.

The hotel map

The hotel map

This hotel is more like a small village……….very quiet and calm inside. We stayed in a hut and we chose the upper room. Overall, we liked this hotel so much and it’s a lovely place to stay and relax. Maybe because it wasn’t Malaysia school holiday and we didn’t go there on weekends, so we didn’t  see many people at the hotel. We even dined alone in the restaurant and we were the first to arrive in the breakfast area, and only 4 or 5 families followed us after that.

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The boy loved the different ambiance of the room and liked to stay in a wooden house.

However, since there were not many people staying at that time and we had to walk from the restaurant to our room, it was quite scary for us to walk among the trees and with not enough lighting. We were the only family who stayed in our 4 rooms hut (2 downstairs and 2 upstairs). But it was alright once we entered the room, there was no creepy feeling anymore. I loved the lights in our room, it was so bright and sufficient for our night reading.

The hotel is located just outside the freeway, but we didn’t hear any noise at all during the day.

It was also like having our own pools, since we almost swam alone all the time. Nobody used the kids club when we played (or maybe nobody knows its existance although it can be seen clearly from the pool, or maybe everybody went out to the town and didn’t stuck at the hotel like us).

The Resort

We arrived at the resort at about 12 am and was able to do an early check in. There is a big car park inside and outside the hotel. We were given cold towel and welcome drink at the lobby when we arrived. The lobby is big with high ceiling and chairs everywhere. The front office staff was warm and friendly. The check in and check out process was quick and efficient.


Arriving at Philea Resort…….beautiful and big lobby


A big steering wheel inside the lobby, and it was fun to play with


Cold towel and welcome drink. The boy didn’t like the drink….hahaha……..although we said it was good and refreshing


Christmas decoration in front of the lobby (day and night). Christmas songs were played almost the whole time everyday


We need to ride this (with our luggage) to our room. The driver were nice and friendly too


Inside the resort. It is a big resort, but there are some short cuts here and there, so we just walk everywhere. We only used this buggy twice (check in and check out). There are some rooms (more expensive room) located just in front of the river and the pool. Some hut also had it’s own swimming pool too (which of course is more expensive than our standard room)

The Room

The Room

This is our hut, and we stayed in the upper room


Very comfortable bed and pillow. The bed is big enough for the three of us. Iron board and iron are also provided in the closet. It was a new experience for the bot to stay in a place like this, so he liked it very much


Our big room. Although we stayed in the middle of the “forest”, but there were no mosquitoes or other bugs in our room. I loved the room with its high ceiling just like in a real house. I also loved all the windows around the rooms


A small balcony, perfect for afternoon tea or coffee


Clean bathroom. There are bathtub and shower inside the bathroom. We loved the hot water from the rain shower (the water pressure was strong). The boy always bathed in the bathtub.

Games Room

Games Room

There were only the three of us in this computer room……

Phili Kidz

Phili Kidz

Clean and neat kids club. The boy loved to play here again and again


Many toys to choose and many books to read (even magazines for adults)

Phili Kidz

It was like playing in his own play room

Swimming Pool


We couldn’t wait to jump into the swimming pool especially in the hot weather like that day


Dart board near the pool


Gazebos in front of the pool are perfect for a nap or reading books

Swimming Pool

And this is the pool…………………too bad the hotel only serves pool towels from 1 pm…….

Swimming Pool

Kids pool is not fun at all………..so he immediately moved to the big pool

Swimming Pool

Have fun in the 1.2 M depth pool


Many chairs to sit near the pools, but we especially loved these white ones…….

Morning Swim

Morning swim with daddy


There are two options for dinner, one is in the Bayu Cabana, and the other one is in Cravo Cravo Restaurant.

Bayu Cabana

Bayu Cabana is well known for its steamboat menu, but we found that the portion was too big for us…..


So we chose Cravo Cravo. We spent RM 113 for all this food. The nasi lemak was surprisingly good, but the portion was too big for me. Appetizer (top left picture) and water were all free. Fish and chips was also good according to the lil boy, and I forgot to ask daddy how was the taste of his salmon


Dine alone without other visitors. This restaurant has an open kitchen, and the boy couldn’t resist to check on his food again and again



We had breakfast at Nusantara (kids eat free), and it was a lovely breakfast set up. The breakfast spread was included bread, fresh fruits, jams (I even found apricot jam which is rare in hotel breakfast table). We liked the bread and they tasted delicious

Breakfast Philea

Youghurt, fresh milk and cereal, apple and guava juice, and salad bar


The boy loved hash brown and sausages, fresh milk, and fresh bread

Nusantara Breakfast

I liked the baked spaghetti with cheese, which is unusual for breakfast. There were also some food stalls outside, but we didn’t like the taste of the noodle soup or other food. There were also nasi lemak, porridge, fried noodle, and other food

The hotel also has a ballroom and meeting rooms and a place for team building activities. We saw fish pond near the lobby but there wasn’t many fish inside, which was quite a disappointing since the boy loves to see big and fat koi fish .

After all, it was a lovely visit for us and we really enjoy our time there, although the location is quite far from the city…….so it will be hard to find food outside the hotel.

The best things was: free wi fi around the hotel!

Slippers in the room and fruits spread in the lobby………..I love fresh fruits! 

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