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(Nature) Explorer Kid Goes To Pasir Ris Park

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School holiday had officially started since mid November, and our boy will be in Primary 2 in January.  Most of the time he will be stuck with me, so we must find things to do together. I was thinking of going to Pasir Ris Park, especially to see the mangrove swamp that he’d been talking about. And so one morning when I asked him where he wanted to go that day, with no hesitation he said: “Pasir Ris Park! I want to see the mangrove swamp again.” He went to the mangrove swamp with his school months ago, and he said he wanted to explore more. This kid is absolutely likes nature, and likes to explore nature things and see animals, park, trees, etc.

So I prepared everything including a cap, an umbrella, and a raincoat. The weather is quite confusing these days…..it could be very hot in the morning and suddenly heavy rain comes down without notification. Such as today, few minutes after I hung the laundry outside (because I saw Mr.Sun was shining so bright), big rain poured down from the sky. I also brought water bottle and cheese sandwich. I thought it would be nice to have a picnic in the park.

As I’ve posted before, Pasir Ris Park is a huuuuuuu…..geeee…..park. I still think it is one of the biggest park in Singapore. We’ve been to the beach and to the playground before, so this time we would go to another direction of the park. The playground is located at the different area from the mangrove swamp and the bird watching hut………….so the easiest way to go to the playground from the mangrove swamp is actually………………by bus! We’ve tried walking of course but I won’t suggest that.

We took the bus to the bus station, and crossed the street (just right in front of the bus station) to Pasir Ris Park.


This entrance leads to car park C, the shortest way to go to the mangrove swamp

Pasir Ris Park

It’s a long walk to go inside, and we saw nobody on our way to go in, but we met some people on the way out. We could see trees along the way and hear the sounds of birds and crickets.


Here is the map. We planned to see everything in the map

It can be quite creepy inside if we walk alone without seeing anybody because of the trees, the swamp, and a very quiet environment……..but thankfully we saw maintenance staff (many of them) and some people with their big cameras and equipment for bird watching. We also met some children playing in the park, on the beach, or just cycling around the park. Still, it felt really quiet inside.

Mangrove swamp is the home for many animals and plays an important part in our ecosystem. There are many signs inside the park explaining about this, and by reading this information carefully we can broaden our knowledge about the mangrove swamp habitat.

Pasir Ris Park

Wooden path in the middle of the swamp

Pasir Ris Park

What tree is this? Find out from the sign posted on the tree

Pasir Ris Park

Low tide (left) and high tide (right) in the swamp


The home of the mangrove crab

Pasir Ris Park

The end of the journey for those crabs can sometimes be in our dinner plates………….

From the mangrove swamp, we followed the path and saw this bird watching hut.


There were only us in the bird watching hut


We only saw one or two birds from here, although we could hear their sounds


A hut inside the park for picnic

Pasir Ris Park

You can find many benches and huts and gazebos inside the park. I was quite tired with all the walking, so the boy said: “Let’s go……” And we went to the:

Maze Garden

Maze garden………….children will definitely love this


“Hmmm…….which way should I go?”

Maze Garden

“Oh….I know………this way……..”

Maze Garden

We played three times in the maze garden


Time to rest, I really needed to sit

Pasir Ris Park

Our picnic in the gazebo


Toilet near the maze garden


No, we will not have a barbecue, but we’re going to the beach…….


We couldn’t see the sand……I guess it was high tide at the time


From the beach, we took the same route back to the mangrove swamp, but this time we turned left to Sungei Tampines

Sungei Tampines

This river is should be the home for these animals, but we couldn’t see any of the, but the boy said he saw many of them on his last visit with his school

Pasir Ris Park

We planned to go to the Kitchen Garden after our visit to Sungei Tampines, but we were lost to the other side of the park that we never saw before

Pasir Ris Park

It this the kitchen garden? We don’t know for sure. We decided that it was time to finish the exploration simply because the boy was hungry for lunch……

It was a great way to spend our quality time together by going to the park, doing outdoor activity, and doing some nature exploration. Too bad we forgot to bring a notebook that day, so the boy wrote down all the animals he saw that day on my iPhone:

  1. Crow
  2. Monitor lizard
  3. Spot-tailed needle fish
  4. African giant snail
  5. Asian squirrel
  6. Butterfly
  7. Dragonfly
  8. Heron
  9. Black ants
  10. Army ants
  11. Mud-skipper
  12. Mangrove crab
  13. Mangrove lobster
  14. Red-dot snail
  15. Olive bark

It will be hard to find food stalls inside the park so we crossed the street (our exit was not the same as the entrance), and went straight to Pasir Ris Sport Complex where we can find many restaurants inside. We decided to have lunch in PastaMania.


Big lunch in Pasta Mania

And not to forget, before going home we played in the sandy playground in front of the sport complex. Luckily it was cloudy that day (no rain and no hot sun), so it was a very nice weather for our outdoor exploration.


Swinging happily before going home

The boy says he wants to come back again to see more animals…..!


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