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Changi Airport T3 Christmas 2013

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We always love the Christmas decoration in Changi Airport, especially in Terminal 3 as the center for all the excitements for adults and children. This year, we really wanted to check on it’s Santa House and Spongebob Squarepants bouncy castle. We believed it was going to be awesome………

It was very crowded on Saturday evening in T3 as we predicted, but as we could see most of them are not flight passengers, but parents with children or couples who spent their weekend at the airport. Yes, Changi T3 is one of the fun place to spend the wekeend even without all the Christmas excitement. Even our boy loved to just running around in the departure hall with it’s super big corridor and empty spaces  enough to cater all the excitement  (and the excess of energy) of younger children.

It was indeed a very beautiful decoration more than we expected, especially the Santa Village. We just loved the details, including Santa working table, the fireplace, mailbox, etc……

Our boy couldn’t stop playing in Santa Village, and kept coming back here while waiting for his turn to play at the Bouncy Playground. In order to play in the Spongebob Squarepants Bouncy Playground, we had to spend $20 in a single receipt. The queue was very long, and the play time was just 10 minutes! No wonder we saw many (small) children cried when the staff said that the play time had ended………10 minutes was absolutely not enough. But the bouncy castle was an absolute fun! Our boy certainly had so much fun sliding down the giant slide, playing in the ball pool, or just bouncing (which needed good balance which apparently most adults didn’t have) here and there.


Arriving in Santa Village

Santa Village

We had our chance to do some sleigh pedaling (it was quite heavy to do the pedaling), took picture with the snowman and lamp post in the Arctic

Santa House

Love the Santa’s Hut, it looked like real with wooden structure and snow and big windows and it’s Christmas trees

Santa House

In this place, Santa lives next door with Spongebob in his Pineapple House…….

Changi Airport

Cozy and warm living room in Santa’s House

Santa Workshop

Look…….Santa got so many mails……………

Santa Workshop

This is his first letter to Santa, but he already figured out what to write. At first, he just wished Santa a happy Christmas and wished to see him soon, but I said “Hey, you can actually ask something in your letter, you know……”

Santa Workshop

This is the second letter with list of requests, hahaha……..Even this place was packed with adults who wanted to write letters to Santa…..


Now, off we go to Santa’s neighbor……….the Spongebob with his Giant Pineapple House


Spongebob is helping Santa with his reindeer

Changi Airport

Inside Spongebob’s house, once again……we loved the details of the house


Spongebob Squarepants Bouncy Playground……..the highlight of the day for children.

Bouncy Castle

I wish I could slide down too……..too bad it was only for children

Bouncy Castle

Having fun in the ball pool


Welcoming sign from Spongebob……

Changi Airport

Small children playground outside the bouncy castle (no need to pay…..)


We even found Spongebob and friends lazying in the pool in Basement 2………

And so now……we can’t wait for the next Christmas, hahaha……..what would it be next year???


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