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Legoland Malaysia



Even though Legoland is actually very near to Singapore and it’s already opened for months (a year, maybe?), but last Saturday was the first time that we finally visited this very famous theme park in Malaysia.

After reading so many reviews, I was actually afraid of the heat, the sudden rain, the crowd, and the long queue. So that what was hinder us from visiting this theme park. Well, after so many considerations, I finally booked 3 tickets for us to Legoland. Lil boy was very happy and said that everybody in his class had visited Legoland except him, and I said “Hmmmm………….really???”. Then he said “Well, almost everybody…………………”. Anyway, he was very happy and to maximize the visit, we read some bloggers recommendations and tips of visiting the park before the d-day. And yes, we planned our visit to make sure that we could cover all the excitement and attractions in one day.

We bought the tickets via the Legoland website, and got 20% discount for 7 days advance booking. Besides the discount, the good thing about buying the ticket online is that we don’t have to queue in the ticketing counter. We just needed to walk straight to the turnstiles, scanned the barcode, and voila…………..we were inside the park. The staff would come to us to do some verification before we enter, but it only took less than 1 minute.

For us who only rely to GPS because we are not familiar with Johor Area, we chose to enter via Tuas Second Link. The queue in the immigration clearance in both countries was absolutely not as bad as Woodlands Checkpoint. It is also the easiest and nearest route to Legoland. From Tuas Check Point, just follow the direction (the signage are very clear) and exit at 312 (do not exit at 312D). From there, just follow the sign board to Legoland. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to Legoland. For easier access (and cheaper), we park in Zone 2. Parking fee in Zone 2 is RM7 per entry, and can be paid with Touch n Go Card when exiting the park. If you don’t have this card, just pay in the parking kiosk before leaving the car park. From Zone 2, we walked for about 5 minutes under a shelter area to Legoland Theme Park.

Although it was very hot, but we found the heat was still manageable, simply because we were all too exiting to worry about the hot sun. Lil boy had a very strong determination to cover all the attractions in one day, so the heat was no big deal for him. He even refused to wear his hat and sunglasses and insisted that it wasn’t that hot! I guess he was in another different dimension at that time………………Although there are no big trees to shelter us from the sun, but most of the queuing are done under the shelter, some rides are indoor and even with air con. ………and even though some rides are outdoor (like roller coaster or something related to water that can make us wet), I think we won’t feel the heat at all since it’s gonna be windy high above the ground or the water will cool the heat (or maybe I was too scared on the sky that I didn’t feel the hot sun at all………………….). I even wished the sun would shine as hot as it can be since my clothes were all wet after playing “Dino Island”.

When we arrived at 9.15, there was already many people there, and there were some groups visit too. It was intimidating for us since we were afraid that the queue would be very long inside. So we lined up at the first place in front of the turnstiles and lil boy decided to run to the first place that he already planned before.

Surprisingly, the queue and the crowd weren’t so bad inside. I think it was still ok for me (not for the kiddo and he kept complaining about the queue…….). I think because it was Saturday, but the school holiday wasn’t started yet for Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. I chose to go just one week before Singapore school holiday started (assuming that the crowd wouldn’t be that terrible). It was a good decision after all. Or maybe, it was because we already prepared our own strategy to explore the whole park in a day.

We decided to explore the park in anticlockwise direction, started from Lego City. We went to the Driving School first as advised by previous visitors since the queue will get worse by noon. We were number two to arrive, and yes it was a good advice since we saw a very long queue at about 4 to 5 pm.

It looked like other people were turning left to go for the extreme rides first (such as roller coaster or Dino Island), so the queue in the Lego City, Land of Adventure, and Imagination (on the right from entrance door) was not so bad. It was a good strategy for us.

The rain did finally come at about 3 pm, and the outdoor rides were closed for about an hour or more. It was very disappointing for us. The best thing we could do was to sit down and relax, eat, recharge the energy, or play in the indoor area. Thankfully the rides were all opened again at about 4 or 4.30 pm…………………..and here was the surprise…………………….where was everybody???? Seriously, the queue was like gone and even if we did queuing, there were only few people in front of us. This allowed us to ride some rides again and again. Even the staff offered the children to go for one more round it there was no queue at all. So, my suggestions is to spare the extreme rides until after lunch or after 4 pm (or even after the rain)………………when the queue is usually decreasing by that time.

We decided to save Miniland for the last time, since it could be done even under the rain or before we got home. It is said that all the attractions will be closed one hour before closing hour (but all the attractions were still opened when we finally got home at 7 pm), so yes it is better to explore Miniland at the very last time.

In my opinion, Legoland Theme Park is not sooo……big, but just fit for us especially with young children. It was easy to jump from one land to another and we were not too tired after walking and playing the whole day……………which means no cranky child, happy parents, happy family. The distance within each attraction is also very close so we didn’t need to walk very far.

There are restaurants in each land, so food is actually very easy to get. The food is varied from pizza, burger, nasi lemak, and so on. The staff are friendly and helpful, so it was a plus point for us. Another plus point is the clean toilets and they even have family toilet in each land.

What to wear? Use comfortable wardrobe and footwear in the park. Don’t forget to bring flip flop for your children if he’s going to play in the wet area like Dino Island or Wet Racer or Water Splash. Bring extra clothes, socks, towel, umbrella, poncho,hat, and sunglasses. Pack lots of water and some snacks too. I chose not to bring and eat fried food and chips since they would make us very thirsty. I brought hotdogs and bread which were easy to eat while queuing or walking to save time.

Also to save time, one us us (parents) would usually run to the nearest attraction to queue (if there was long queue) even before the kiddo finished his previous ride.

And yes, that was how we conquered the park in one day. Well, actually if we didn’t finish the park in a day, my kiddo will be asking again and again and again and begging and begging to come again…………….(imagine the cost for the three of us……so I insisted that he played as long as he wants so he won’t ask for another visit to the park. I mean, with the same amount of money, we better go to another new places).


It was 9.15, and the crowd was already like that. On the left is Legoland Hotel which was about to open

The gate will be opened at 10 am sharp, but before that the kids can shake hands and taking pictures with these lego guys (I don't know their names, so let's just call them lego guys..........)

The gate will be opened at 10 am sharp, but before that the kids can shake hands and taking pictures with these lego guys (I don’t know their names, so let’s just call them lego guys……….)


Lego City Map

This is the map of Lego City

Driving School

From the entrance, turn left to the Nissan Driving School. We were number two at the queue. The children came ten by ten to the class. The left picture (Nissan Driving  School) is for children age 6-12 years, and the right picture (Car Wash Junior Driving School) is for children age 3-5 years.

Driving School

After finishing the class (which was quite a long time), the children can drive the red or blue car for just one round……….really??? Only one round?


After that, get your driving license for RM35……………expensive?? Yes, but it’s probably once in a lifetime (we don’t know when we will ever come back here), so we made him this license.

Boating School

From the Driving School, we went to the Boating School. One boat can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. The queue was long here, but daddy managed to queue first before kiddo got his license.


On the boat that looks exactly like a lego boat

Lego City

Nice view from the boat, the decoration of the small pool was really nice and eye catching

The Shipyard Playground

A very quiet playground called “The Shipyard”

Lego City

It was hot, but this kiddo played happily . It was almost empty………so it was like playing in our own playground


We met this Lego Character in Lego City. The staff will help taking family pictures


Another lego creation……….it’s a signage actually

From the Shipyard Playground, lil boy insisted that he wanted to visit Land Of Adventure because he wants to play in Dino Island (yeah, like he knows what is Dino Island…………….). So we skipped the other rides and came back again in the evening.

Legoland Express

In the evening, we came back to ride Legoland Express. It was an enjoyable journey after spending the whole day at the park. Just sit and relax and enjoy the view. We covered the Miniland mostly from this train. Kiddo asked “What…..the miniland is just like this???” I guess he didn’t feel the adrenaline rush in Miniland so he said “Let’s just skip the Miniland” hahaha………

Lego Rescue Academy

Then we went to Lego Rescue Academy. It must be played by at least two adults, and children can be clappers and cheerleaders, hahaha………or maybe they can give a little help.

Lego Rescue Academy

Board on the Police or Fire Engine Car, pump the pedal to move the car to the designated area, pump the water to extinguish the fire, go back to the car, pump the pedal again to move the car to the first position. Daddy said it was a hard work, so he decided to join with another group, hahaha…….The children can just sit, enjoy the ride, and help “maneuvering” the hose to the right direction(hey, it’s not an easy job)

Lego City

Then for the final ride on Lego City, here is “Lego City Airport”

Airport City

Nice journey on the plane. We were number two at the queue. Lil boy said he wanted to ride on the green plane. But then I heard the lil boy (about 3 years old) in front of us said he wanted to ride on the green plane too. So I said to my boy (whispering) to choose another plane. He just kept quiet. Then when the line was open, he just run and run until he reached the green plane first! That was the story how we finally got the green plane

Lego City

Left picture: Restaurant in Lego City. Right picture: remote control boat. Not fun, so we skipped this.


Then we went ahead to Land of Adventure…………..

Land Of Adventure


The map of Land of Adventure


Our first stop was Pharaoh Revenge. It ‘s a playground actually.

Land Of Adventure

It’s a playground full of balls, yes………..this is balls shooting arena


I took picture with this cute donkey while waiting outside the playground

Land Of Adventure

Next, let’s cool down in Lost Kingdom Adventure……….with air con inside!

Lost Kingdom

lost kingdom adventure was a LASER fun shooting game. This was written by lil boy who insisted he wanted to write on my post too. It was fun that he played again here in the evening before going home.

Land Of Adventure

ARE YOU AFRAID? Nah! Another caption by lil boy. Do you see daddy’s expression??? This beetle bounce is not scary at all actually, well wait until you see this…….


camel made out of lego. One snap before the next ride. I offered him to write captions on every picture, but he said no, hahaha…….All the blue words are my lil boy’s contribution………

Dino Island


After he saw this, he “screamed”………”I wanna ride this………….I wanna ride this………….” OMG! Daddy raised his hands and gave up. So I had to volunteer myself to accompany him sliding down in this scary vertical slope and get wet at the end.


Going up……………..going up was quite scary for me……….later on kiddo admitted that going up was scary for him too………….hahaha………….


But going down was absolutely scarier!!! Do you see my frighten face??? I couldn’t believe all the children in front of us had taken this ride for “I don’t know how many times”, they were all wet when we got there and they run to queue again after we finished the ride…………

Dino Island

What a relieve………….I could give a big smile after that, or NOT!


RM10 body dryer

Even before our clothes got completely dry in the body dryer, lil boy “scream again”………….”Again, Again…….I want to ride again”. Oh gosh……………not again!

Dino Island

We were laughing very hard when we saw this “before and after” pictures. Do see the expressions of everyone in the boat? Funny, right? Yeah, I could laugh hard at home, but not when we did the “almost vertical free fall”……….The second time, I was ready with my poncho, which actually didn’t help at all since I still got all wet…..

Well, actually lil boy said “Again, but this time I want to sit at the front”.

And my reaction was: “What, are you kidding me??? No way!”

So yeah, I “dragged” him to the nearest toilet before he changed his mind and insisted on doing another free fall…….


We love this family toilet………..big enough for three of us, especially since we have all our belongings in one bag, it’s easier to change clothes in here. It has a nice table to put our bags.

By the way, there are photo booths in every extreme ride and photo can be purchased at RM50 each. Too expensive for us!


Jungle Cafe……….we didn’t eat here cos it only serves burgers, hotdogs, nuggets, and fries. We just didn’t really want that kind of food that day. Lil boy chose Pizza instead, so we went to Pizza Mania in Imagination Land




Imagination Land Map, I love it! Daddy loves it! Kiddo? Well, he has different opinion which I will share later


Musical Fountain


The land of giraffes and…

Legoland Imagination

Dinosaurs! It is a peaceful land………….no extreme rides…….everything was super enjoyable………I am still amazed at how they made everything from Lego in here…………….and in super big size too………

Pizza Mania

Run to Pizza Mania………..we were super hungry!


Our lunch, all for RM75

Duplo Playtown

Duplo Playtown, the most crowded playground in Legoland. Maybe because this is the most suitable playground for little children.


Playing in Duplo Playtown while waiting for the 4D movie in Duplo Studio

Duplo Express

Duplo Express inside Duplo Playtown. He was having bad mood because he actually sat at the front of the train, while suddenly a small kid cried loud because he also wanted to sit at the front. Lil boy gave up his seat , but lost his good mood after that. I told him it was a good deed and he was such a gentleman of doing such thing.

Lego Studio

Lego Studio 4D movies! Love this so much!!! Lil boy was still in bad mood before the movie started. Once it started, he laughed from beginning to end. We watched Clutch Power, and it was so funny and interactive. There was water splash and snow drops during the show, which made us all wet again.This is absolutely one of the best 15 minutes of our time in the park.There are different movies at different time.

Observation Tower

The queue to the Observation Tower was long, but since many people could come inside in one go, we only had to wait for about 15 minutes. It was a nice journey, and we could see almost the whole Legoland from here. The tower would spin during the journey so we could see all sides of the park


This is what we saw from the tower, and one of them is the new and about to open Legoland Hotel and Resort

Kids Power Tower

Kids Power Tower, go up by pulling the rope and let the rope go once you’re up. The chairs will drop down instantly (it was fun actually)

Build and test

Built and Test, daddy said he liked here the best. We can build our own car and test it in the race track, or……


Vehicles Or Towers?(VOTS).…………..or build a tower and press the shake button. If the building is firm enough, it will stand firm. If not, it will ruin………Well, at least we can sit and enjoy the cool air con here


Lego Kingom

King's Market and King's Feast (taken from observation tower)

King’s Market and King’s Feast (taken from observation tower)

The Forestmen's Hideout

The Forestmen’s Hideout, the very quiet playground after the rain had stopped. This play area was closed during the rain.

Royal Joust

Royal Joust, this is suitable for younger children. The staff offered the children to have another go, and most of them were gladly taken the opportunity, but this kiddo thought it wasn’t challenging enough for him………..

Merlin's Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge. Since it was raining, this is one of the rides that was still opened

Dragon's Apprentice

Dragon’s Apprentice, it’s a roller coaster. It’s a small one and not too scary, especially after we tackled Project X Roller Coaster………………so this one just “meh…..” to us, hahaha……………….

Lego Kingdom

Can you spot us? I was waving happily because this was fun……………I was so…..happy that it was a lot more easier and not “heart threatening” as Project X…….

My happiness didn’t stay for too long…….because kiddo decided to run to the next ride, and that was……….

The Dragon


Lego Kingdom

We came into a beautiful castle with lost of beautiful ornaments. We were seated on a dragon boat, and the boat would enter a cave with beautiful lego characters (it was good for sightseeing), and then we were brought into a complete darkness and we slid down in the dark!!! Thankfully it wasn’t too long and we were back to the track under the bright sky again…..

Lego Kingdom

WILD RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Says the scaredy cat. Kiddo called me scaredy cat because I was too afraid of riding anything that involving height! Ok, so what would he call his father who is afraid of doing any of these extreme rides??? I closed my eyes during the ride. Lil boy asked why I closed my eyes all the time, if you scare just look down……………….”easier to say than done”. I saw little children and group of teenagers just kept coming again and again to ride this. “What are their hearts made from?” 

Lil boy rode this rides three times! He said: “I like the adventure…………………” After the third times I decided that we had to stop because I was so dizzy and I had a bad headache…………(it must be something to do with old age). I told daddy later that I was so brave in riding roller coaster when I was in college, but it’s now completely different.


Lego Technic

The map of LegoTechnic

Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy

Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy. It’s a place to build your own lego. You can even sign up for a 45 minutes lego lesson

Technic Twister

Technic Twister. It was raining, and this was one of the ride that opened during the rain. Lil boy said it’s a teacup ride….basically they will twist you around until you got dizzy, hahaha…….

Octopus Water Splash

Octopus Water Splash

Wave Racers

Wave Racers will get you all wet. Kiddo played here twice. Luckily I brought 2 sets of dry clothes for him.

Actually, after the rain stopped, kiddo run to this attraction first before going to wave racers:

Project X

Project X

Phew………he insisted that he wanted to try! Daddy said there was no way that he would ride that. I said I wouldn’t either, and kiddo looked very disappointed. So it melt my heart (wrong decision!) and I said I would go with him. I planned to seat at the backseat, but we accidentally ended up at the front seat (which made kiddo happy, but not me…..). I screamed so loud that the father and little son who sat behind us got extra entertainment from me, hahaha………..Daddy said he could hear me clearly from the street below……

Lil boy said later (at home) that he just rolled his eyes up and down when I screamed and said I was kind of silly screaming like that! Seriously??? After what I’ve done up there??? My body was shaking when we finally finished the ride.

Project X

I was so amazed with those brave little children………they didn’t scream and showed no fear at all……


Kiddo insisted that we skipped this. What??? No way……so we made a quick stop in Miniland, took some photos, but we were not able to find out what those places are one by one. So here are the lists and the photos…………..









Lil boy wanted to skip this because he couldn’t wait to go to the Lost Kingdom again and ride The Dragon roller coaster again!!!

It was so strange that he was actually afraid of height and always refused to ride on the roller coaster (even the small one) when he was smaller, but now he’s a roller coaster mania…………….


Last picture before going home

We were having a great time in Legoland and we still talk about it even until now. My boy can tell a story of what he did during the day from beginning to end in chronological order………..I guess Legoland has really impressed him a lot.

The best ride for kiddo (in order): The Dragon, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Driving School, Dino Island, Project X, Wave Racers. Wow……………we certainly are having big generation gap in da house!

I guess I should check before taking him to another park whether they have extreme rides or not. If yes, we should skip that since I don’t want to volunteer myself again, hahaha………….


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