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Central Fire Station Singapore


It was Deepavali Day in Singapore on Saturday, and Deepavali means free entry to museums……yay…………

So, by relying on our GPS, we planned to go to Asian Civilization Museum, but unfortunately the road to the museum were closed. So after we failed to find alternative ways to the museum, we finally parked at Funan Mall (the nearest parking space to the museum), had breakfast at Mc’Donald, went to the first floor, went out through the main door, headed straight to the street, and…….realized that we had made the wrong turn! The museum was nowhere to be found around there. It should be not far from Funan Mall (15 to 20 minutes of walking is still tolerable for us), and we were supposed to see the museum from where we stood (if we made the right turn). Instead of seeing the museum, we saw this big building just across the street:

Central Fire Station

It turned out to be Central Fire Station…………what a coincidence!

I’ve read that this is a nice place to visit too………and most of all………..it’s free of charge. So before we made our way to Asian Civilization Museum, we crossed the street and came inside the building first.

Central Fire Station

Small museum is located at the first and second floor

Central Fire Station

Free admission for everybody, so feel free to come. You’ll find lots of interesting stuff inside

We were greeted by a staff who asked us to write down our names. In the lobby area, we saw many replicas of fire engine trucks, special helmets, and awards in the showcase.

Central Fire Station

Fire engine trucks and helmets

On the first floor, we could see fire engine trucks in their real size from time to time, some information about fire stations in Singapore, the history of the fire station, and other amazing displays related to fire station. We could even get on board at one of the fire truck and tried the equipment. All of the displays are still in good condition, the cars are shiny and bright. Picture taking is allowed, so take as much pictures as you want. There are many unique and interesting things around here.

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station

The display in the second floor is quite different than the first floor. It is full of interactive displays for children and adults to enjoy.

Central Fire Station

Special gloves and boots, we could even touch them and feel the different material from our usual gloves and shoes


Fire stations in Singapore. Press the button and the light in the designated area will flash and there will be some information about the fire station on the monitor too

Trapped Person Locator

Trapped Person Locator Simulator. You will asked to recognize / locate trapped person voice with this simulator.

Central Fire Station

Fire Fighting Zone. It’s an interesting activity especially for children. It involves real water but not real fire……

Central Fire Station

Like this so much. It’s a simulation of what will the fire brigade do when there is fire in high rise building. The elevator door will be opened and closed from first floor, to sixteen floor, and then to eighteen floor. There is a video showing the fire brigade on work inside the elevator. There is even a real alarm sound……

Central Fire Station

Various equipment…………..


Drawn the picture of fire truck or fire station in here


Nice display on the way down


There is also a small souvenir shop selling toys, clothes, etc….

We were there for only a short time since the museum isn’t too big, but it was still a nice visit to broaden our knowledge about the people who risk their lives to save others.


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  1. seru juga ya main2 ke fire station gini… 🙂
    anak2 pasti seneng dan sekaligus belajar…

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